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Recap: Listless 3rd quarter dooms ice cold Celtics


Despite shooting under 30% for the 1st half, the Celtics found themselves down a mere six points to the Mavericks at halftime. But the C’s returned from the locker room with very little defensive energy and the Mavs blew the game open.

102-91 is the final and the 3 game winning streak is history.

The Green

Rajon Rondo (15 points, 8 rebounds, 12 assists) nearly recorded a triple-double. He surpassed 4,000 career assists and is now 6th on the Celtics all-time list. Brad Stevens announced that Rondo will sit out Monday’s game vs Milwaukee.

Chris Johnson (14 points, 4-4 3 FG in 15 minutes) continues to impress with his hustle and shooting.

The Gross

Avery Bradley (2-13), Jared Sullinger (4-13) and Green (6-15) shot a combined 12 – 41.

Phil Pressey to Kris Humphries lob fails

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Rondo feeds Sully on the break

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The Grid:

  •  Rondo has attempted 24 3s and 6 free throws this season

Box score

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