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NY media coming around on Rondo, but think Avery can be had


The New York media is always good for a laugh when speculating about potential acquisitions by the hapless Knicks. Ian Begley of ESPN NY references a couple of Celtics in his latest article about upgrading NY’s point guard position:

So, if you believe the Knicks need to upgrade at point guard, let’s take a look at what’s out there, courtesy of our own Chris Broussard’s recent trade rumor rundown:

Kyle Lowry: The Raptors reportedly are going to see how things play out over the next two weeks before they decide what to do with Lowry. They’d been asking for a first-round pick earlier in the season, a price the Knicks weren’t willing to meet.

Kyrie Irving: Irving has reportedly expressed frustration with his situation in Cleveland. It’s hard to see the Cavs moving him in a trade at this point. And if they did make him available, they may be able to get better offers elsewhere than anything the Knicks could produce.

Rajon Rondo: This is another longshot. In the best-case scenario for the Knicks, Rondo forces a trade from the Celtics to New York. That doesn’t seem likely. Rondo, according to Broussard, looks forward to testing free agency.

Avery Bradley: Bradley can likely be had because Boston is in rebuilding mode, but would he be a big upgrade from Felton or Prigioni?

At least they’re finally coming around to the notion that landing Rondo is a long shot. I’ll nitpick and say there’s no need to credit Chris Broussard on the claim that Rondo is looking forward to free agency, because Rajon has talked about it to the media.

Avery Bradley does not belong on this list of point guards and Knicks fans agree. AB received 0% in the poll (as of noon today).

Bradley, like anyone on the Celtics roster, can be had in the right deal.  But his upside is much higher than Felton and Prigioni.

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  • Dustin Chapman

    “Boston is in rebuilding mode, so Bradley can be had” – reverse logic

  • Frank Aziza

    Didn’t the Knicks see how awful Bradley was at the point guard position in last years playoffs? It’s not hard to see why they may go another 41 years without a championship

    • GoKingsGoCeltsGoTigersGoNiners

      Exactly, he’s not a point guard.

  • KGino

    lolololololol ha ha hee hee ho ho, rondo forcing his way out of Boston to go to the Knicks… what world do these people live in???? (I had to drop the Joker laugh for that one).

    • GoKingsGoCeltsGoTigersGoNiners

      I think it will be interesting to see what happens in free agency. Curious to see what offers he gets. Just can’t think of a destination that makes sense for him. Feels like the logical choice is for him to stay here.

  • Rich Jensen

    HELP! I’ve only got two paragraphs of ideas today, and I need to file ten paragraphs of story!!!

    • Curt Hays

      Might want to clarify that you mean the NY write and not our beloved Chuck!

  • vitamin d

    Lawl I love AB but he would kill any team if he had to run the point, silly silly Knicks

  • forever_green

    Am I the only one frustrated with all the changes to this site? Damit.

    • GranTur

      Yeah the mobile site is all messed up for me. I can only read on my PC. Really salting my onions.

    • KGino

      Nope. Mobile version is now absolutely awful!

      • forever_green

        Guess its staying like this. All good things come to an end. I would have replyed sooner but it wouldn’t let me..seriously.

  • bill_nair

    You know, for the sake of watching the Knicks implode over the next decade, give em Bradley to be the starting point. That’ll be fun.