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Your Morning Dump… Where the impatience with Rondo is driving me nuts

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I think a lot,” he said earlier this week when asked how much the team has to get acclimated to him. “Jordan (Crawford) and I play two different styles. With time it will help, but we don’t have any time, so we have to continue to get better each game.”

There probably couldn’t be a bigger contrast, from Crawford’s shoot-first playmaking style to Rondo’s purer instincts.

And before Rondo can truly address the multiple issues haunting this 15-33 team, he still has to get himself right.

“The biggest thing for him right now is getting over his injury,” said Wallace. “Once he gets back to 100 percent himself, that will make the game a lot easier for everyone.

“I don’t know that situation. I’ve never had an injury like that, so you don’t know what a guy’s state of mind is in coming back from it,” he said. “One thing with him is the competitiveness, knowing how he wants to compete and play. As a player you can understand that — wanting to go out and give your all, but not being at the level you’re used to playing at.”

Herald:  Rondo, Celtics need more time

Rajon Rondo isn’t playing well.  He’s shooting 28%, he’s turning the ball over, and he looks slow and lost sometimes.

This should not be unexpected.

After a year off to recover from ACL surgery, Rajon Rondo returned to, basically, an entirely new team.  I’d say there’s no need to re-hash this stuff because it’s been said a million times, yet there is a segment of the population out there that treats Rondo (and most players for that matter) like he’s a collection of pixels on NBA 2K rather than a real human being.

You can turn on your XBox after a year and your players will be right there, ready to go.  Take Rondo out of the mix with a catastrophic knee injury and then throw him back in mid-season on a very bad team, and it’s a bit different.

Here’s where my frustration lies:

The station that covers the Celtics, CSSNE, has the following on their site:  A question asking for your Facebook & Twitter responses to the question “What’s the reason for Rondo’s subpar play?” and Gary Tanguay embarrassing himself by suggesting Rondo isn’t trying because he’s purposely tanking games (I’m not giving you that link. You can follow the last one and find it if you care, but I’m NOT giving them any referral traffic to that stupid video).

Meanwhile, our friends over at Celtics Blog, have looked closely at his performance, analyzed the numbers, and came up with…

With Rondo on the court, Boston’s assist rate jumps nearly 12 percentage points, from 53.9% when he is on the bench to 65.7% when he plays. On a per-36 minute basis, Rondo is averaging 8.4 assists, best on the team.

Additionally, data from SportVu,’s new player tracking system, shows that Rondo is clearly the best passer on the Celtics, even though he has played just six games this season. According to, Rondo already leads the team in passes per game despite averaging just 24.6 minutes a night since his return.

The eight-year veteran is also tops on the Celtics in potential assists (passes by a player to a teammate in which the teammate attempts a shot, and if made, would result in an assist) with 12.7 per game. In years past, armed with more talented shot-makers around him, many of these passes would result in an assist on the stat sheet, something that only further demonstrates Rondo’s continued passing prowess.

So the “home” of the Celtics has spent the morning suggesting Rondo is intentionally losing games while a blog with no vested financial stake in the team suggests that buried under that “subpar” play is the actual Rondo, and that it will take time for him to return to his former self.

This world of screaming the loudest, most ridiculous stuff to get attention is simply infuriating.  Tanguay’s not a bad guy, he’s just doing what he thinks he’s supposed to do: be controversial and throw out half-cocked “theories” that make zero sense.

Rondo didn’t “hand” Kevin Garnett the ball, Garnett made a good play because he (a) know’s Rondo’s going to pass in that situation and (b) the Celtics aren’t cohesive enough yet to execute at that frenetic “down 3 with :25 left” speed.

It’s going to take time and patience.

I have it for Rondo.  I don’t for the media bullshit.

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  • Step

    I swear some of Boston media (I guess media in general) can be the worst. To be an athlete in Boston you better have a good support system and thick skin because they’ll stomp on you while you’re down. I remember when Rondo first got injured and that same week they were asking if they C’s were better without him because they won a couple of games…ridiculous.

  • Mighty Tom

    turning the ball over is part of Rondo’s game, and he hasn’t been improving on this aspect since he entered the league. In fact he went from 2.7 TOV / 36 min to 3.7 TOV / 36 min between 2006 and today. That’s a pretty good sign of not working on his game, and that’s why he gets on my nerves so much.

    • eddysamson

      No that’s a pretty good sign of him being trusted with the ball more and more. You get the ball more, you turn it over more. Its bound to happen. ESPECIALLY when you’re one of the craziest passers in the league with teammates that aren’t necessarily ready for the crazy passes. Do me a favor and go look up the all-time leaders in turnovers in the NBA. They’re all hall of famers. Pierce is #14, KG is #19.

      • Mighty Tom

        Well, I should have taken the assist to turnover ratio to be exact Eddy. Let’s see how this will change now that Paul and Kevin are gone. Also i see in Rajon a very poor defensive player, always gambling for a steal, ie. letting his man blow by him and trying to reach from behind. RR reminds me of a young TP in this particular case. As offensively talented as TP was, he put lots of work during his career in being better on defense, especially on pick & rolls D. I think RR really has to improve this part of the game also.

        • LA Flake

          Wait..who’s TP???

          • Curt Hays

            Tony Parker, I assume.

          • Mighty Tom


    • Brad P

      I kid you not, as soon as Bass gets moved Rondo’s (and the entire team for that matter) turnover % will plummet. That butterfingers is NEVER ready for a pass.

      • Step

        And our poor lil rookie Kelly is never ready either…I don’t know how many times I yelled “You gotta catch that one man”

        • Curt Hays

          I’m glad you phrased it like that. I feel pain for the guy when he doesn’t succeed. We need KG back. We need him back badly to kick Kelly in the rear and teach him pro stuff.

        • eddysamson

          He’s looking just like Bass was last year in regards to his hands. Bass has definitely improved on that this season, still not great, though.

      • Curt Hays

        Upvotes to inifinty.

    • jrleftfoot

      gosh, I wonder if his assist totals have also gone up? What an ignorant post.

      • Mighty Tom

        Call me ignorant if it makes you feel better Jr. whatever the total assists or turnovers, a ratio is a ratio. more playing time equals more time for assists of course but also more turnovers.

        • Borna Anthony Hlousek

          And what exactly is a ratio? An arbitrary relationship of two data sets. My sneezes/TO ratio is at 5/1…. Doesnt mean much. Ratios are good for somethings, but not for many others as there are much more accurate statistical measures; T-tests, Chi, etc.

          Also more PT= +asst & + TO is an obvious one. The kicker is in relation to the amount PT increased what was the raise in the other two stats, and was it higher than the original ratio. That determines its relative strength and effect.

          • Mighty Tom

            A+ Borna. Now that you proved that you can be very good at explaining what a ratio is, you just didn’t give any answer to your “kicker”.

          • Borna Anthony Hlousek

            Um the kicker wasnt a question; I.E. so i cant answer it. Its a assertion of obvious facts. EX. If I play more I will get more opportunities to touch the ball, hence I should be more likely to score/asst/TO and increase my statistical lines.

            The real thing is in those minutes how effective one is, which is advanced statistics and not simply ratio’s.

            Thats all Im saying, as it goes to show and disprove your far to simplistic usage of states. Just because you can throw out an APG or PPG numer and claim its a ratio doesnt mean you understand basketball. In fact I would quote you “turning the ball over is part of Rondo’s game, and he hasn’t been improving on this aspect since he entered the league. In fact he went from 2.7 TOV / 36 min to 3.7 TOV / 36 min between 2006 and today. That’s a pretty good sign of not working on his game, and that’s why he gets on my nerves so much.”

            as blind ignorance.

        • Curt Hays

          Maybe he’s referring to it as ignorant because of the limited scope of your data. It’s similar to saying that Carmelo misses more shots than anyone in the league and then saying nothing else.

          Sure the per36 is helpful, but it is still only in the context of time passing. What changed in that time?

          Based on watching the games, I’d assume that it’s because Rondo takes more chances. But you haven’t given us anything else to know whether this makes him better or worse.

    • bill_nair

      That stat is a very poor indicator at whatever it is your trying to prove. Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, Kidd, Isiah Thomas, even Stockton all averaged around or 3+ TOV/ 36min. If anything this puts Rondo in elite company.

      Guys who have high usage rates and are asked to be playmakers turn the ball over. Its sort of what happens. Even Lebron avgs 3 TO/ 36min. Which has been higher in Miami than in Cleveland. So make of the stat what you want but theres no way in hell you can corelate that 3+ TOV/ 36min equals a sign of not working on your game.

      • Mighty Tom

        just for info..
        some ass/turnover ration

        and i am going offline, european timezone here 😉

        John Stockton: 3.72:1

        Magic Johnson: 2.89:1

        Isiah Thomas: 2.46:1

        Muggsy Bogues: 4.69:1

        Mark Jackson: 3.29:1

        • bill_nair

          You’ve mentioned ratios a few times but have yet to show Rondos only his per 36.

    • Curt Hays

      I am not going to go look up the data myself. I do understand your post and appreciate you trying to point out the truth. But…I don’t like reading Rondo haters. Starting a post with “turning the ball over is part of Rondo’s game” isn’t going to garner any upvotes…or anyone’s objective attention. If you want to make an argument against my favorite player, please do so with facts that are irrefutable. Thanks for your effort Mighty Mighty Tom-stones.

      • Mighty Tom

        Hi Curt, I am not hater, not at all, I just wish people would do their best and improve where they lack effiency, especially in pro sports.

        • Curt Hays

          I’m with you, and based on the other responses you have undoubtedly received from me by now, you’ll probably realize that I’m not outright ignoring what you’re trying to say. I am, however, not in agreement with you at this point.

  • Herman Bubbert

    I’ll bet it is driving you nuts, not to mention the knob-slobberers over at Rondo Blog that you quoted.

    Even the more pragmatic of us, who can contemplate the heresy that Rondo’s game has always been flawed, recognize that any evaluation of his performance – God awful though it may be – post-injury is premature.

    Nor do I expect Rondo to be moved. But the hand-wringing it would cause among the masses who’ve lost site of the name on the front of the jersey would be a delicious thing to survey.

    • eddysamson

      I would say any evaluation of his performance this entire season is premature.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Rondo is being “showcased” right now.

      Rondo wants something close to a max contract…Ainge finds that laughable…extension talk are going nowhere….Danny needs a trade partner….he wants other GM`s to see that Rondo is healthy…the rust will disappear…he would be a nice asset to a team that thinks he`s the missing piece to a ring.

  • bill_nair

    I hate the media in general. Why is it that every article is about what is going to happen in Free agency 3 years from now? Or trades that might happen months from now? There’s 3 articles on the side from yard barker all about free agents being pursued in ’15 and ’16. I dont mind trade rumors (i find them entertaining as i enjoy the whole team construction aspect) but its silly when they don’t really have any meaning in the current season. I’m much more interested in who on this team wont be here at the end of the month. Or who the team is pursing in free agency in ’14. I could careless if Love is gonna be a laker 2 years from now.

    • Curt Hays

      Webiste hits man. That’s how they get ad money. Why do you think most of the ads that link to other articles have a girl showing skin? People can’t help but look at them, even if they don’t click…oh these ads aren’t based on browsing history are they? Nah, “French Kissing: How to Do it the Right Way” isn’t exactly my preferred topic… 🙂
      SO…the headlines are created to get clicks. You’ve been spoiled by John and Chuck. Quit expecting content that matters!

      • bill_nair

        I laughed my ass off the entire time reading this for reasons that are beyond my comprehension.

        For what its worth I dont mind girls showing skin haha

    • Curt Hays

      In other news, according to the headlines on the right side of this page, “Chris Broussard says Rondo will opt for free agency”.

      There you have it, Bill. Conversation is over. Chris Broussard settled it.

      • bill_nair

        Lol dont get me started on Broussard. I still remember during the 2010 summer he had Lebron going to a different team everyday.

        Wednesday: “My sources say its almost certain Lebron will be a member of the Bulls”
        Thursday: “sources are lining up to tell me Lebron will go to the clippers”

        I guess if SAS can turn things around (he got the Doc situation correct) theres some hope for Chris.

        Bye Rondo 🙁

      • bill_nair

        Saw this on another Celtic board. Thought you’d appreciate it.

        • Curt Hays

          hahahaha, thank you for that.

  • LA Flake

    Rondo to Detroit for Greg Monroe and their 1st round pick. Take a wing, Jabari, in the draft and we’ll be on our way back to glory

  • Curt Hays

    Articles like this are why I am a Reds Army guy. I no longer go to celtics dot com or csnne for anything, ever. And Tanguay…he is making the Celtics look bad so that he can continue to get “hits” and keep his job. Annoying.

  • jason benn

    jeeeezzzz give the guy a break. come on tanGAY lets see you tear your acl then come back to media shows with a nex cast and see how funny your jokes or timing is you d bag. i only come here and celticsblog as well the rest is garbage and of course listening to mike and tommy who truely have the teams pulse. tommy says it as it is, he has defended rondo a number or times even when im sure they make mike ask tommy those dumb questions. all the other cities with championship hopes for more banners to add to what they have already generally all the media there is a bunch of ravenous dogs when that team starts losing. the difference is for free agents when they are on other teams and hear about the stories, they think hmmmmm wellllll LA will eat me up but i can tan my chewed up butt in the sun, or in new york where they go wellll they can say what they want i just got that new billboard in times square for my new nike contract. but thanks to the media here in boston its sorta like ehhhh those guys are vicious, rondo just came back from an acl injury and they want a banner run now damn, wait what it was just negative 20 out there f that in the a im siging with LA. if we want to be a free agent destination, forget having a excellent coach or star players we drafted that developed and so on we need to run a mob and get these a holes out of boston and get some positive media relations about the team, like stevens is nice and even keeled. sure if we suck really bad ok yes the team deserves some crap, but when our captain just got back from injury and is playing like crap because he is easing back in he doesnt deserve it. at least he came back before a year boston media where you at d rose ?!?!?! i forget from 06-07 anybody when pierce came back did he get it with both barrels i know he thought he might be traded i forget, or when pierce came back from being stabbed!!!!! did anyone take a dumb on his chest for not playing good at times.