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Two Rondo quirks don’t sit well with some NBA writers


Fun read on about player quirks that some writers find annoying. Of course, Rajon Rondo made the list:

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comRajon Rondo letting an inbounded ball dribble and roll too long before picking it up and going. Don’t mean to pick on Rondo – he’s just one of many, including Ty LawsonKyrie Irving and a bunch of mostly point guards who have bought into this false economy. Sure, once in a while the ball is delivered in a way that it can be chaperoned for a few extra feet while keeping the game clock from starting. But often, it’s angled toward the sideline and losing its speed, so finally grabbing it and veering back on course eats up whatever seconds allegedly were saved. Meanwhile, it gives a defender an opportunity to pounce. It’s a Joe College move and the sort of false hustle/smarts that makes sliding into first base such a laughable MLB play.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA GreeceI hate it when Rajon Rondo hides his mouth-piece inside his jersey. It drives me crazy, because I can’t understand why he does it. Why have a mouth-piece if you don’t intend to keep it in you mouth at the first place!

Two quick rebuttals.

1) Whether it’s angled or not, the inbounded ball trick saves 1-2 seconds nearly every time it’s done because the lazy defenders allow it to work. Maybe we need an ESPN Sports Science experiment to make the final decision on its effectiveness.

2) As for the mouthpiece, even those custom-fitted ones are a pain in the ass. I don’t blame Rondo for taking it out every chance he gets. [video]

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  • dk

    yeah and 3) stfu writers!

    • MattAukett

      dude, butthurt much? this was meant as a joke, It’s reactions like these that lead to celtics fans being seen as insufferable.

  • Curt Hays

    They’re just pissed because they don’t have Rondo and because they need hits on their webpages…

  • KGino

    yea, except rondo has NEVER let a defender steal it from him when he’s done that… And it has definitely saved more seconds than its wasted. We don’t need sports science to tell us letting the ball roll to half court before touching it gives us a longer possession.

  • Jo

    He’s not “one of many” he pioneered that rolling the ball thing, nobody was doing it before him. He should trademark that ish or something lol.

    • Jake Gruber

      Maybe in the NBA…

      • Jo

        Of course i meant the NBA. I dont watch any other league. Who else does it, outside the NBA? serious question.

        • Rich Jensen

          It’s a common maneuver in college—-you will especially see it done by a trailing team as time winds down in the game.

  • vitamin d

    Well it also pisses me off when Lebron travels and refs don’t call it, but who cares? It’s not like it gives him an unfair advantage or something. Lets just pick on Rondo with the mouthpiece habit.

    • Rjd12345

      Or how Lebron lowers his shoulder when driving and never gets called for an offensive foul.

  • asd

    i remember rondo stealing one from jason williams before against orlando

  • Jake Gruber

    I’m not even a big rondo guy myself, but these reasons are just kind of stupid. I guess what I should say is that the RATIONALE behind the reasons is just not sound.

    It’s one thing to say it annoys you, no one can tell you what does and doesn’t annoy you. However, the explanations they gave just don’t even make sense. A) that just isn’t even true about the ball rolling at an angle, and it usually DOES save them some clock. B) mouth guards SUCK to wear, and he usually has it in when he’s actually moving. It’s also hard to talk with them in, so he takes it out to yell to teammates.

    If there is anything wrong basketball wise with letting the ball roll, it is that you can’t fast break when you do that. You’re not putting pressure on the defense. With a team like this especially, that lacks almost any offensive talent, you don’t want to be playing a half court game. So if there’s ANY reason to say the ball rolling is bad, it’s that. Not the reason they gave.

    As for the mouth guard thing…if anything it is a good thing that he does that because he can communicate better with teammates. This is even probably a stretch. The truth is there is no REASON to dislike it logically at least. Maybe they feel that he does it to stand out or something or to start a trend. If that annoys you, fine, but don’t start coming up with stupid rationalizations that don’t even make basketball sense.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I bet Rondo is tough to beat at bocce.

  • GoKingsGoCeltsGoTigersGoNiners

    His jumpshooting is what erks me.