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One of my favorite Truth & Ticket memories: “Superman”

With Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett making their return to Boston tomorrow, Celtics fans are using the internet to share some of their favorite memories of the two’s time in green.

There’s that magical night in June 2008 when they helped make Banner 17 a reality, the wonderful moments when they enjoyed “Gino Time” together and of course the Rolling Rally through the streets of Boston after bringing the city another NBA championship.

All of the above moments are of course very special to me, and I’ll never forget them. But there’s one lesser known moment that is also one of my personal favorites. It was January 12th, 2009. Paul Pierce had just finished scoring 39 points (on a sore knee) to help the Celtics beat the Toronto Raptors in OT. As Pierce & Garnett held their post game media session, Ticket was asked a question about Paul’s ability to deliver under pressure. Garnett responded with this gem:

“Y’all need to start playing some of that Superman theme music in the building when he’s going like that. Y’all know that theme music?”

Pierce responded with “whatever man…” and the rest, well watch for yourself:

Let us know what some of your favorite Truth & Ticket memories are in the comments section.

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