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Reds Army presents Fan Friday #52: “Celtics Talk Radio”

igorThis week’s Fan Friday features one of the most dedicated guys out there in the world of Celtics blogging/pod casting. Igor Mitic, of Belgrade, Serbia is the man behind “Celtics Talk Radio“. Igor and his hard working crew, Daniel, Jarret, Alex & Gabriel bring a great mixture of news, listener call-ins & opinion to their live show.

The story of how Igor became a fan of the Celtics is quite an interesting one.

I’m a fan of Old school NBA..I got interested when Vlade Divac, a Yugoslavian player from Partizan, signed with the Lakers in 1988/89. I was just a little boy then. Anyway,  I hated Divac’ former club Partizan. I was a fan of Red Star, the arch rivals of Partizan. So when Vlade went to L.A. I kind of started to root against the Lakers too. One of the real reasons I love Boston though is Larry Bird. He was an average white guy like me and such a magnificent player. The Boston Celtics’ 1986 championship team is one I often watched on old tapes, and the reason I became such a fan. Later, Dino Radja, a Croatian player became a member of Boston from 1996-1999, and I was very proud of that fact. Radja was one of my childhood heroes. But my favorite all-time Celtic is Larry Bird-from my favorite team, the 1986 Celtics. Why? He’s magnificent- the best shooter, best basketball mind in history (in my view) and the best player of all time!!!

Igor says that his favorite all-time Boston Celtics moment was the total domination that was Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals. The Boston Celtics crushed destroyed obliterated the L.A. Lakers 131-92 to clinch Banner 17.

 It has to be 2008 championship year…And that Finals series against the Lakers. Ray Allen’s threes, the humiliation of the Lakers in TD Garden. First title after 22 years. Yes! And Paul Pierce (my favorite active player) was MVP Of the Finals. The  2002 Boston team has a soft spot in my heart too…

Igor explained to me that folks who root for the Celtics are not just another “group of fans”. He called it a “brotherhood’. He says the Celtics are a “way of life” for him. And he certainly lives up to the phrase “bleed green”. Igor is constantly writing, tweeting or talking about the Celtics. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his Facebook group “We Bleed Green“. I want to thank Igor for participating in Fan Friday, and as always, thank you all for reading. GO CELTICS! -KWAPT

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