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Jeff Green scores season-high 39 points in D.C.

Jeff Green poured in 39 points, including 8 three pointers, to help lead the C’s to a 113-111 win in D.C. last night. The 39 are a season-high for Jeff, and he shot 54% from the field. It was Boston’s first win in a week and their eighth road win of the season.

In case you missed last night’s game, here’s video of Green’s scoring barrage via PZ.
(Jeff Green “39 points” pic via Celtics’ Instagram)

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  • bill_nair

    I know better than to expect this from Green every night, but WTF!!!

    He did not look like Jeff Green last night. He took fade away jumpers with the utmost confidence. Brought the ball up court and hit pull up 3’s. He even looked like he worked on his dribbling over night. He looked determine to destroy the wizards. Ill chalk it up to everyone being injured and him feeling less inclined to let Avery shoot. Still rather annoying.

    • GreenbirdCro

      well I must admit you nailed it bro
      crash is proly the only one less inclined to take a shot at basket than Uncle Green
      maybe they should both be a part of a second unit then
      and we could play RR, VB, CJ!, JS and CH?!
      2nd… PP, JG, GW, BB, KO? Until AB/JB are back…
      This would be a shocker for opposing teams, lmao
      Just kidding

  • Chris Dunn Jr.

    This is the most comfotable I think any of us have seen him. I still want that “James Worthy” Floater/Layup to come around more often…

    • bill_nair

      He looked more comfortable than when he went for 43 in Miami last year.

  • Robert

    He was on fire, that’s for sure. But it’s no coincidence that he had the ball more with Bradley out. When Bradley plays its like no one else is out there with him on offense. It was refreshing and entertaining to see this team play without “Black hole” Bradley.

    • Brad P

      Exactly why Bradley is expendable in my eyes.

  • LA Flake

    Jeff Green reminds me of Joe Johnson during his Phoenix years: Has all the tools to dominate but defers to his teammates first. If he had Paul Pierce’s mentality, Green would have a hall of fame career.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Anybody else do this:
    ‘Woh, Jeff went off on the Wizards.’
    ‘Wait a second, he’s from the DC area!?!? Maybe he really likes playing there?’
    [looks up Wizards roster and salaries/contract lengths on hoopshype]