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Ainge: Rondo will probably get “star money”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 23, 2014 Rajon Rondo, Rumors 20 Comments on Ainge: Rondo will probably get “star money”

rondo warming up

Danny Ainge was on Toucher and Rich for his weekly interview this morning, and the subject of Rajon Rondo came up.  While the information isn’t ground breaking, it’s the first time Danny Ainge has made these admissions:

“We did talk to Rondo about extending him,” Ainge admitted. “But that’s all part of the negotiation that will happen again this summer and most likely the summer after. I don’t know [if he will sign an extension], time will tell.”

“In the Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are limits on what can and can’t be done. Really it’s not that Rondo doesn’t want to accept an extension, but it’s just not financially smart for him to accept it right now,” said Ainge. “We didn’t think he would [sign], but we did tried.”

Ainge didn’t want to discuss any of the negotiations, but admitted that Rondo will probably get “star money” and “demand quite a bit on the open market.”

You can’t take anything GM’s say in interviews for granted, but this is yet another clear indication that the Celtics are comfortable not only building with Rondo, but giving him big-time money to stay around.

Nothing here changes what I said yesterday… There is still a season-and-a-half for things to change, and that’s a lot of time.  But it’s clear the plan now is to proceed with Rondo and, if needed, adjust from there.

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  • GreenbirdCro

    From this point forward till the summer of 2015, I would only worry about some ‘Indiana Jones’ stealing the Golden Rondo from us… for a bag of $[¤#*◆@¡
    but I’ll say Danny’s gotta stronger defense then pitfalls, arrows and rolling rocks
    so no problems here really

    • Frank Aziza

      We have a year and a half to get pieces around Rondo so he will stay. He hates to lose.

      • GreenbirdCro

        Or at least those he would consider worth while to wait before they really flourish (Jabari, Embid etc.)

  • bill_nair

    I love Rondo and want him here long term, but hes not worth “star” money. He deffnitley deserves a pay raise but anything more than $15mill annually is a HUGE reach (even $15mill is a lot for Rondo)

    • BIG_HITTA1

      I agree RR is not worth star money as he is no upper echelon star and certainly no super star. RR will seek max contract $$ and Danny will not give it to a point guard that rebounds better than he shoots. In the half court offense, RR hurts the C’s. Teams play off him and dare him to shoot (his FG% on jump shots is 32%); when teams play off him they double team other C’s and also clog the passing lanes. RR is good on the fast break and open court – in the half court he is a liability. Danny is playing his cards right with fans, saying “hey, I offered RR good $$ and he decided to leave”. Danny is putting the hand writing on the wall now when he doesn’t give RR a max contract going into ’15.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Honoring Rondo {by making him the Captain} is another Ainge ploy to potentially get a “hometown discount” out of RR. Should he leave, it becomes ammo to portray Rondo as an ingrate.

        Rondo is a real good player, he does lots of good things on the floor, and I like that he`s a Celtic…..but, just don`t tell me he`s a “top tier” PG.

        History shows he does nothing to alter the all-important W-L record. History also shows that no team has ever won a title where their “best player” was a 6`1″ guard, who can`t consistently hit FT`s or jumpers.

        I fully expect Ainge to trade him…the only question is when.

        • bill_nair

          I know were both on different ends of the Rondo spectrum but I agree with everything you say BUT Danny trading him. Rondo signs an extensions this summer, he gets an extra year and I think its $15-$16 annually. I think that’s what ends up happening. If no extension by deadline next year I think hes gone.

          But still, $15 annually is a bit too much for Rondo. Especially when you need someone worth more than that next to him to have success (a real “go-to scorer” and max money guy.)

          Essentially I think hes signed at the perfect deal. If he would, he’d be better off signing another 4/44 deal. This way we can sign others and hes actually worth his real value.

          • RedsLoveChild

            That could happen. I could see DA offering him $15M per year…..but, only for an extremely short contract {2 years}.

            It`s another story altogether if he wants a 6-7 year deal. At his current $11M per year deal, I do NOT feel he`s “underpaid” at all.

            He`s coming off surgery, he is not an “impact” player as far as victories/defeats go, and there is no way Ainge sees him as the “stud” who will someday lead them to banner 18.

          • bill_nair

            I think (don’t quote me on it) if he signs an extension this off season, it would be 3/45. As you say, thats probably the best Rondo will get (from us.)

            Without the guy who is going to lead us to another banner in town its hard for me to even commit money long term to ANYONE. Danny sure has his work cut out for him.

            While were discussing contracts, whats your opinion on Bradley’s upcoming RFA?

          • RedsLoveChild

            Bradley`s a “keeper”, I would not risk losing him.

            AB and Sully are the only two current Celts I would hate to see leave. Although, in Sully`s case, he needs to slim down. The added quickness and stamina he`d gain would be immeasurable!

          • bill_nair

            I love Sully. cant wait to see the player he really becomes.

            Great discussion. Have a good day Red.

          • RedsLoveChild

            You, too…peace out.

          • screamcrimson

            why would Rondo sign extension why raises his salary 7% and adds 2 more yrs to his current contract..does that make sense to u? hell he could get more on a different rebuilding team..get used to the fact that Rondo earned max money and stop devaluing the players u all claim to support their team..just go to NYK, support a few max players who underperform and u’ll talk about who earned what contract

          • bill_nair

            Don’t remember mentioning NY. And can’t see where I devalued Rondo. You sound foolish and incapable of having a thoughtful conversation. Have a great day.

          • screamcrimson

            lmao why u so sensitive tho?ctfu ..I had a great day thanks..

            that comment wasn’t entirely directed at u..only the extension part. .calm down bro

        • BIG_HITTA1

          I agree RR will be traded. Danny hopes RR regains most of his pre-injury form as he will trade RR. My fear is that RR’s trade value is about half what it was 1 – 2 yrs ago. Danny knows the $$ RR wants; Danny is too smart to give franchise player/max $$ to the too often limited player RR is. Its a business and winning championships is the goal. Trade an asset that has a 20% chance or less of staying into ’15 and beyond.

      • screamcrimson

        lol if Wall gets a max Rondo gets one too whether its Boston or elsewhere..and he may not be the best shooter but please for such a crappy player u want to say he is, he sure knows how to be the best player on the floor in playoff series vs LBJ..I guess Lebron is bad at basketball too huh having a non shooter, horrible half court player beat him playing that game..

        I suggest watching games more often than once a yr

        • BIG_HITTA1

          “lol”, what are you, 12 yrs old?? I never said RR won’t get a max deal I said the C’s won’t give him one. I agree some stupid GM will give him one. And what do you mean “may not be the best shooter”?? He is the worst shooter and lets not get started on his FT%. Another Rondo Rump Swab jumps in and claims to be an expert – I am stating facts about RR’s weaknesses; obviously you can’t handle the truth. Name me a starting point guard that shoots worse than RR? Please give me a name. Two other points: 1) comparing RR to LBJ is just so funny. Proves what you know. 2) when RR got hurt last yr the C’s played .650 ball without him for a month. Guess they really missed their ‘best player’. When PP and KG fell apart they began to lose but boy did the C’s have a nice run without RR. Go back and look at the tapes. Danny knew then and there RR was expendable. I do enjoy watching RR play but he needs superstars around him to succeed. On his own he makes no one better.

          • screamcrimson

            I’m referring to u saying he’s not worthy of a max contract “I agree RR is not worth star money as he is no upper echelon star and certainly no super star.”

            the facts are that Rondo is a poor FT shooter but he has developed a jumpshot..quit trying to sell that B.S like he can’t hit a jumper cause he’s done quite fine when he need to..

            u wanna argue that Rondo wasn’t as crucial to the team success because of a .650 basketball record for one month? are u serious?.Doc had guys junk up the game but that couldn’t last esp in playoffs when the tempo is slowed down and u need to create half court offense..considering how bad Rondo is at that, I would think with him healthy in lineups during playoffs C’s would struggle. .but somehow they’re better at it with him there but ur observation obviously is right cause they got nothing to show for it..NBA Champs, ECSF, NBA Finals,ECF with Rondo all losses 7 game series..ECSF and 1ST round both losses 5 and 6 games..

            I didn’t compare Rondo to anyone..what u read was me stating the fact that he has been the best player in series against LBJ..u know the best basketball player..but wait this is Rondo we’re talking about so lets try act dumb like we don’t know about those facts yet feel so eager to state them..

            Rondo needs stars..Every player needs a fellow star to win..KG, Paul, Allen were stars but instead of they making him look good he made them look good hence the struggles w/o him..guess thats all age cause Rondo is a role player at best..u are so right

          • grey_skies7

            Ricky Rubio…