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Making sense on Rondo: Why he’ll stay until the summer of 2015


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Once again, a writer with sources and the desire to publish an accurate story with proper perspective tells a story about Rajon Rondo that makes sense:

League sources say Ainge is not actively shopping Rondo, but like any good GM, he isn’t ignoring the phone calls, either. He’s only come close to trading Rondo once before, in a deal that would’ve landed him Chris Paul. To all other inquiries about his prized point guard, Ainge keeps saying the same thing: “No.”

An extension? Not now. After the NBA system was rigged for years to keep stars from leaving their teams, the rules now make it virtually impossible for a player in Rondo’s situation to sign an extension. This summer, with one year left on his deal, Rondo would be eligible for at most a two-year extension. Like Paul when he was traded to the Clippers in 2011, Rondo stands to get the longest, most lucrative deal by becoming a free agent in 2015 and re-signing with Boston.

You may turn on your radio and hear otherwise, but those people (a) have no inside knowledge of the team and (b) are only interested in drumming up controversy so you’ll keep listening and call in.  So let the facts on Rajon Rondo be stated, unequivocally, as such:

1:  Danny Ainge is not initiating any conversations about trading Rajon Rondo.  That doesn’t mean Rondo won’t be traded this season.  It means that Danny Ainge has a plan that involves seeing how the next season-and-a-half of Rajon Rondo will work out… but if a team calls and wows him with a deal, he’ll do it.  This is what Ainge does with every player.  Unless you have LeBron James or Kevin Durant, that’s how every GM probably approaches every player.

2:  Rajon Rondo will not sign an extension before the summer of 2015.  I know an extension would shut a lot of people up, but the Collective Bargaining Agreement makes signing one right now a stupid decision for Rajon Rondo.  If he wants a max extension (let’s face it, who doesn’t?  I want one too), then he’s going to have to wait and prove he’s worth one.

Those are the facts.  Anyone who tells you anything different is either lying to you or is a blowhard trolling you for ratings or pageviews.

Where do we go from here?  I don’t know.

There are distinctive camps in Boston when it comes to Rondo.  I believe he can be a key piece to the future, and his behavior over the past year has been everything you’d want from a star player.  He has seemingly developed a good relationship with Brad Stevens, and everyone in the locker room has said that Rondo has been an exemplary leader.

But now he’s playing, and he’s losing… and this is all pretty new to him.  There are variables that no one can truly predict here.  There exist possibilities that Rondo’s relationship with Stevens will sour in this new role.  He could disagree with something somewhere, and everything could go to crap.

That is possible.

It’s also possible that the Rondo/Stevens relationship flourishes and, as pieces are moved and a viable team is constructed, Rondo emerges as a true leader worthy of a generous contract.

No one knows what will happen, despite whatever commenter/radio host/columnist assertions to the contrary.

The facts are the facts:  The Celtics currently plan to move forward with at least another season-and-a-half of Rajon Rondo.  They will give him an opportunity to fully recover from his knee injury, and then to prove that his capable of being the player of our best-case scenarios.  In the meantime, he’ll answer the calls he’s supposed to answer.

Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

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  • Alex Luo

    I don’t think losing is anything new to Rondo. He sat thru that 18 game losing streak in 06-07 like everyone of us.

    • Curt Hays

      Started at the bottom…

      • adam

        now the whole crew here.

  • RedsLoveChild

    All of this becomes a colossal non-issue IF Rondo continues to turn in performances like last night….FG {0-8}, FT {1-4}

    The sound of crickets….Ainge`s phone might as well be disconnected.

    • LA Flake

      I don’t really care about his scoring. And I don’t question his toughness. But I do question his ability to make his teammates better.

    • Frank Aziza

      C’mon man, really? You expect more after 3 games???? Rondo will be lucky to play like his old self before the All-Star break NEXT season.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I did say “IF”…and I never uttered a word about his .259 FG% after his first 3 games.

        • Frank Aziza

          He’s running good.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Even though Rondo clearly is not at 100%, I`m actually surprised he`s running as well as he is.

            Anyone know how many air-balls the Celtics put up during those final 2 minutes last night? I stopped counting at 5!

          • Jake Gruber

            This is actually bringing up an interesting point, indirectly.

            I actually think rondo IS getting guys easier shots than they were getting wen he wasn’t playing. I cannot tell you how many possessions they ended up with either a shot clock violation or having to put up a prayer at the buzzer of the shot clock before rondo came back.

            The problem is, they don’t have good players! They have some OKAY players. Guys who can occasionally make a play but are really naturally either defensive guys or guys that are suppose to come in and spell guys like rondo for a minute or two to give him a breather.

            The point in all of this is how ridiculous it was when people were claiming rondo would be BETTER without KG, Pierce, and Ray because it would “finally be his own team” and he would not have to “defer to them”. Here’s the thing. When defenses can KEY in on rondo, when he is the best player, I think it makes him much less effective! It’s not exactly a knock on him, it’s a simple matter that he is a great passer, but is otherwise pretty bad offensively. He NEEDS guys like the big 3 around him to get the numbers he had, because you can’t get 15 assists if no one on your team can make shots consistently. And you can’t score 13 points without a great ability to shoot or make free throws unless there are other guys (big 3, ahem) that the other team is worried about stopping!

            This is why I always found it such a ridiculous argument that he would be better without having to “defer” to them. Yes, it’s still EXTREMELY early, and he could start scoring 20 a game and averaging 10 assists again (I have no idea how as no one can really score), but from what I see, he’s doing pretty similar things already to what he used to do. He just isn’t supposed to be the best offensive player on a winning team. He needs other guys to actually put the ball in the hoop. Hopefully one day we can bring him that or use him as a piece to start over and get one of those guys that can.

    • Curt Hays

      He was limping, and was getting very far off of the ground for his jumpers. I hope someone lets him know that his psychosomatic issues are affecting his game. I know it’s early, but for the first time he looked like he was not making his teammates better. I have faith in him though.

    • jrleftfoot

      Yes , because his play in his 3d game back from ACL surgery is indicative of how he will play from here on out. Are you really an idiot, or do you just play one on message boards?

      • Jake Gruber

        Was that in response to me? Because if so you might want to re-read my last paragraph.

        • jrleftfoot

          The arrow pointing to RedsLoveChild should have given you a hint to whom my comment was addressed, Jake.

  • Chris Dunn Jr.

    So according to D.A. on Toucher and Rich…This article is bogus and an extention is in the near future?

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