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Recap: Gritty, gutty Celtics put a scare into the Heat


Gerald Wallace should have nothing but praise for his teammates tonight because they busted their asses in Miami. The undermanned Celtics lost the game (93-86) but won our hearts with their effort.

The Green

The newly signed Chris Johnson had 11 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal in 25 minutes. He was the only Celtic with a positive +/- (+7). Is there any way the C’s can divert some of Keith Bogans’ money to Johnson? He deserves it.

Kris Humphries (14 points, 13 rebounds) doesn’t quit on any play. Jared Sullinger (13 points, 12 rebounds) also worked his ass off under the boards.

The Gross

Avery Bradley turned his ankle in the first half and did not return. The injury must be somewhat serious because Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Celtics will sign Vander Blue to a 10 day contract. Danny Ainge must be really pissed at Bogans if he’s going to the D-league in an emergency situation.

Rajon Rondo had a rough shooting night. He was 0-8 from the floor and 1-4 from the free throw line.


LeBron James blows the dunk


  • Rondo was 1-4 FT while the rest of the team was 14-14
  • Boston had 17 offensive rebounds
  • The Celtics shot 5-27 3 FG
  • Dwyane Wade DNP

Box score

Miami sported their nickname jerseys. Blah…


And I’ll share a little joke of mine that drew some laughs on Twitter:


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  • Curt Hays

    Helluva game. Chris Johnson looked like he’s been on this team for months. Kris Humphries-Bird is working so hard, we have to re-sign him. Sullinger…unstoppable.

    • Clogger

      Kris Humphries-Bird? I guess you don’t watch much basketball.


    If Wallace says one negative thing to the press tonight, the team should do this to him at the hotel in D.C. later:

  • Chuck Da buck

    Hey Stevens how bout you play vitor and not only for two minutes so u make him look bad. I don’t understand this guy whenever vitor has played close to twenty minutes in a game he’s been one of our better players and our best rim protector. Hopefully they haven’t destroyed his game to the point where he never gets it back but at the start of the year he was our most physical players and one of our most confident guys n the court but seeing how Stevens benches him after one mistake I’m sure he’s doubting himself. Great job ruining a center that had a ton of potential and was playing like a rookie of the year candidate for the firs ten games of the season before e was suddenly benched. I would love to see what our record is when vitor gets minutes I’m willing to bet its close to 500 or better.

    • Curt Hays

      It’s tank season.

  • Mike

    anybody notice how lebron flopped and was called for the foul? best thing ive ever seen. and i agree about the vitor thing.. what the heck did he do to receive all these DNP’s???

    • Curt Hays

      He kicked his legs out so fast that he’s lucky he didn’t get a tripping foul.

  • eddysamson

    wait what happened to Bass? I saw him go down then missed what happened?

    • KWAPT

      He collided with Rajon & supposedly aggravated an already bruised hip. From what I read postgame he’ll try & play tomorrow.

  • Rich Jensen

    To paraphrase Alan Mulally, ‘let’s get to the bottom as quick as we can because the ride up is a lot of fun.’

  • vitamin d

    LMAAOOO that tweet. True though, that building was EMPTY.

    And unfortunately, I had to watch LeBitch cry a few times…

    And would you look at that defense by Rondo up on Lebron in that picture at the top; stellar!

  • Brad

    Is it too much to ask that Rondo & Bradley be healthy at the same time for more than a few games here & there?

    • Frank Aziza

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Brad P

    Johnson was making some savvy passes out there. Not sure how he only had 1 assist. Small sample size but I like the guy way more than Brooks.

  • adam

    Anyone who refers to themselves as a King is a douche bag.