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A slap in the face for Pistons fans dreaming of Rajon Rondo


If you believe the media in Detroit, the Pistons want Rajon Rondo. It’s been a story line since the great rebuild began in Boston. Here’s the latest, courtesy the Detroit News:

The Pistons aren’t shopping Monroe but they’re near the point where at least listening would be prudent, although the market for shot-creating small forwards isn’t the greatest (Philadelphia’s Evan Turner, Golden State’s Harrison Barnes), and they’re not giving away Monroe for pennies on the dollar.

And nobody believes Celtics head honcho Danny Ainge will hold onto point guard Rajon Rondo, who just returned after recovering from ACL surgery, at all costs.

The Pistons have always been enamored with Rondo, the ultimate facilitator and competitor. And though Detroit has Brandon Jennings, he’s not necessarily viewed as a long-term option at point guard.

For every sourced report about Rondo wanting to stay in Boston and vice versa, there are 10 baseless rumors about him being traded. We’ve reached the point here where we don’t want to give any visibility to this garbage. But this morning I came across some common sense from Detroit radio host Matt Dery:

I would support a Rondo for Drummond deal. Athletic 7-footers with his skill set don’t come around too often. But he’s pretty much untouchable. As for Detroit’s 1st rounder this year, it could go to Charlotte as part of a previous trade.

Read Dery’s conversations for a good laugh. Pistons fans throwing around deals that include Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith, etc. It’s hysterical. As for Greg Monroe (RFA), Dery suggests Ainge would never trade for him unless there’s a long term commitment.

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  • Andrew Vellucci

    id do a rondo trade for sure if it was andre drummond charlie villanueva rodney stuckey and a draft pick for rondo and wallace

    • Curt Hays

      that is NOWHERE near enough.

      Edit: I’m changing my tune. I think it might actually be enough. However, I personally wouldn’t do it because I want Rondo to stay. We’d need a new PG though. Maybe we dust off Delonte West.

      • Andrew Vellucci

        the reason this trade is very good for the celtics is they get Drummond one of the best bigmen in the league hes only 20 years old and celtics have been looking for a good young center for years, next is stuckey and villanueva have terrific expiring contracts and after this year out of the 22 million celtics will pay for rondo and wallace will only be 3 or 4 mill for drummond assuming they let villanueva and stuckey walk, and they would get a draft pick also so they could potentially package picks together and get a superstar like Kevin Love

        • Curt Hays

          I’m with you, except that I wish people would stop talking about Kevin Love. He doesn’t want to play anywhere but LA. That’s his home. Besides, I think Drummond is more valuable.
          Good trade. I did make an edit to my comment, in case you missed it.

          • Andrew Vellucci

            yea true but i think kevin love is still a possibility i dont see him lasting in la

  • eddysamson

    “And nobody believes Celtics head honcho Danny Ainge will hold onto point guard Rajon Rondo, who just returned after recovering from ACL surgery, at all costs.”

    Where the hell do people come up with this stuff?

    • Curt Hays

      Didn’t they all think that Danny would trade Paul Pierce early on? Then Paul ended up staying around for another 9 or 10 seasons and beating every team out there in the process.

      • bill_nair

        Its funny how so much of what Rondo is going through now is what PP went through. Hell I remember the fans wanting him gone for anything at the time too.

        • Curt Hays

          Yeah, and now he’s a legend somehow. I never really wanted to keep PP if we could get someone else, but I am willing to admit it even after he won a ring! 🙂

  • KGino

    Why trade rondo when we have a billion other assets to work with? We could probably get Drummond without trading rondo

  • Curt Hays

    Hey @kgino:disqus and @eddysamson:disqus …we can tag users now in our comments. Now we can pick on @RedsLoveChild and make sure that he feels the love. 🙂

    • RedsLoveChild

      Regardless of who the Celts get in return—when Ainge trades him either next month or on draft night—Rajon Rondo has NEVER failed to give the Celtics everything he had.

      RR has always played hard and he`s played in pain. You have to admire that!

      • Curt Hays

        HAHAHAHA, RLC, Rondo is not getting traded! And if he does, we’ll all know that you really are Danny Ainge.

        • RedsLoveChild

          CH….I am simply paying tribute to Rondo`s dedication, work ethic, quiet dignity, and fierce competitive spirit. Like, that`s a “bad” thing?!?

          • Curt Hays

            I fully appreciate that. Coming from someone who tells it like he sees, those are very significant words. I still have to oppose you in support of keeping my favorite player. 🙂

          • RedsLoveChild

            As for the other issues you raised, I don`t know where all this Rondo-to-Detroit talk is coming from. Never did I say Rondo would be dealt to the Detroit Pistons.

            Just remember, RLC = DA.

            Things are very “fluid” right now…trading an All-Star is always a sensitive matter….nobody is at liberty to speak freely at this juncture. Your patience is appreciated.

          • Curt Hays

            LOL, IRL. This is awesome. Please continue this type of post. We need this window into the mind of Trader Danny.

            If you do decide to trade Rondo, please send him to Dallas so that I have a reason to attend more than one Mavs game per season (I go to every Mavs/Celtics game). Thank you.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I shall keep the Dallas request in mind.

            FYI…One year ago this month, I stated that KG & Pierce were well past their “expiration dates”, and we desperately needed to trade both while we still could, with an eye towards the future. Naturally, that made me the target of a “lynch-mob” mentality.

            Question : Do you see KG or Pierce wearing Green uniforms today?

          • Curt Hays

            I do not deny that you understand the business of basketball. It really sucks that the sport thrives best as a business, but it is true.

            I recall agreeing with you then. I felt that way about PP for a quite some time. He’s obvioulsy an amazing scorer, but he isn’t the guy you can afford to lean on. You prevent the rest of your team from contributing. However, KG, needs to be in green at a vet minimum for like 4 more years so that he can mentor Sullinger/Kelly/Rondo/Green/Bradley/Stevens/Ainge and anyone else who comes around. Either that, or get Larry Bird back.

          • RedsLoveChild

            The worst part of the NBA is that 90% of all trades are motivated by salary cap/financial flexibility concerns.

            Rondo`s contract expires in 2015. He sees 5 or 6 PG`s making $5-$10M per year more than him, he feels underpaid, wants to be compensated for settling low last time, he wants a max contract or something very close.

            The Celtics see a guy who is coming off ACL surgery, who will be nearly 30 when the next contract kicks in, who has never proven to have a great impact on Boston`s W-L record during his time here.

            They honored him as captain to get a “hometown discount” next year. But, they might sense signing him at their price might be very difficult, and they also have huge needs in the front-court. Trading him might be preferable to an ugly showdown.

          • Curt Hays

            Don’t try using logic and rationality to prepare us all for the big break up!

          • frickenWaaaltah

            Even if you turn out to be right about why he gets traded, your own logic suggests you are wrong about the timing.

            Rondo’s trade value would be maximized by a deal which requires that he sign an extension, so it would have to be timed to be done during that window.

            After all, if Rondo is going to be such a hot commodity in Summer 2015, teams would be foolish to trade for him now only to end up watching him walk away and go to one of these other teams he’d supposedly rather be playing for.

            So trading him even as late as on draft night 2014 just because he’ll demand a big paycheck in summer 2015 is just silly. Nobody has any idea right now what the 2015 market is going to look like. There are just so many teams that are ready to strike in summer 2014 that it’s just impossible to say what kind of market summer 2015 is going to be.

            Nobody can say for sure that even one team that likes Rondo is going to be ready to throw money at him in summer 2015 AND ALSO be an appealing destination for him, because who knows what they are going to do here at the deadline and this summer and at the next trade deadline.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Rondo is a very popular player throughout the country. His jerseys and shoes sell more than ok.

            Right now, his stats don`t matter. His health is the only concern. If he can merely show that he`s “fully recovered”, that his speed and quickness is back, I could see a number of teams willing to open their wallets for him.

            The odds favoring a Rondo trade is sort of gaining momentum, it`s already “in the air”. Not saying their reliability is impeccable but, what do you see on the right side of this page?

            Report : “Rondo Likely To Be Traded”

          • frickenWaaaltah

            Wow you ignored everything I wrote, what a surprise…

            Seriously though, it’s just not going to happen. All the talk is happening for two main reasons: the anti-Celtics bias of the national media, and they need rumors about a star player to drive clicks for the annual ‘trade deadline rumors’ season. There really just doesn’t seem to be one major star player that’s going to get moved this year, so once again some of them know they are selling BS, and some of them are really trying to harass the Celtics into giving away their best player.

            Look how differently the media is treating the Bulls and Derek Rose. I wouldn’t trade either of them if I were a GM, but if there is going to be a conversation in the national media about a team that should maybe move on from one of them, of course it should be about the Bulls and Rose. And where is all the talk about the Knicks trading Carmelo Anthony? That makes even more sense than the Bulls trading Rose or the Celtics trading Rondo. Why does it work like this? Because the national sports media is dominated by LA, Chicago, and New York guys, and the one thing they can all agree on is that they hate the Celtics.

            So yeah “in the air” means nothing. Nine times out of ten, the national media is just blowing smoke and nothing happens. From ~2003 to ~2007 a Paul Pierce trade was always “in the air” and it never happened. Then there was like a two year break, then it was back to him always being close or very close or a lock etc to being traded. In summer 2013 they were finally right so with one summer and one trade deadline per year, that means they went 1 for 18 on predicting a Paul Pierce trade.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Very seldom does a day go by without coming across at least one “NY To Trade Carmelo” story.

            Derrick Rose is getting paid $20M per year through at least 2016, and he suddenly has worse knees than Greg Oden! Who wants to trade for this guy now?

            You feel that any team trading for Rondo would demand a commitment from him. I agree, that`s why I pointed out that, provided he`s healthy, there would be “a number of teams willing to open their wallets for him”. How is that ignoring what you wrote?

            My feeling is that Rondo sees himself as an “elite” PG, who deserves a lengthy contract worth at least $17M per. I don`t believe Boston feels he`s worth anything close to that figure. Therefore, I see the Celts trading him.

  • bill_nair

    Id do Drummond for Rondo in a heartbeat. Kid has really burst on to the scene this year. February will come and go like seasons past and Rondo will still be on this roster. I just hope he doesn’t become fed up with these rumors and want out because of it.

  • Jesse Dampolo

    All the respect in the world to Rondo… but this deal would be a steal for the Celtics. With Drummond at C they could move Sullinger to PF and have one of the most dominant young rebounding front-courts in the league. The Celtics could then just take the best players available at the draft and be in GREAT shape

  • vitamin d

    But But But, I love Rondo…

  • Zachary Bugosh

    For all Boston fans, Detroit is invested in Andre Drummond and is not going to trade him. We ll offer Monroe Stuckey and or Charlie V. In my personal opinion Detroit needs to get rid of Josh Smith and find a team player

  • jjC

    Imagine rondo, smith, drummond, and jennings on the same team. Lol. Defenders will clog the paint. No shooter or whatsoever and they will have a hack the whole detroit tactic against them. Lol. Worst free throw shooting team in nba history.. 🙂

  • swissflix

    I keep thinking of LJ, whenever i see Drummond. Raw athletics but one injury and -BOOM- this kid is gone and then probably with a huge contract. Also i keep wondering how much he will improve.

  • gogreen

    Id do a rondo and green for smith and jennings, we get younger, more athletic and dont have to worry if rondo can play or not.

  • gogreen

    Id do a rondo and green swap for smith and jennings. younger and more athletic team with the rookies on board