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TBT: The 1998-99 Celtics “Praise You”

Gotta love those pesky Celtics from 1998-99. They finished 19-31 under Quick Rick in the lockout shortened season.

Ron Mercer was such an amazing athlete. He must have had a shitty work ethic.

I think I was at the Heat game where Toine nailed the game-winning triple.

If you have an usual interest in the 98-99 Celtics or need more Dwayne Schintzius (RIP) in your life, check out the rest of  Joe Giza’s videos


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  • bill_nair

    Good ol’ days. Toine and Pierce, the original big two.

    • Andy

      Toine was so good man. Perfect NBA body Funny to hear mike and tommy they are starting to get to the end of the road here in my opinion especially tommy. The calls from the vid are great. I remember when cous started to lose it. Great video.

  • jamoalki

    Bing Bang Boom Barros.

  • Robert Hodgman

    I know it’s a highlight video but the fire those guys had seems so foreign to me after watching the current team(minus Sully) loaf around out there like they couldn’t give 2 craps about anything. I take that back Bradley cares very much about his own stats. End of list.

  • KGino

    oh man there’s not much better than a good ol’ Walker wiggle. There should be a site with a vine of the walker wiggle that just never ends.