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Celtics have basically cut Bogans without cutting him

keith bogansKeith Bogans is still, technically, a member of the Boston Celtics.  But we might never see him in Boston again.

On 98.5 today, Ainge explained the Bogans situation.  Chris Forsberg transcribed it for ESPN Boston.com

“We were logjammed at all positions, but especially the 2 guard. He was not happy and just felt like — him and I both — came to the conclusion that he should just go home, spend time with his 10-year-old son and we’re just going to move on. I told him stay ready, if we have an injury and need him to come back. But it’s better for the team and better for him to part ways.”

Basically, it’s bye-bye Bogans.  Ainge was very candid about the situation, being sure to mention that Bogans was paid very well, but he’s a “competitive” guy who wants to play.  The Celtics, basically, now have a guard hanging out in the wings in case anyone else goes down.  Instead of going to the D-League the Celtics have sent Bogans to the Y (MCA) league*.  He’s getting paid his $5 million to sit at home.

The reasonable question you might ask now is… “why not just cut him?”

“It’s a unique situation, very unique,” admitted Ainge. “His value to us is he has nonguaranteed contract and, for us, he’s a chip at the trade deadline or this summer, most likely, that has value around the league. We don’t want to release him, we don’t want to let go, we want to keep that chip as we’re rebuilding.”

That is a very valuable bullet to have in your six-shooter.  At the very least, it’s $5.3 million you get to clear.  But it’s a GREAT way to pair a couple of mid-level salaries and send them to a team looking to save a bit of cash.  Add Bogans to Jeff Green or Brandon Bass and you have the potential to get a star-level player who perhaps doesn’t fit somewhere anymore while saving another team some big money.

Consider the possibility of Bogans being moved in a multi-team deal to a taxed-out franchise that gets to waive him.  That team will not only save the $5.3 million, but also who-knows-what in big tax money, making his contract potentially worth twice what he’s paid (or more).  There are teams that will happily give up assets in situations line that if the owner pushes them to save money.  So it’s easy to see why the Celtics have taken this approach.

Basically, the Celtics could cut him, but they’ll have to pay him anyway, so why not pay him while retaining a potentially critical trade chip?

It’s not an ideal situation, and Bogans will have to find a way to keep himself busy and in shape, but it’s the best way to handle this situation.

* I asked people on Twitter to fill in the blank as I wrote this post.  I liked this one the best.

But there were other answers that made me laugh.  Here are a few:







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  • vitamin d

    It’s unfortunate that it has to be this way, but I still love Keith as long as he’s a Celtic!

  • bill_nair

    All he has to do is shut his mouth, collect his checks and act like a professional. Had he just bitten his tongue he would have very well played last night and as far as I see it, there’s more of use now than before. Id kill to be in his position and id never complain. Id get everyone Gatorade and make PB&J’s i dont care.

    • NE_Celt

      hahaha…PB&J’s…I would pay money to see Bogans walking down the bench with a platter of PB&J’s during a game asking if people wanted one…”crust or no crust…here, let me get that for you” 😛

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      Agreed. However, look at his point of view, his whole career (even last year) he’s averaged 15-20 min/game. Essentially, he just lost a year. He’s scrappy and he plays with effort. It’s not like he’s Gabe Pruitt out there. He’s not injured. He’s been in the league 10 years. He never demanded the $5.1 mil/yr. The only way the trade with the Nets goes through, is if they tweaked his salary. Its easy to say, shut up and cash in your check. I’m not sure $$ is the only thing that motivates this guy. $5 mil is a lot, especially to someone who makes $50-100k/yr. However, he made $14 mil (career) before he signed that contract. He doesn’t seem like the type who would’ve blown through $14 mil. Who knows? I can only imagine playing as much as he had been on playoff teams, and then all of a sudden he’s riding the bench, watching every other guy play but him. It’s one thing if they’re winning. But they’re one of the worst teams in the league and he can’t get any playing time. In 2-3 years, he’ll be done playing and he’ll retire. Can’t knock him for wanting to play.

      • bill_nair

        I agree 100% and dont blame him. But as a veteran in the NBA he should understand sometimes this is just how it goes. Ride out the season and get waived than get to PICK where you live next year. I cant knock the guy for wanting playing time (though he probably picked a bad time to walk out if he wanted to play.) Just no need to quit on the team cause your not being gifted it. Again, he knew how it would be when he signed that contract.

        • WardenOfTheNorth

          He knew the C’s wouldn’t contend and were essentially calling it quits for this year. However, Nets threw his name in the trade and at that point, he probably felt like his time in BK was over. It’s not like Danny said, “i’ll give you $5 mil to keep your mouth shut and sit on the bench, while Jordan Crawford slowly becomes an actual NBA player. oh, and one more thing, we’re gonna lose a ton of games and unfortunately, there’s literally nothing you can do about it because we’re not going to play you. swallow your pride and enjoy your big pay day.” Highly doubt that was ever discussed. If anything, he probably thought the opposite. Going to a non-contender, he might actually fight for starters minutes.

  • Jo

    Cant help but respect someone who doesn’t want to sit on their ass & make easy money. Bogans would’ve been a nice part of the rotation in those KG years imo.

    • bill_nair

      He wasn’t sitting on his ass. He was practicing with the teammates and working out. If anything, NOW hes sitting on his ass all day at home.

      • KGino

        He’s saying he respects bogans for not wanting to sit on his ass and make 5 mil, he’d rather play and earn it.

        • bill_nair

          I know what hes saying but whats Bogans doing now? At home sitting on his ass and quite possibly not working out. Nothing changed except hes doing less now for that $5 mill.

    • Might be my favorite comment on this site for quite some time.

      I admit I’m guilty of feeling like Bogans should just shut up and count his money, but we really should respect the guy for at least having the personality that he wants to go out and earn his money.