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Your Morning Dump… Where Jerryd Bayless wants to call Boston home


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I love the situation,” said Bayless who will become a free agent this summer. “I love the opportunity. I told Brad (Stevens, Boston’s head coach) and I told Danny (Ainge, the Celtics’ president of basketball operations) since I’ve been here, I really want to make this my home for a while. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it.”

Bayless certainly looked comfortable on Monday, scoring 15 of his 17 points off the bench in the fourth quarter of Boston’s 104-92 loss to Houston.

Would l like to find a home? Of course,” he said. “I would love to be here for the rest of my career if I could and find some stability.”

Maybe it’s only been a few games since Bayless landed in Boston, but it’s hard not to already like and appreciate what he’s doing. Certainly on the court at least, where he’s shown us a little of that “Celtic Killer” label earned in years past. Off the court, he’s been saying the kind of things one would want to hear from a new player; speaking of improvement and being a part of the future. It might be easier to get on board with is comments after the 17-point output against Houston, but his game is still labeled as streaky, and much remains to be seen when Rondo returns and Crawford slips to the bench.

Still, the signs so far have been good. Bayless is a young but well-traveled player. He’s got playoff experience, and a knack for catching fire at a good time. You can’t blame him for wanting a place to call home. It’s good to see him start to find some solid footing here.

Just a little devil’s advocate here: Courtney Lee scored a team-high 24 points last night, in a 90-87 win over Oklahoma City. Would you reverse the trade if you could?

CSNNE – Bayless: I really want to make this my home


Page 2: Jordan Crawford’s ready to come off the bench (or get traded, see update)

Rajon Rondo will be back in the starting lineup very soon – as early as Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers – which means Crawford will go back to the bench. “I just take on a new role,” said Crawford, the Celtics’ leader in assists. “I still want to provide for the team any way I can. You knew it was coming. Just accept it and try to play better basketball.”

“It was good to show what I could do, for the time that I got,” Crawford said. “I just want to stay consistent when Rondo comes back. That’s a big player that we need. We need that wisdom he (has), leadership, another playmaker to make it easy on me and get easier shots for me and other players on the team. It’s great to have him.”

A lot of point-guard talk in today’s Morning Dump, but with Rondo’s returned almost certainly set for Friday, things are about to change. We’ve all served witness to Jordan Crawford’s season: a strong start, early peak, and a slow decent back down. Watching Jordan’s game is kind of like watching Last Comic Standing. When he’s good, he’s funny and good; when he’s bad, it’s just grimacing. Hopefully a “less is more” approach will suit Crawford well. He’s still got a canon and good court vision, just needs to hold on to the consistency we saw early this year.

With the new point-guard depth chart of Rondo, Crawford, Bayless, we might get some interesting lineups. The NBA has seen a similar approach in Phoenix, where before Eric Gordon’s injury, the Suns would pair him with Goran Dragic — creating a dual point-guard backcourt. It was surprisingly effective, and although we probably shouldn’t expect that level of success, it’s nice to know there are ways to go about it. In Brad we trust.

Update: stepped into work this morning and saw this Peter Vecsey tweet.

Well, this might solve the new backup at point-guard. The suns could use a filler for Bledsoe, and the Clippers could use someone in place of injured Chris Paul. Could it be a deal involving Crawford and Bass for Asik? The Rockets don’t really need a point-guard, but Crawford can split minutes at shooting-guard, handling the ball often like James Harden. I’m not sure what Vecsey’s source is exactly, but this rumor seems to be getting some attention.

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  • Jester00

    Q please let let there be a trade for Crawford and/or Bass while we are at it, I would trade Jeff Green For Keith Van Horn right now

  • bill_nair

    For one, we cant trade with the clips this season and I don’t see us going back and working with BK again after we took everything they have. PHO has plenty of assets though. I do believe Crawford is gone by the deadline.

    Its nice hearing a player talk about wanting to be here long term during this rebuilding phase. Considering every player on this roster is just waiting for their time to go. Of course after bouncing around Bayless wants to find a home, for his sake I hope he can find stability.

  • Raoul

    As for trading Crawford, I just don’t see the benefit. He keeps getting labelled as a PG but everyone knows he’s much better not handling the ball as a SG. What’s wrong with the depth of Rondo-Bayless-Pressey and Bradley-Crawford-Brooks? To trade him is getting rid of one of our only pure scorers. Then to couple him with Bass, that’s getting rid of a great 1-on-1 defender and consistent mid-range shooter.

    I just hate when teams trade pieces that work. Although I wasn’t crying about the Lee trade… Lee worked for us. It’s so hard to get players to buy into a team’s system, and we are only lucky that the Celtics name often is the initial reason new players buy-in. I think we’re lucky that Bayless is who he is because look at someone like Wallace who is not going to hide that he hates being on a losing team.

    • bill_nair

      The benefit would be getting something in return before Danny possibly lets him walk this offseason. Hes going to get paid and the way hes played so far this year he might earn himself a nice payday. Im all for resigining Crawford but his qualifying offer is at $3mill. I think that’s perfect for him annually but he most likely will get more on the market. Nevermind the fact that he has to re-sign Bradley and keeping the holds for JC and AB could prevent the team from making further moves (and I dont think its wise to commit $10+mill for two role players when we still need to put our main core together.)

      My whole view on it is, Bayless right now may come cheaper and essentially does alot of the same things. I think Danny recognizes that too.

      • NE_Celt

        …and they say Bayless is a streaky shooter…JC has shown that recently where he is cold for a game or two and hot the next…so quite a bit of similarity there.

        • bill_nair

          Yup. Both cut from the same 6th man cloth. Which ever one comes cheaper is who I believe Danny resigns (his interest in Bayless prior to this trade leads me to believe Crawford is on the outside looking in.)

          • NE_Celt


    • Curt Hays

      I was under the impression that everyone thought Steez was better as a PG. He produced far more with the ball in his hands, and he even had assists.
      Keeping Bass…you’re right about his skillset. No argument. But we have Humphries and Sullinger who are both better players. We don’t need sorta-big-guys who play outside of the paint. We need big guys who own the paint. Bass is a duplication of talent without adding the size we actually need.
      He needs to be dealt for a big. Do you not agree?

      • Raoul

        Joel Anthony…. that’s all I have to say.

        • Curt Hays

          LOL, Retrospect doesn’t count! This doesn’t make you right or make me wrong! It makes Danny mysterious.
          But you’re right…just…blah.

          • Raoul

            Lol it really ruined my day. How sick is the GSW situation right now? Nothing but scorers. Wtf.

            On another note… Joel Anthony is pure garbage. I really really hope someone can throw that comment in my face in the next couple of weeks.

  • NE_Celt

    I wouldn’t go back on the trade for Bayless…Lee may have dropped 24 the other night, but he wasn’t getting that kind of production out of the system here in Boston. The trade sounds like it worked out for both sides…and we get more of a PG with Bayless…Lee just a shooter.

    • Curt Hays

      Came here to say just that. Amen.

  • KGino

    I like bayless’ fire… He has that competitive edge you wish Jeff Gren had, which is why I like him a lot

  • RedsLoveChild

    If you`re current contract were about to expire, while playing on your 5th team in 5 years, and your career FG% was barely over 40%…you, too, would be hustling your ass off and saying all the right things!

    Welcome to Jerryd Bayless` world.