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Celtics excuse Keith Bogans “indefinitely”

Chris Forsberg tweets this news on Celtics guard Keith Bogans:

Bogans was in Boston for last night’s loss to the Rockets, but was excused from practice today as well due to “personal reasons”. Celtics owe him $5.1 million for the rest of this season, but as Forsberg notes, the other two years of his deal are not guaranteed.

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  • vitamin d

    Hmm I wonder why

    • Curt Hays

      I’m curious. I’d feel bad for the guy except that he just got $5.1M for working out. I do hope everything is okay. Could be like Darko…

  • eddysamson

    Wait, does this mean he asked to leave? Wouldn’t it say the Celtics dismissed him or used other terminology if it was a Bynum type situation?

    • Mike

      Doesn’t seem like a Bynum situation. Probably will have to wait and see on that though.

  • Alex Costa

    He’s frustrated with the DNPs he’s given. Redsarmy should provide more info on this article so people dont think it is a lot worse than we thought.

  • zippittyay

    wait, so now he doesn’t even have to practice to collect 100K a week?

  • B-ball Jenky

    personal reasons is personal reasons thats enough for me

  • Roy Sanchez

    Just hope it ain’t serious

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      For him it is. He’s 33. A Healthy scratch every night, he’s only played in 6 games this season. He’s been a 15-20 minute/gm player his whole career. He’s making $5 mil this year but he knows the C’s aren’t bringing him back. He probably feels like he has a few years left in him, as a 10 minute/gm role player. If he’s not getting any playing time now, he’ll have a hard time finding a team in the off-season, especially with the abundance of D-Leauge guys. Problem is, there’s no reason for the C’s to trade him. He’s $5 mil off the books next season. They could trade him and take on a long-term deal, but there’s no sense in that. He knows this and he’s frustrated. He said so 2 weeks ago. He’s stuck and apparently out “indefinitely”.