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Your Morning Dump..Where Rondo May Return vs The Lakers

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

 Rajon Rondo is targeting the Boston Celtics‘ Jan. 17 home game against the Los Angeles Lakers for his possible season debut, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Rondo, who had season-ending surgery to repair a torn right anterior cruciate ligament nearly a year ago, didn’t specify a date for his return, but said his knee – and confidence – are strong. His only concern is regaining his conditioning.

 Rajon Rondo’s Target Date For Return-Marc Spears

rondo-gasol1There was some speculation that Rondo could do the uber dramatic and makes his return on Sunday, 1/26. As all Celtics fans know, that is the day that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett make their return to Boston. I personally just can’t see Rajon stealing two of his close friends’ thunder like that. Granted, I believe Rondo will be active for that match up also, but the 1/17 game vs the Lakers at TD Garden makes much more sense as far as a return date. Rondo told reporters yesterday that his conditioning and not being in “shape” yet are the main things holding him back:

“I feel like I’m ready now, but I’m not in shape,” he said. “I can go out there and I can give the team 10 minutes. I want to be productive out there. I don’t want to limp or drag behind because of my cardio. That would be hurting the team.

I can certainly understand Rajon not wanting to go out and embarrass himself. It’s pretty clear that he is a perfectionist and does not want to play until he’s 100% ready-or whatever 100% ready equals in his mind. But at some point he’ll just have to make a decision to give it a go. We’ll have to be patient as fans as obviously he is not going to be “Mr. Triple Double” right away. It’s going to take time for him to get his legs & wind back. There’s nothing I want more than for him to be able to give it his all without having to worry about reinjury or a set back. But the thought of him suiting up on a Friday night against our arch rival does have me drooling. One of our readers pointed out that Rajon has since denied this report, but Marc Spears is generally a very reliable source. My guess is perhaps some sort of miscommunication. Oh well..  Get your tickets while you can CelticsNation. Rondo or no Rondo, C’s-Lakers is one you don’t want to miss.

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Page 2 Old Friends Truth & Ticket Help Beat the Heat

truthCould the Brooklyn Nets finally be out of their funk? Well they’re definitely headed in the right direction, that’s for sure. Behind Paul Pierce’s 23 points, Joe Johnson’s 32, some great defense by KG and an all-around fantastic performance by Shaun Livingston, the Nets beat Miami 104-95 in 2OT for their 5th straight win. Pierce’s trey from the top of the key with just under 3:00 left helped seal the deal last night. Paul had one of his best games of the season, his 23 points just 4 shy of his season high. KG was clearly motivated to face old foes in Lebron James & old friends in Ray Allen. Garnett had 12 points, 10 rebounds & 3 assists. Brooklyn is now 15-21 and starting to resemble a team that folks thought would be a definite contender in the Eastern conference. Pierce, Garnett and the rest of the Nets come to Boston two weeks from tomorrow.


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  • NE_Celt

    It feels like years since Rondo has played…it sounds like a good idea for him to come back vs LA…I hope he does…I’m having Rondo withdrawls haha.

    And glad to see PP and KG playing like the HOF’ers they are…and beating the heat!

  • vitamin d

    Great picture of Judas and KG!

    And Rondo denied the report that he said he targeted the Lakers game for his return.

    • KWAPT

      Yeah, which is odd because Spears is generally very reliable. Oh well..won’t be much longer either way.

      • forever_green

        Random Question, I could never find an answer for but just wondered, why does Ray always have one band aid on each calf muscle on his legs?

        • KWAPT

          If I remember correctly, they have tiny magnets in them that stimulate his calf muscles. Ray is a total health nut.

          • forever_green

            Oh, I had a feeling you might know, awesome.

  • forever_green

    It’s nice to read some support for the two Celtic great’s now in black. I still feel they have something left. Even while things weren’t going well for them this season I felt it wasn’t the end for them.

    I am a long time C’s fan but can’t help but look at those two players as Celtics even while in a different uniform.

    • KWAPT

      I feel exactly the same way. It is going to be a very special night when they return to the Garden. They better put out green boxes of kleenex on each seat.

      • Frank Aziza

        I watch the Nets every night. How do u think the Celtics would be doing if they didn’t make the trade with Nets but still had Brad Stevens? I think it would be a pretty good team and with a healthy Rondo by playoff time a very tough out.

        • forever_green

          I agree.

  • Frank Aziza

    I don’t understand how Rondo can return in basketball shape. The only way to to do that is to play professional basketball. The D-League would help but I’m sure that isn’t pro ball speed either.
    This team isn’t competing for a title so why not come back and work his way in shape?

    • Roy Sanchez

      Completely agree rondo should start off slow come off the bench and slowly move into the starting lineup. Don’t rush him at all.

      • GoKingsGoCeltsGoTigersGoNiners

        What happened to the red claws idea? I’d like to see him spend some time down there to get in a rhythm. Absolutely no need to push it.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Lakers vs. Celtics {2014} : “Tank-A-Palooza”

  • Curt Hays

    Rondo will be Mr. Triple-double when he gets back. He won’t need any time at all to get back at it.

  • tvor03

    Anyone else hate the nicknames on the jerseys?

  • Brick James

    I guess you can’t swear on the blog anymore?
    Well anyways, screw you Benedict Allen.

  • Astarot

    I want Rondo back as much as everybody here cuz one I love to see him play and two I don’t wanna hear T word anymore (no matter if Ainge wants them to do that or not) I want them to win and Rondo will help them. But what I really want is Rondo to be 100% ready, healthy and confident I don’t wanna hear in couple of weeks, months that he came back to fast or that he reinjured his knee.

  • zippittyay

    I’m stoked. My daughter bought me tickets for that game for Christmas..

    • forever_green

      I wish my daughter did that for me…but she’s only three.