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Tim Hardaway Jr. emasculates Ray Allen


Great box-out, Ray.


I got the heads up on this play from my girl who was sitting courtside. She texted me right after the play happened.

Thanks, babe.


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  • swissflix

    yawn. is this on here because of Ray Allen? Ridiculous.

    • LA Flake

      No. It’s on here because Chuck has a thing for blondes and he needs an excuse to post their pix. I applaud him for this post though. While she’s very average, at least this one’s not dressed like a stripper.

      • chuckmckenney

        Average? You so crazy…

        • Raoul

          She is SUPER average. Come on now. That looks like every other white girl I’ve met from North Dakota, Arkansas, or my home state California.

          • RedsLoveChild

            At the very minimum…you would have to be living every second of your life inside Hef`s Playboy Mansion in order to consider Kate Upton as “average” looking!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Chuck is such a gold-digger!

    He dumped heartbroken Bar Refaeli the moment he learned that Kate is the heiress to the Whirlpool Corporation {annual revenues of $18B}.

  • ming_mow

    hey chuck is he the one in the New york Knicks jersey!? you’re a sly dog chuck