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Rondo will be back before the All Star break

All-Star weekend is Feb 14-16. Might Rondo be eyeing the Jan. 26th game against Brooklyn?

As for his plans to play in the D-Leauge:


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  • eddysamson

    Ever since I saw he changed his mind about the D-league and went out on the trip with the team, I’ve been telling my friends it means Rondo will be back to play for the roadtrip. My original guess was tonight, now its looking more like this upcoming week. I don’t think his first game will be the Nets game. I would assume he would want to have a few games back under his built before that game.

    • Raoul

      Lol what?? This upcoming week is a huuuuge stretch. Rondo tossed us a Feb 14th bone… let’s not rush to the dry cleaners for our Rondo jerseys just yet.

      I just don’t want you to go to your friends today and say “SEE! I told you!” Your original guess was so incorrect and your new guess of next week improbable.

      • Frank Aziza

        Raoul why u hating on Eddy? Lol
        He’s wrong but no need to diss him like that. Lol

      • eddysamson

        Yeah so my guess…2 weeks before redsarmy’s guess is totally improbable…right.

      • eddysamson

        I hope you’re ready for me to say I TOLD YOU SO when he plays this week.

  • NE_Celt


  • jason benn

    in his dream im sure he saw him blowing his knee out again because a scrub on another team decided to pull a dirty move and take him out, nba all star blows out knee again in meaningless d league game he saw in the headlines lol better to blow it out again in the nba (knock on wood) which definetly wont happen. something like that. he shot down the laker game for a return but why not the laker game play against the hated rival and destroy them cuz they are way worse then we are. help make it a blowout and he wont play too much then, whats the games in between that stretch from lakers to nets?? he will be back for the nets game, he knows it will be his last time to play with his big brother KG, so there is no way he misses game, sure they come back again but not again before the all star break. whether he comes back the game or few games before we will see