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I just landed the Celtics the 1st pick in the draft

If the season were to end today (and sometimes I wish it would), the Celtics (13-23, 8th worst in league) would have a 2.8% chance of winning the draft lottery.

ESPN has launched a 2014 Lottery Mock Draft and Insider Chad Ford surveyed scouts or executives from teams projected to be in the lottery to determine order and team needs.

The take on the Celtics:

Likely selection with No. 1 pick: Jabari Parker

If the Celtics somehow manage to land the No. 1 pick, I think it will be hard for Danny Ainge to pass on Parker. He’s a fan and while Ainge loves to draft upside, Parker is a great long-term fit for them. He can pretty easily trade Jeff Green and get more assets back, which is a bonus. The dark horse is Embiid. The Celtics need a big man and Ainge is intrigued.

I won’t argue with this prediction. Ford says Parker, Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid are the heavy favorites to take home the No. 1 pick.

On my first crack at the Lottery Mock Draft, I got this result:




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  • bill_nair

    I really hope that’s what happens in July. Took me 3 tries just to get the #2 pick. I like the position the team is in though. By the end of January we should be locks for a top 10 pick. I really hate this draft outside the top 5 though. We need a game changer not an average starter.

  • Jason Ballard

    Why do the C’s disappear once in a while? When they do, Philly shows up twice. We don’t owe them some kind of protected pick, do we? Glitch?

    • Dhamiri

      Because they don’t have a floor general, Jeff Green is a great scorer, but he isn’t selfish or too much of a playmaker, I think once Rondo is back, his scoring will go up, as well as every other starter, especially Sullinger.

      • Jason Ballard

        Ha, I was referencing the draft machine. I ran through it a 100 times and every so often the C’s were completely missing from the lottery.

  • eddysamson

    Ah man I want Parker so bad

  • Dhamiri

    I really want Parker, but something tells me Embiid will be the best player in this draft, borderline Dream-like.

  • Roy Sanchez

    Play Sorry For Jabari!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Barring the unforeseeable, Boston should have the 2nd worst record in the NBA by the end of January.

    That leaves the “devious” Ainge with lots of time to further decimate the roster before the trading deadline.

    It`s our ONLY hope…..Go for it, DA!!!!!

  • adam

    took me 9 times to get number 2 pick. i’d be happy with a top 3 for Celtics. Lets see how it plays out when Rondo gets back.

  • Paul Yee

    Mormon solidarity!

  • jason benn

    haha way to go! his main knocks on what he lacks just seem like things all rookies who are learning to play at the next level will figure out and once he hits the weights even harder watch him put on like 15 lbs of muscle, i like it alot especially to get the first pick in this draft hahahaha then to have what the hawks/nets pick too and to trade green my goodness i wish the season was over now id definetly cash that in. rondo bradley parker sully and kelly? fav? asik? unnamed center? bynum? lol thats a contender right there three vets considering sully a vet by next year even if he still on rookie contract the way he plays is old mans game banging and fouling hard. plus a instant scoring machine in parker who will learn to play under rondo and gain rondos edge oh boy christmas can come twice in a year hopefully lol that being said i think we end up with a top five lotto pick though i just dont think david stern will let the celtics get the number one pick.

    • bill_nair

      Getting Jabari would be so ideal. Not because of the way he plays but being able to move Green (not to say I dont like Jabari, my favorite out this draft.) I believe he could bring back a really good haul and is our best asset that Danny would move. But I dont ever wanna see Bynum in green. I don’t care if he payed Wyc to join.

      • jason benn

        I still like me some deandre Jordan. I could care less about his offensive game so what hes a center centers should protect the rim and rebound. yes he maybe a subpar rebounder some nights but look what he did against us. maybe since doc loved jeff so much ainge can convince him draft night to trade for jeff give us deandre. HA he could pay wyc to join seeing as how he has earned (not) millions for doing nothing. I hope Bynum goes away he is garbage, he just keeps accepting contracts cuz i’m sure he knows he shouldn’t be playing but heck if I could squeeze millions out of people to do nothing, pretty sure id do it to. I agree with the green trade though he can get us something good in return that’s why I wanna see him traded, although every time I say something bad about him the next game he plays really good. id really think this would bring a banner after trading green to get dj, it could be (now im not sure about contracts and that just doing this off the top of my head) rondo,bradley,parker(assuming we get him) sully, Jordan for the starters, then Crawford,bayless,kelly,hump, other unnamed rookie,fav, with fillers for a bench that’s a contending team if I ever seen one

  • Nick Ventura

    Trade Rondo for a 1st rounder… Would the Kings take him? Then we get Atlanta’s pick (they are going to struggle to get in the playoffs without Horford) our own top 10 or top 5 pick…. and a 3rd 1st rounder from trading rondo. I have no problem going into next year with bradley sullinger green 3 1st rounders crawford and a possible free agent signing… Just please not Gordon Hayward… his game is mediocre at best he plays on the worst team in the West so obviously he is going to get some numbers off of sheer volume alone. But thats the key…. 3 1st rounders sully green crawford bradley and olynk…. bass and rondo should immediately be moved for assests.

  • Kahnstantine

    14 out of the first 15 times I played we ended up with WCS. Um….okay.

    At least we ended up with Embiid once.

    WCS would be okay I guess.

    • Kahnstantine

      And just got WCS another 20 times in a row on a different computer.

      YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: With the 8th pick in the draft, the Boston Celtics select…