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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics should kick tires on ‘Melo (maybe)


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Anthony possesses an extra few layers of perspective and a new understanding of urgency. All he needs is the right situation and a clean slate.

Boston would provide both. A place alongside an All-Star point guard like Rondo, who we already know Anthony wants to play with. A young, innovative coach like Brad Stevens, who will put Anthony in the best position to succeed. A franchise with clear leadership, a winning tradition, sound decision-makers and more assets even after what they’d have to give up to get him.

Speaking of those assets, Boston (along with their trade exception) is also one of the few teams with the means to acquire a player like Anthony. The Celtics have exactly what the Knicks should want: Young talent; future first round picks; they even have Jeff Green, who can slip right into Melo’s role, play well enough to keep the team respectable and keep MSG buzzing with the occasional monster dunk.

CSNNE – Celtics should kick tires on Carmelo Anthony

Would you consider a deal for Carmelo? His game is pretty clear cut: He’s going to have nights where 40-plus points come easy, and then he’ll have games where his defense is nonexistent and it’ll hurt your eyes. He’d be fun to watch, but would he truly be worth it? In the Eastern Conference, with LeBron James and Paul George being the best players on the best two teams, any other “contender” needs a small-forward who can defend. In Anthony, you’re never going to get a guy who can defend James or George for an entire playoff series, let alone a single game .

So I’d say no. No matter how nifty and seamless it’d be, watching Rondo play with Anthony (assuming we kept Rondo in a trade), we’d regress where this team has already proven capable — in it’s defense. The Celtics struggle with many things defensively, but guarding a team’s best player isn’t one of them. They were the last team this season to give up a 30-point game to an opposing player, and they’re defense, overall, is ranked higher than it one would expect. I know that sounds somewhat ridiculous coming after last night’s 129-point disaster, but it was just one game; and their first without Courtney Lee.

Would you be willing to part with some draft picks and young talent for a one-dimensional superstar?

 On Page 2, Jared Sullinger messed around and got ejected

Wanna get away? After the past week or so, it’s becoming more and more clear that Jared Sullinger needs a break (no, not that kind of break). Getting some rest for his nagging wrist injury, and time to regather himself would certainly do him good; as it seems he’s becoming increasingly frustrated on the court. In what’s now becoming a nightly occurrence, Sullinger fell awkwardly on his already-injured hand, and had to check himself out shortly after. He did return, which was good because his matchup against Kenneth Faried was great to watch — but he continued to struggle. In the third quarter, he picked up two flagrant fouls and was ejected. Although the first flagrant call on Sullinger was an iffy one, the second one — less than a minute later — was well-deserved. In isolation, with his back to both Kenneth Faried and the basket, Sullinger lifted his elbow and jerked towards the rim; striking Faried in the process and earning a quick exit.

Sullinger now has five flagrant fouls this season. He only needs one more before he’s suspened by the NBA for a game.

It’s now not so much a matter of letting Sullinger rest, but making him rest. The guy certainly doesn’t want to miss a game and that’s both understandable and respectable. Still, with a player who still hasn’t played a full NBA season, sometimes a little strict guidance is necessary.

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Oh and one more thing: Gerald Wallace is back at it, preaching his know-all to the media. Personally, I’m sick of hearing what he has to say, but if you’re into that sort of thing, here you are:
Wallace: Right now, we’re a team that’s all talk

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  • pierce Hart

    I’d trade for Melo. perhaphs a future nets pick, Olynyk green would be a package good enough for him. Sure his defence isn’t great but he’s a phenomenal scorer and good rebounder. If you get guys like Bradley rondo and sully around him with the hustle then that should make up for his poor D. As if it mattered in the finals that durant wasn’t that great a defender he got them there and could’ve won another game or two with luck on the thunders side. As I said I think he would be a great fit as long as he was willing to take a slight pay cut so rondo could resign the following year. All you’d need to find is a defensive centre after that. And if it never worked you could package Melo for a better deal than you got him for anyway

    • LA Flake

      Too early to give up on Olynyk. I would never trade for Melo unless we have at least two all world defenders at the 2 & 5 spots. Even then I’d hesitate. Melo is just not a winner.

      • Curt Hays

        Amen. Dollar value of Kelly is too high considering how cheap he is as a rookie.

  • adam

    the knicks are so smart, maybe they would take wallace….. and humphries.

  • Justin

    LeBron James and Paul George were 1st and 2nd Team All-Defence, respectively last season (not to mention both 1st and 3rd All-NBA respectively). The point is valid.

    James and George can both score on, and defend Carmelo without help.

    Carmelo cannot perform the same feat. So whilst players need to switch and rotate when being guarded by LeBron or George, Melo on defence is is a liability.

    Good article.

  • magicjohnson

    Why are you hating on Gerald Wallace? His post-game comments were right on the money. We are all far more interested in his opinion than yours.

    • Chris Jones

      KWAPT posted Wallace quotes in last night’s recap. Was just dropping it here as well for anyone who missed it.

      • eddysamson

        Wait what? What part of:

        “Oh and one more thing: Gerald Wallace is back at it, preaching his know-all to the media. Personally, I’m sick of hearing what he has to say, but if you’re into that sort of thing, here you are:”

        Is “just dropping it here as well for anyone who missed it”

        Get out of here with that BS.

    • Dustin Chapman

      The only reason Wallace’s comments to the media irked anyone is because of his lack of production on the court. I would bet my left testicle (I cannot sacrifice both) that if he was averaging 14 and 7 these very comments would have been praised and gushed over by the same people that whine about them now

  • dk

    I say no. Melo is getting older and I believe is not a smart basketball player. I live in NY and see his game and I say it to my friends who are knicks fans all the time. Yeah the guy can score but he’s not a fundamentally sound and smart basketball player. I would not do this deal and I don’t think NY would either. But can you imagine if it involved Jeff Green and him having to deal with the NY spotlight and pressure.
    I also am getting a little tired on Wallace especially since it seems like he’s always full of opinions but doesn’t really back it up. We know you want to leave we get it.

    • Frank Aziza

      I’m in Bergen county New Jersey, I’ve been saying that Melo needs to be more like Pierce for years. He needs to give the game what it needs. I don’t think he has it in him. So I pass on Carmelo.

  • LA Flake

    I’ll take Jabari Parker over Carmelo Anthony.

    Correction: I’ll take a long shot at getting Jabari Parker over Carmelo Anthony.

  • CFH

    Dear NBA,

    Just suspend Sully already since that’s obviously the only way he’s going to rest that hand.


  • mikebooooooooooo

    I’d say no too. He doesn’t fit on the way celtics play. Celtics play as a team he only knows how to shoot. and yes he defend poorly might as well have green than him. GO C’S!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheKwobes44 .

    the only way i would even consider getting melo is if chandler comes with him to make up for melo’s lack of defense….i think with rondo, bradley, melo, sully, and chandler thats a pretty solid starting 5.

  • TheKwobes44 .

    maybe a humphries, wallace, and green with a future first round pick for melo and chandler. knicks move on from melo and get a nice piece with green and a first round pick to go along w/ an expiring contract of hump and wallace to make hte money work. we get a go to scorer and a defensive center which we need and still keep our core guys of rondo, bradley and sully.

  • Chief_00

    I say no freaking way we even go close to that guy, bitched his way out of Denver and will probably leave NY as well. Is an average defender and will cost too much money. And if we are rebuilding do you want your young guys around a guy like melo. I would be surprised If he ever gets a chip, let him become someone else’s problem.
    And Gerald by the way I have 10 million problems with you that I’m happy to share my opinions over 3 yrs with.

  • Rjd12345

    Hard NO on Melo. While he’s talented as hell, him and CAA destroyed the Knicks’ future (just look at JR. Smith and Jeremy Lin’s departure). I don’t want anybody in green who thinks the team should revolve around him. Let NY deal with that headache.

  • Robert Hodgman

    Even if we did trade for him he’d probably go to LA as soon as his contract was up. He isn’t going to hogtie himself by committing to resigning with the Celts, DA would probably want that guarantee before he traded for him.
    It is going to be almost impossible for the Celtics to get a top 10 player without drafting him.

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  • jason benn

    he needs the right coach to get thru to him if he has a coach that holds him accountable on defense and makes him understand he is on a team i think it could work out surprisngly well. melo is as much a freak as lebron just with a much silkier jumpshot, that said as long as we kept rondo im all for trading for him what other team can take him on and be considered instant contenders, plus this would be the first time he would be on a team that can share the wealth, rondo can get his and will make sure everyone stays involved, melo wont have to just jack up shots cuz he will see bradley back door cutting boom pass and bucket or double teamed and finding the open man or being closely defended and instead of just shoting it passing it down low to sully knowing suly will score as well. melo is better then jeff green yes i just said that, melo can command double teams from the start of the game if the coach deems it necessary, green takes games off way too much melo is a baller who wants to score who is aggresive yes he likes his jumpshot but he attacks the basket as well plus what other superstar could we get that would get calls like melo? i honestly think it would be a good idea and brad stevens would turn melo into the superstar who he always should have been.

    again depending on the package the knicks want im all for it.

  • bill_nair

    I constantly hear the Celtics don’t attract big free agents and than when one is available everyone looks at his shortcomings and wants him no where near the team. Melo could make things worse but i take the risk if we cant get Jabari or Exum in the draft. This team needs a scorer. For what its worth, Paul was never considered a good defender til Kevin came here. Melo is a good defender when people want to consider him one.