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Let’s watch Dwyane Wade take 7 steps without a whistle

Dwyane Wade Commits Horrendous Travel, Doesn't Get Called

Courtesy: Bleacher Report

This move is called a travel every time in my 9 year old’s Jr Biddy league.

Every time.

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  • Mike


  • Curt Hays

    I really hate Dwyane Wade. He should move in with Joey Crawford.

  • Dmitry

    Referee simply choked his wistle

  • eddysamson


  • Chuck Da buck

    And that is why I’m starting to hate the nba I’m now a huge hockey fan I never used to watch hockey but since I started it is by far the best game in terms of officiating and how it’s played there aint a commercial every five minutes and the players actually decide the game. The nba can pick and choose the best players and the best teams and in my opinion they do. Its at a point where I don’t understand how people who follow the game as intensely as I do don’t realize it and how it aint a huge conversation on every sports show it is so blatant it’s disgusting.

  • Danno

    One, two , tree, fo, FIF.

  • jason benn

    you are allowed two steps going into catching the ball from a pass he definetly traveled just wasnt seven steps like 4 but it is a rule on the catch from a pass your allowed two steps as a gather then yes you can pivot and if you want to move you must dribble which he didnt even come close to attempting a dribble.

    • eddysamson

      Well the catch and set anyone in the NBA can get away with thats for sure, its just after he set you clearly watch him just start taking steps. The first step was legit, the next 2 were some of the most blatantly obvious traveling I’ve ever seen.

      • jason benn

        oh absolutely hands down agreed! yeah he pivots out with his foot then picks up his pivot id love to see say bayless even attempt that. this league is so corrupt idc what ppl say about no conspiracy theories and what not if even hell wallace or bass did that they would be whistled by joey crawford so fast and crawford would do the freaking congo line dance to show they traveled. sometimes when a player pivots and picks up the pivot and steps again sometimes sometimes refs honestly dont see it becuase they are focused on something else but that was a blatant oh well its dwade stern said dwade never gets called for travel so we wont say anything. there is no excuse or reason why the shoud have missed that call other then the officials being corrupt like donaghy said they were slash are. i have no doubt that donaghy is telling the truth when he says more refs are in on rigging games then just him. the refs who missed that call should be sent to officiate d league games

  • jason benn

    sorry watching it again maybe like 5 he does a weird lil skip as he catches it into his two steps veteran trick aparently but the two steps as he catches it is allowed anywhere you play

  • RedsLoveChild

    Wade did nothing wrong….UNTIL you get to #6, when he blatantly moved his right pivot foot.

    At #6….the cops should`ve been called in to handcuff D-Wade, escort him off the floor, and read him his Miranda Rights!

  • KGino

    Only in Miami.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Game was played in Portland…12/28/13

  • Brick James

    I hate DWade as much as anyone else, but there’s *only* 5 steps here.

  • adam

    I hate this mother trucker. the stuff he gets away with. I still believe he tripped Rondo on purpose. Anyone looking at it can see he clearly swung his leg around. And the NBA continues to let him get away with dirty plays. I don’t like Kobe anymore but the dude broke his nose on an exhibition game….

    • Frank Aziza

      He took Rondo down game 3 in 2011. Rondo played one handed in game 4 and we went to overtime. Rondo didn’t play the ot.

  • forever_green

    It’s always two steps for the rest of us, seven giant leaps for Miami kind…what bullshit

  • bill_nair

    Its not the first time either. Sure as hell wont be the last.