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Your Morning Dump… Where Avery Bradley is proud of his team and says Rondo is “getting closer”


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

I was proud of how this team handled the trade rumors that were flying around a few weeks ago. Nobody really talked or worried about it. If it happens, then it happens. That’s the other thing about this team that is amazing to me is we had all those rumors but nobody worried about it. We were just coming in every single day and working hard.

In 2014, I’d like to see us work on better habits. I feel that anyone here would say that because individually you want to work on the small things so you can help your team out any way you can. Defense is another area we’ve talked about working on. It’s about getting back to the small things as far as like sticking your hand up to try and get deflections. All the small things like being able to talk to each other on the floor and stuff like that.

Rondo is getting closer to coming back from his knee injury. He will have a big effect on our lineup. Rondo is an amazing player. We all can’t wait for him to get back. He’s going to help us out a lot. It’s great just having him around us. This locker room is filled with lots of guys who like to joke around with one another.

ESPN Boston – Bradley diary: Resolutions & travel tips

Throughout the season, Avery Bradley has been submitting a diary entry via ESPN Boston.  His latest entry highlights something that might not seem like a big deal but it’s something that can destroy a team, especially a young one.  Or in the case of this year’s Celtics, a young cut + pasted team.  AB has reiterated what many players have said throughout the year and a large part of that can be attributed to Brad Stevens.  Sure, there was Gerald Wallace’s early season frustration rants, Courtney Lee and Keith Bogans’ recent lack of playing time rants, and the “spat” between Jeff Green and Brandon Bass.

But guys like Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks could have easily complained outwardly, but from what the public can see, both have been very professional, one being a seasoned veteran suddenly benched for younger guys at his position and the other being a young player caught in a logjam at his position.  But as AB points out, they have stayed together and been a team.  Humphries was patient and when Kelly Olynyk went down, he’s made the most of his increased minutes.  Brooks has accepted a stint to Maine with enthusiasm.  Bass and Green have had their minutes yo-yo-ed and both have had instances where they didn’t even start.

You expect millionaire ball players to act professional, but more often than not it seems like this isn’t the case.  There is a lot to like about this team and AB highlighted one of those aspects.  AB also has said that Rajon Rondo is “getting closer” to returning, and that will make this team even more likable.  From all accounts, everyone on the team is anticipating his return as well.  Many times, rebuilding teams are increasingly frustrating, annoying and painful to watch.  For the most part this team has been anything but that.  As a fan, it’s been refreshing to see that this season.

On Page 2, the C’s may have drafted Dennis Schroder instead of Olynyk

Despite being in the same building on New Year’s Eve when the Celtics hosted the Hawks, Schroder and Rondo did not get a chance to speak.

“I was at the workout here before the draft and [Rondo] wasn’t [in Boston],” Schroder said. “I met only Jason Terry. He was here.”

Doc Rivers was a big fan of Schroder leading up to the draft, and had he remained in Boston, it’s possible the Celtics could have taken the point guard with the 16th overall pick. Instead, they traded up to get Kelly Olynyk at No. 13.

“Coach Rivers, he said he wants me very bad because he said that I play like Rondo,” Schroder said. “Then I heard three days afterwards that he had gone to the Clippers. Everybody treated me well [in Boston] for my workout.”

The Boston Globe – Dennis Schroder being patient with Hawks (Sunday Notes)

So what’s the best way to backup your starting point guard? Make an exact clone of him!  Well, Schroder has a long way to go to get there but that would have been interesting if the C’s drafted him instead.  It’s also funny to see that Doc supposedly loved Schroder because he played like Rondo yet the talking heads will still tel you that Doc hated Rondo.  Of course he’d want to draft another Rondo then!  Either way, it’s always fun to read these stories about how certain players were almost drafted elsewhere.

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    • RedsLoveChild

      Ray “The Trey” Allen : The 3-point king nails another picture-perfect shot!

      • KGino

        I don’t care about the 3… I coulda hit that shot (if you gave me enough tries)! Buck ray allen!

  • vitamin d

    Speaking of better habits, Jeff should work on how he drives to the rim.

    If you haven’t yet, here’s a great in depth analysis of Jeff’s effectiveness when driving:

    • Frank Aziza

      A couple of days ago I posted that Green seems to flip the ball up at the rim on a lot of his drives. He doesn’t seem to concentrate , it’s strange. Now I see someone did a study on him. It’s almost like he doesn’t know where he is or isn’t sure where the basket is. He gets there easily but doesn’t finish enough.

      • vitamin d

        YES I was exactly the same as you! I noticed the strangeness, like yes, he’s aggressive, but the success rate doesn’t show he lives up to all the praisel… Then I came across the article. A lot of the time Jeff doesn’t even come close to finishing.
        He really needs to fix it. You never see Pierce struggling to finish, AND he gets the and-1!