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Source: Courtney Lee to Memphis for Jerryd Bayless

So it looks like this trade is officially going down tomorrow.

Danny Ainge trading Courtney Lee doesn’t come as a surprise, but most assumed it would come in a package deal like the one for Omer Asik. Zach Lowe was on point regarding Boston’s intentions to create cap space. By ridding themselves of Courtney Lee’s contract for the following two seasons, they can clear room out much sooner. Bayless currently makes just over three million, but will become an unrestricted free agent next year. He’s a young point guard, already with five seasons of experience under his belt.

You can check out his stats here, and his game below.


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  • vitamin d

    It’s a great deal for us, but I liked lee and don’t really like change 🙁

  • zippittyay

    I was just starting to really like Lee….

  • KGino

    Good the way bayless plays the celtics he should be on our team lol.

    I expected more from lee in his time here…too little too late I suppose.


    Great Move Danny!

  • CoachAJ

    Liked Courtney but its time to get lower under the cap. Have fun in Memphis.

  • Brad P

    Bayless always lights us up!

    Bye Lee, hope you can get your career back! Ainge, please get rid of Bass next…

  • Roy Sanchez

    We brought in Lee as a piece to go with kg, rondo and truth but didn’t work it. Nice move by Danny open up more space.

  • bill_nair

    SO we can use our trade exemption now if im correct? Not mad at this deal but Bayless seems like the type of player who needs/wants minutes. Cant see him playing much more than what Courtney was getting. But it gives us a more reliable option off the bench which is good. Wonder if this points to Crawford going soon….