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Recap: Celtics play ugly, lose ugly in Chicago

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 2, 2014 Recaps 10 Comments on Recap: Celtics play ugly, lose ugly in Chicago

sullinger blocked by dunleavy

Oscar Wilde once wrote “it is better to be beautiful than to be good. But… it is better to be good than to be ugly.”

The Celtics, tonight, were ugly, and quite far from good

Sure, they kept things close for a while, and they made a nice little run in the last couple of minutes, but there was very little about this game that one could take in, process, and spin into anything overwhelmingly positive.

The Celtics turned the ball over quite a bit (20 turnovers) and shared it very little (15 assists, 6 in the second half).  Though, to be fair, the high volume of missed shots makes it quite difficult to rack up any assists.

These teams combined to shoot about 40%.  So we sat there and watched 60% of the shot attempts miss their mark.  The Celtics somehow made it to 82 points.  Chicago had 94.

The Green: 

I didn’t think Jordan Crawford had a particularly great game, but his stat line made it seem like he was great:  22 points on 7-11 fg, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, and 8-10 from the line.  Maybe it’s just me, but watching that game, this stat line shocks the hell out of me.

Courtney Lee had a stretch in the first half where it looked like he was going to have a big game off the bench.  He shot 3 of 5… though he only took (and made) 1 shot in the second half.

Kris Humphries had another solid game with 9 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

The Gross:

Jeff Green was 5-18 for 11 points.  He barely existed for a large portion of this game.

Kelly Olynyk, fresh off a career game, played less than 8 minutes thanks to some horrible defense early in the game.  It wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t Andrea Bargnani bad, but it wasn’t too far off.

Sullinger’s hand is really bothering him. I’m not sure what the injury REALLY is, but he’s not the same guy out there right now.  If he needs to sit, then he should sit.

Crawford had 5 turnovers.

At one point, Mike F’ing Dunleavy was taking over the game.  He was primarily responsible for the insurmountable second half lead.  MIKE. DUNLEAVY!!

The Greenlights:


The Grid: 

  • Front line vs. front line starters:  Bulls (Deng, Noah, Boozer): 47 points (20-41 fg) – Boston (Green, Bass, Sullinger): 28 points (13-38 fg)
  • Points in the paint: CHI 48 – BOS 36
  • 3 point shooting:  CHI 2-15 (13%) – BOS 2-13 (16.7%)

You guys get the point. This wasn’t fun to watch at all.  The loss move the Celtics out of the 8th seed. Considering the upcoming schedule, it’ll be interesting to see if the Celtics are ever a seed of any sort again this season.

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  • Virginia

    Can someone tell me what Sullinger said to Maxwell while the powers that be and Maxwell decided his foul was flagrant? Maxwell acted like the Bulls were the second coming and the referees were made of gold. The referees are pathetic at best, they make biased calls that a blind person could call better. I am really tired of seeing Stevens never part his lips as horrendous call after horrendous call is made. When is he going to see that the team needs a coach who has their back and when refs make stupid calls the coach has to get the point across. I haven’t seen him speaking up for his team and that may be contributing to the poor morale.

    • Step

      You must don’t watch the games, because Stevens has gotten on to the refs plenty of times (the most notable was when they played Knicks in NY..Tommy thought Stevens was gonna pop)..he even did so tonight and you could loudly hear him

      • Virginia

        I do watch the game, as a matter of fact, I haven’t missed a game since Byrd played. I have come to the conclusion that the refs don’t mind making really stupid calls to just see if Stevens will ever say anything.

        • Step

          The refs are the refs and that’s not going to change ever.At the beginning of the game the C’s were getting the benefit of the doubt with some of the calls and Thibs was was going crazy.

        • Jon

          Stevens got pretty pissed tonight with the 8 second violation. I am still confident in his coaching ability. I am more upset with Jeff Green’s play than anything. The stats look fine, pretty efficient scoring and shooting but his game just doesn’t seem aggressive enough (I know I’m preaching to the choir).

  • Chuck Da buck

    Man I wish we had a point guard that can get into the paint with ease and throw passes on a dime to cutters so this team could finally get some easy buckets.

  • RedsLoveChild

    If the Celts can lose to NO tomorrow—very likely as NO would like a win before traveling to IND and MIA—we could easily be in the midst of witnessing a 1-13 Celtic stretch.

    That puts us right back in the all-important “lottery race”…even before Ainge puts a wrecking ball to the roster at the trading deadline!!!

  • EricKrasnauskas

    Crawford is one of those players that can have a great stat line but still play a lousy game.

    He made awful decisions at every turn tonight, and when he was on the floor the offense was stagnant. Sometimes a lot of his “bad decision” shots go in and his line in the box score makes him look good, but make no mistake that his play had a lot to do with how ugly this loss was tonight.

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