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It was Rondo’s idea to go to Maine


Danny Ainge shed some light on the Rajon Rondo’s upcoming rehab stint with the Maine Red Claws:

“He’s just looking for opportunities. About 10 days ago he was looking for the guys in the office to get their gear on and play 5-on-5. There’s not enough practice time; there have been 5-on-5 practice but we’re not playing like it’s a game,” said Ainge. “He’s anxious to practice and to play. It was his idea to go practice with the Red Claws and possibly play with them at some point. But those are still in discussion. I’m not sure when he would do that, but that’s probably the next step.”

Rondo was cleared to return to practice in late December, but with a busy schedule and a trip out West looming for Boston, there are few opportunities for the team to actually take the court for a full practice.

Ainge said there is still no target date for Rondo’s return from the ACL injury that ended his 2012-13 season last January.

“We’d like to get him a couple of real tests and a real good practice,” said Ainge. “Rajon is very sensitive to not being a detriment to his team, and coming back and playing without really playing. I think he wants to get some of the rust off and not hurt his team when he gets back.”

Rondo must really want to ball because no one likes to visit Maine in the dead of winter. I only go in the summer… for lobster and clams.

There’s still a lot we don’t know. Like when Rondo will play in Maine and when he’ll play for the Celtics.

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  • Robert Hodgman

    Hahaha, he looks like Doc in that pic. The posture is unmistakable!

    • chuckmckenney

      Changed the photo on you. I have too much time on my hands.

      • Robert Hodgman

        It’s ok. I like this one better!

  • eddysamson

    I saw he’s traveling with the team on their road trip, though, how is he supposed to get ANY conditioning done on a trip like that, whats the point of him going?