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Recap: C’s blow another lead, end 2013 with a disappointing loss.


This was a generally sloppy game, which is to be expected when you play at 1 p.m. in a freezing cold gym.

Both teams came out cold, but he Celtics were able to capitalize on Atlanta’s sloppiness to take a first quarter lead.  They tried to blow the game open in the second quarter, but because they’re the Celtics, they summarily blew the 18 point lead they built to go into halftime only up 5.

The lead stayed at 5 after an even 3rd quarter.  It looked for a while that the Celtics bench, which played great for most of the game, would power the C’s past the Hawks, but they gave back all of their gains as well, leaving Brad Stevens no choice but to go back to his starters.  They couldn’t do much of anything either, and the Hawks rode a 20-8 run over the last 6:28 to win 92-91.

The Green:

Kelly Olynyk had a career high 21 points off the bench. He shot 8 of 11, including 3-5 from 3.  He tacked on 5 assists and 4 rebounds in his best game as a Celtic.

Kris Humphries had 18 points and 10 rebounds for yet another solid performance.

I liked the way Phil Pressey ran the second unit today.  Totally in control. Yes, he’s got physical limitations, but he’s capable of spot minutes in the NBA.  With the right matchups, he can contribute.

The Gross:

The starters had a rough day:

Jeff Green looked like he was going to put together a nice game, but he disappeared.  He played 6 minutes in the 3rd quarter and none in the 4th.

Bass was also benched in the 4th.  There is some chatter that Bass and Green got into it on the bench at one point.  I wonder if that had anything to do with their 4th quarter DNP’s.

Jared Sullinger was ALSO a 4th qtr. DNP, but he aggravated a left wrist injury.  He was on his way to a big rebounding game (he still had 10 in 19 minutes), but he fell hard on that wrist at the end of the 2nd and he was yanked after 6 minutes in the 3rd.  Stevens said after the game, though, that the hand had nothing to do with him sitting.

Jordan Crawford was OFF tonight.  He was “bad” Jordan for a large portion of the game, taking forced or ill-timed shots.  He missed three shots in the final 30 seconds to finish the day 20% from the field (3-15).

Paul Millsap had 34 points and 15 rebounds, both season-highs.

The Greenlights:

Jeff Green finishes the break with the slam

Brandon Bass with the 2-way play… a block on one end, and finish on the other

Courtney Lee plays the passing lane, gets the steal, and goes in for the dunk

Pressey with the beautiful feed to Olynyk

The Grid:

  • ATL:  33-91 fg (36.3%), 5-29 3pt (17.2%)
  • BOS:  35-84 fg (41.7%), 5-20 3pt (25%)
  • No Celtics starter hit double figure scoring

Happy New Year

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  • bill_nair

    No Vitor. Again. I really hope Brad doesn’t fall in love with small lineups like Doc. We’ll see once we get a starting center. Glad KO had a breakout game. Let’s see if this game gives him a little more confidence in his shot moving forward. Sully needs the ball more in the post. No reason he can’t be this teams leading scorer.

    • Jester00

      It was not small KO 7’0 Hump 6’10 they lost cause Jordan the Chucker made a return

    • Alex Costa

      Maybe because Humphries was having a good game…

  • Robert Hodgman

    Green, Bass, and Sully sitting out the entire fourth quarter is the sole reason they lost this game. I guess proving a point is more important than the W. I don’t necessarily disagree, but what is the point Brad.

    • Alex Costa

      Sitting out Green and Bass was the right call because those two were painful to watch. They just stood around, didn’t move at all, useless when starting the second half. Sully was the only mistake. He was rebounding like a boss.

      As for Crawford, what an idiot. Seriously… his ill-advised shots are stupid, even when they go in. I hate watching this guy play sometimes. He’ll look amazing one game, but then Bad Crawford comes to play and you see him bouncing the ball for 12 seconds, not doing a lick of ANYTHING. God…

      • Rjd12345

        Sully was just as bad. He was letting Millsap score at will. Hump was the only one that could make it difficult for him.

      • Probably stood around because Jordan wasn’t moving the ball. But keep on acting like the guys who shot 40%+ in the starting lineup are the problem.

        Brad is a nice guy. Just not positive he knows what he’s doing for sure yet.

        • Celticsfanatic

          Someone’s a Jeff Green homer…

          Poor ball movement is normally a legitimate excuse for poor off-ball movement, but a) you don’t have to be getting passed to to cut, pick, etc. b) JG has a history of fading from the game, Was this a result of Crawford’s passing or JG’s passiveness? I’m gonna say the latter.

      • Chuck Da buck

        Jeff green was playing better than any other starter he didnt deserve what happened if he was smart he would got to the media and complain then he’d play forty a night it seems like Stevens started playing hump lee and Wallace as soon as they complain but picks on the players who keep there mouths shut.

  • vitamin d

    I hope Brad benching Jeff lets him know he has to continuously earn minutes. Previous seasons, past performances, or talent is not buying time on the court.

    • I hope Brad benching Jeff (and Bass and Sully) shows him that’s a very bad idea when your guards are a combined 5/25.

  • Jester00

    Game should have been won ride what got you there Lee, KO, Hump, Pressey, and any one not named crawford or green!!!! and when did some tell Bass he had a back to the basket game?

  • RedsLoveChild

    This is exactly the type of loss the Celtics can “build” on.

    Losing a 4th quarter lead at home…4 losses in 5 games…a very difficult January awaits…discord brewing on the bench…only the Bucks/Jazz seem out of the lottery reach.

    Embrace the suck…Good times!!

  • You said JG disappeared like it was his fault lol. Didn’t he make a shot before he got pulled

  • eddysamson

    Crawford has been terrible ‘Bad’ Crawford ever since he was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Him getting that title was the worst thing that could ever happen to him.

  • Rjd12345

    If Pressey only had a jumper… He manages the 2nd unit so well, but he needs to be at least somewhat of a scoring threat. Crawford lost us this game, plain and simple. I HATE him playing hero ball. He went back to his Washington days this game and it was horrible to watch. I really like Stevens sticking to his guns and letting the bench finish the game. It was the exact opposite of what Doc Rivers would’ve done. He proved to his players that they need to earn their minutes every game, and stuck with his guns. People got to see the potential of Olynyk tonight, and it was awesome. Have a happy new year everyone!!

  • forever_green

    DA should have already made a trade…now value is going down.

  • James

    I was at the game. JG was slowly walking to get a ball, after the play was blown dead, to inbounds it in our backcourt. Brandon Bass was running to the other end, expecting something upbeat and quick to start the play. He yelled something along the lines of “COME ON, JEFF, LETS GO” and JG still took his time. They then got into some argument on the bench, causing Brad Stevens, an assistant, and even Keith Bogans to come between them to calm Jeff Green down. Brandon Bass was sitting throughout the argument. JG remained standing for a while.

  • Rod Shaftwell

    Surprise surprise another slew of ridiculous calls and sloppy play leading to another blown lead. Seriously why do these horseshit calls almost never happen to the opposing team?