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Your Morning Dump… Where Kris Humphries gets his due

humphries vs cleveland

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Humphries is one of the hardest workers on the Celtics. When his playing time was limited at the start of the season, the 10th-year veteran would hop on a treadmill after games to simulate what he had missed on the court.

When rookie Kelly Olynyk sprained his right ankle in late November, it opened up a door for Humphries, who has carved out a role as one of Boston’s key bigs over the past 16 games.

[…] Maybe it’s because of his limited on-court role, but Humphries’ numbers are practically staggering. He’s second on the team in plus/minus at plus-39 (Jared Sullinger is the only regular in the positive at plus-76). By making Humphries the first big off the bench on Saturday, coach Brad Stevens essentially had the two passing the (undersized) center baton to each other.

For the season, the Celtics own a team-best offensive rating of 106.3 when Humphries is on the floor. That number dives to 97.4 when he’s off. Humphries owns a defensive rating of 101.7 (nearly a half point below Boston’s season average of 102.1) and his plus-4.6 net rating is best on the team.

If that’s not enough, Humphries tops the team in defensive rebound percentage (23.1) and total rebound percentage (16.4). His ability to consistently put a body on other bigs and allow guards to help out on the glass has drastically improved Boston’s team rebounding this month.

ESPN Boston: Kris Humphries working it

Kris Humphries was heading for a quiet Saturday. The Cleveland Cavaliers were in town, and the matchups had the Celtics coaches preparing to use Vitor Faverani more among the large people in reserve.

But then it was learned that Andrew Bynum had angered his bosses to the point where he was denied an all-expenses-paid trip to Boston and suspended indefinitely.

So Humphries was the first player off the bench and provided 10 points, three rebounds and an assist in 17 minutes of a three-point win. He was needed and he was ready.

“High level of professionalism,” coach Brad Stevens said. “HIGH level.”

[…] “You go home and people ask you about guys, and what I told them about Kris is that he’s as professional as you can be,” Stevens said. “He handles not playing, and he’s a positive teammate. We’ve got a lot of those guys, but he’s certainly a great example.”

Herald: Kris Humphries puts in work

One of the problems when you have, probably 13 or 14 guys out of 15 who deserve minutes is that there’s no time in a basketball game to give 13 or 14 guys the minutes they probably deserve.

Each position gets 48 minutes a game.  That’s 240 combined minutes that will be played.  Divide that by 14 and there’s 17 minutes per player to go around.

That just doesn’t work.  Some guys need 30+ minutes out there.  Some younger guys need playing time so they can develop.  Some guys need to be on the floor due to the matchups the other team presents.

The math adds up to give us one of life’s harshest lessons:  You don’t always get what you feel you deserve.

I hate to break it to some of you millenials who might be reading.  The “everybody gets a trophy” culture in which you’ve been raised is a lie… a parental overreaction to not getting their own trophies as kids.  In the real world, you can be good at something and not get the job you want, or get on the project you want to be on at work, or the promotion and raise you swore were yours.

In the real world, a guy like Kris Humphries sits and watches a new coach on a young team make certain decisions with which he doesn’t agree.  What does he do?

He doesn’t bitch and moan.  He doesn’t storm out of the building.

If he gets a DNP, then he’s on a treadmill running the minutes he would have played.  If it’s practice, he’s running extra at the end to push himself to be ready.

Which leads us to another of life’s lessons, but this is a good one:  You make your own luck.

When you don’t get something you think you deserve, what do you do?  Pout?  Bitch about it on Twitter?  Go on a yolo-fueled booze-filled overreaction weekend?

Kris Humphries doesn’t. All that ass-busting paid off when Kelly Olynyk turned his ankle.  All that hard work paid off because Humphries was prepared to take advantage of the situation presented to him.  And now he’s back in the mix.

Sure, he’ll get fewer minutes some games because of the matchups.  But he’s proven to Brad Stevens that he is capable of executing the plan whenever he’s called upon.  I’m sure Stevens is thrilled to have the focus shift to a guy who is getting his minutes through hard work and proper preparation (mental and physical).

So we’re happy to give Kris Humphries his due.  The guy deserves it.  I’m sure it’ll really pay off when he’s traded to a contender in February.

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  • bill_nair

    “… a parental overreaction to not getting their own trophies as kids” I think its unfair to blame the “millenials” when this is the main issue. But i digress.

    Kris is also getting 12mill this year to sit on the bench. Not sure many people in life would complain about that, even if they did want more minutes.

    If he wasnt making so much he would be easier to move. Theres about 12 playoff contenders who could use a guy like Kris.

  • Chuck Da buck

    I like humphries but vitor needs to get more minutes I believe vitor could easily be a double double guy in thirty minutes a game. Stevens needs to realize he’s just learning the nba game and not take him out every mistake he makes cause the refs pick on him wen he never plays. For a rookie vitor is definately playing good and he’s never going to get better playing six minutes a night hopefully Stevens hasn’t already killed his confidence but it seems he did at the beginning of the year when vitor was playing twenty minutes or so a game he was one of the more confident and vocal players on the court. He is signed for three years and the way he started the season he was on pace for rookie of the year and out of nowhere Stevens stops playing him. If he continued to play him I think vitor would still be the talk of all rookies and I think there would be no discussion on trying to trade for Asik because we have a more talented center whos younger and more skilled sitting on our bench. I like hump but he’s gone after this year and vitor is here for three no one expected vitor to be that good but the way he started the year stevens should ave continued to let him inure the game out he would have only got better but instead he’s stunting his growth for no reason.

    • KGino

      He’d foul out half the time if he played 30 mpg. His defense is not ready to handle those kind of minutes in my opinion

      • Chuck Da buck

        He was actually a good defender when he was getting minutes now the refs call touch fouls on him. I don’t think he should get that much time every night but when the other team has legit seven footer and guards that penetrate he should be in there when he plays against smaller guys he gets burned but against bigger centers he’s our best defender and when he was playing a lot at the beginning he wasn’t fouling out he was almost blocking four shots a game that is something we need seeing how since he hasn’t been playing we get dominated in the paint. He’s only had two bad games every other time he gets played good things happen and the bad games he’s had are when Stevens plays him against smaller and quicker power forwards. I just think over the past few weeks the bass sullinger combo is the reason we been losing there is no threat to penetrating guards I understand against small teams but u can’t start two 6 8 power forwards and expect to win against bigger teams that have guards who feast on our lack of rim protection.

  • jason benn

    stevens should have lee and kris in a room together and kris show lee how you deal with not liking the minutes you get!

  • zippittyay

    The underlying story here, which no one yet seems prepared to write, is what a disappointment Olynyk has been so far this year. I don’t want to rag on him too much because I am pulling for him to show what I thought he could be but it is getting harder and harder to ignore the actual results of his play. His team play is very good, his individual defense and one on one offense is just horrendous thus far. I’m still waiting for him to hit 2 or three jump shots in a row just to show he can.

    • Chuck Da buck

      He’s lost confidence since the injury he was just starting to play good when he took the starting center spot from bass then he gets injured and Stevens for some reason doesn’t want to change up the starting line up any more even though he should against certain teams. I hate when coaches do that look at pop he changes his lineups all the time. I think I saw something that said olynyk has only hit nine jump shots the whole year. That is definately a confidence issue cause in college and summer league he was very efficient.

  • vitamin d

    I swear he’s got the most reliable jumpshot; he always makes it lol