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Stevens: Rajon Rondo could rehab in Maine

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 30, 2013 Injuries, Rajon Rondo 11 Comments on Stevens: Rajon Rondo could rehab in Maine

This is a new rule included in the new collective bargaining agreement.  If a veteran consents to being sent to the D-League, he can be assigned to the affiliate in a circumstance like this so he can get some game action in as he completes his rehab.

This concept is nothing new in sports, obviously.  Major leaguers often work through the minor leagues to get some game action in before returning to the big club.  The difference here is that there’s a lot more contact in basketball, thus more opportunity for a younger, overly eager player looking to make a name for himself causing further injury to your rehabbing star.

But who knows… maybe you fans in Portland can pack the arena like fans in Pawtucket do when a big name is down for a rehab assignment.  It’d be an amazing treat for fans who have supported the Red Claws.  It’d also be the first time a big star has come back using this route for rehab.  So let’s see if Rondo makes history here.

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  • vitamin d

    Go Rondo!! I think he should do it.

  • Frank Aziza

    Great idea, he can’t worry about hurting it. Game action is game action.

  • Robert Hodgman

    Ugh! No way! This would be a disaster if he did hurt himself. If he plays and everything is fine it really doesn’t make that much difference so the risk FAR outweighs the reward here.
    Yes, it would be cool to go to a Redclaws game and see Rondo tearing it up, but really, so what.

    • Alex Costa

      The whole point of the D League is for DEVELOPMENT of basketball players. Injured MLB players regularly play in the AAA league to get back to their normal shape. NBA players, including superstars, should use the D League the same way… or you will become the next D. ROSE.

  • Christopher Jones

    Think he’d travel with the team or just play up there? I’d love it if he came down to Dallas.

  • Jake Gruber

    Considering the fact that the celtics are not looking to win this year and are in no rush for rondo to come back, and that it doesn’t matter if he comes back in full stride (they aren’t making a title run), I’m not really sure I see the benefit of this over him just playing limited minutes with his real team and easing him back.

  • elgirrl

    Well, I was all for him doing it, if that’s what he feels will help him, until I thought about that scenario mentioned in the article about him getting injured by an overly eager young player in the D league, and that is a bit scary… But then again, at this point, it’s possible that he or anyone can get injured even during a practice with their own teammates, so I will remain anxious, but just support whichever way he wants to go to get back to the same level that he was at previously.

  • Dejuan Chalk

    2 trades should be done while Rondo is in Maine. Humphries to Cleveland for Bynum and Wallace & 1st round pick to Detroit for Smith.

    • Alex Costa

      What is up with people and their stupid trades. This isnt a video game… you need to give pieces to the other team that will make the trade fair. Use your head.

  • Jester00

    I like it

  • bill_nair

    Good idea. I don’t see how it would be much of a concern if he gets injured in Maine. Theres more of a chance he could get injured in practice, in an NBA game, walking down the stairs. Let him torch the Dleague for a couple games then bring him back at full strength.