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Celtics linked to rumors involving Andrew Bynum


Andrew Bynum has been suspended indefinitely by the Cavaliers for conduct detrimental to the team. The talented 7-footer has as many mental and emotional issues as he does physical problems.

The Cavs are now trying to trade Bynum, a move that will be near impossible now that he’s been suspended. The likeliest scenario involves Cleveland waiving Bynum before January 7th, the date his $6 million contract becomes guaranteed.


I can’t imagine the Celtics trading for Bynum with any intent of him playing a minute in green. The guys at Cavs blog, Fear the Sword, run with the Simmons’ speculation:

The Cavaliers have been connected with Jeff Green already this season, but there is no way that Bynum alone gets a trade done. My proposal on the Cavaliers’ behalf would be something like Green and Courtney Lee for Bynum and one of the first round picks. Green is obviously valuable. Lee is overpaid at $5.3 million for the next three seasons, but he’s still a useful bench guard that can shoot and play defense. The Cavs can turn around and move him if need be to get max cap room next season. The Celtics can get that contract off of their cap sheet, release Bynum, and save about $36 million over the next three seasons (Green has 3 years left at about $9 million per). They’d also pick up a valuable draft pick for the future. This would totally depend on how committed they are to making the playoffs this season. I don’t hate that trade for either team, I just don’t love it for the Celtics.

Interesting… the Celtics would shave $14 million in salary per year over the next three years and net a 1st round draft pick. I guess this depends on how Danny Ainge values Jeff Green.

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  • Nathan

    How valuable is cap space to the celtics exactly?

    • King Curtis

      Depends on the availability of big names, really.

      Right now there’s no rush. It’d be nice to get some salary off the books but it doesn’t matter.

      Even the monstrosity that is Crash’s contract doesn’t matter if there’s no big name we want. It’ll be valuable as an expiring in a couple years.

    • Rjd12345

      Celts have never signed a big name free agent. All our stars have come through trade or drafts. That’s why I never understand why people are so worried about cap space. Assets are what we want and what we have a good amount of. Here’s a detailed account:


  • Dejuan Chalk

    Ainge better go after Bynum right now because Pat Riley will get him if he`s waived and Miami will 3 Peat.

    • eddysamson

      Maybe if you could combine the health of Oden + Bynum’s knees.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Keep searching, Danny A.

        The “perfect big man”…..has Greg Oden`s knees + Andrew Bynum`s maturity/leadership skills!

  • MrCuret

    Where’s the sense on that? It’s a good deal for the C’s but why would Cleveland take Lee, Green & give a first rd pick, when they can just let Bynum go & either sign a FA for much less or just draft one. Those lucky bastards are probably going to win the lottery again next summer.

    • chuckmckenney

      Because they like Lee and Green. They have enough young players and place less value on draft picks… I guess.

      • MrCuret

        Don’t get me wrong, I like the deal for the Celtics, I just don’t see the Cavs committing to long term contracts & giving a 1st rd pick when they can have $12 mil of the books next summer, especially with the rumor that they’re planning on going after Lebron in FA, even though it seems unlikely they’ll get him back. If anything they’d trade Bynum for Humphries expiring contract.

        • Roy Sanchez

          Completely agree just doesn’t make sense for cavs to take on that salary. I’d still rather we move green for someone that will help now and in the future

    • Mencius

      Yeah, I can’t see Cleveland taking on 44M over three years for Green/Lee *and* give up a first for the privilege? No chance.

      • MrCuret

        Agree! I think there’s no chance the Cavs would go with that deal. Besides, if the plan is to move Green, I’d say send him & Lee to Houston for Asik, at least he’d help the team.

        • Suarez

          You guys are either undervaluing Green and Lee or overvaluing Bynum’s expiring contract. There’s no way the Celtics would do this deal without getting a good draft pick with it.

          • Rjd12345

            Agree. In no way are the Celtics trying to “get out” of Green’s contract. Wallace on the other hand….

    • wildrover4

      Cavs fans here, I think it would depend on which first we were talking about. The Cavs have protected 1st round picks from Sacramento and Memphis.

      As for us being lucky: How would you like to win the lottery in the worst draft in 20 years? As an Irish-American, I’d say that’s Irish luck.

      • Andy

        You also won it in the best draft ever. Just sayin.

  • Rich Jensen

    This is my ‘back of the envelope’ sketch on why the Celtics would be interested, and also why I think this deal is a long-shot:

    – Celtics trade for Bynum (maybe they send out Humphries, maybe it’s a 3 team deal, who knows?)

    – Celtics cut Bynum

    – Celtics now have ~$8M in cap space and a $10M trade exception.

    – Celtics can now take on a max contract player if they send out Wallace or Humphries (assuming he wasn’t sent to Cleveland), or some other combination of players totaling about $10M in salary.

    The problem with this scenario is that there are too many moving parts, and AFAIK, no teams with max-level players are looking to dump them for cabbage and salary relief.

    But under this scenario at least, you can see why the Celtics would be interested.

  • zippittyay

    I’d maybe give them Wallace and Bogarts. Not a penny more for that hunk of junk.

    • KGino

      No don’t give them Xander!

    • Tds1993


  • Frank Aziza

    Rebuilding sucks!!!

  • forever_green

    Bynum has fallen off so fast, he was a big part of the Lakers success.

    How come the Nets want no part of him?

  • Duke

    what do you guys think about Green?

  • jason benn


  • Chief_00

    Just my opinion but I don’t want this guy anywhere near this team, no matter how much he can save us in dollars.
    We want guys for the future that are going to be productive and also I would prefer the roster spot to a young guy who actually wants to play in the NBA.

  • mariamakiling

    Wallace and Humhpries the best for trade for salary of more than 10 M and !2 M and include GM Danny for the team

  • bill_nair

    Its not a bad plan if Danny is committed to tanking and using the trade exemption. As long as he cuts Bynum right away that is. I dont want him stepping into the Garden as a member of the Cs.