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Bradley, Rondo & more video from Celtics-Cavs

Jay has video of Jarrett Jack’s cheap shot on Olynyk and some bonus video of Rondo’s rehab/recovery. We’ve also got Avery Bradley’s highlight vid courtesy of RD6. Enjoy them all below:

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  • eddysamson

    First video was removed.

  • Dejuan Chalk

    Wallace to Cleveland for Bynum by this week quickly B4 Miami get him. Trade Humphries & Brooks to Detroit for J.Smith to keep Rondo happy. Trade Bogans and Lee to Sacramento for Thornton & Fredette.

    • Duke


    • bill_nair

      Good thing your not the GM.

    • Frank Aziza

      Hey Chalk? Really?

  • jason benn

    his jump shot looks benedict allenesque dare i say his shooting arm is super straight his elbow isnt out and he looks like he finally stop shooting it off his shoulder. his form looks realllyyyyy nice cant wait to see people go under screens and him average like 20 a game just on those shots

    • wil

      he wont average 20 with those jumpshots alone, he still needs to work on his dribbling so he can effectively use his athleticism in offense. he should play above the rim since he has really nice hops. that way he wont get blocked so often

      • jason benn

        20 pts thats ten jumpshots a game he definetly gets way more then 10 open looks at a jumper all day long and he stil has a career average of 11.5 pts a game and thats all without a definable jumpshot he will easily average twenty with a mix of what he had already and a jumpshot not just a jumpshot i was just saying based on how much teams USED TO go under screens on him if they continue to treat him that way now consistently he will make them pay. especially now i dont see him playing above the rim no matter how much confidence he has in his knee im sure it will always. be in the back of his mind so i definetly see him relying more on this jumpshot now more then ever to extend his career and not turn in to d rose…..Too soon? lol