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Your Morning Dump… Where Sully got a new glove for Christmas


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It’s been bothering me since the Charlotte game, so I just decided to finally wear something because there’s a deep bone bruise and a couple sprained ligaments in my left hand,” said Sullinger. “But I’ll be all right.”

Coach Brad Stevens likewise downplayed the presence of the glove, noting it’s “nothing new. I think they just tried some contraption to try something new.”

Sullinger said the injury isn’t a big issue.

“It’s just when you hit it in the right spot,” said Sullinger. “Other than that, I’m fine.”

Sullinger is averaging 14.1 points and 7.1 rebounds over 26.7 minutes per game in his sophomore season. He has been Boston’s most consistent two-way player, reflected by being a team-best plus-75 in plus/minus (even more staggering considering Kris Humphries is next closest at plus-37, while starting frontcourt mate Brandon Bass is minus-100 for the year).

ESPN Boston

This doesn’t appear to be a serious injury, but anytime your best player is hindered there is concern. That glove could serve as a giant target for opposing players preparing to hack away.

Sullinger isn’t the only one knicked up. Avery Bradley banged knees with Gerald Wallace (no surprise) during a workout on Thursday. Bradley returned to practice on Friday and should be ready today (1pm vs Cavs). AB will need full lateral movement if he’s going to be effective chasing around Kyrie Irving.

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On Page 2, Tommy and Steez are best buddies

“I definitely listen up and open my ears to him,” Crawford told “He gives me information that doesn’t even deal with basketball; career moves after basketball and he also talks about the game.”

“With a guy like Crawford, ‘Great job. You’re really doing a hell of a job running this team,'” Heinsohn recalls telling him. “‘You’ve made your mark.'”

Heinsohn added, “all I did primarily was compliment him, reinforce what he’s doing well.”

And those words have resonated with Crawford.

“He’s a legend,” Crawford said. “He’s been part of every championship here. Just to have him want to talk to me like that, it’s exciting.”


Jordan Crawford continues to do all the right things. He could very easily tune-out the old timer, but instead he’s become a sponge.

I smell a new reality show; Steez and Tommy.

Let’s throw Crawford into Tommy’s guest room for the summer and watch the hijinks.

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  • KGino

    Can we get a “I…Love…CRAWFORD!” One time Tommy. It even kinda rhymes with Walter

  • Duke

    ugh USA Today links are just so not worthy of this blog

  • jason benn

    ????????? what is that garbage from usa today since when is rondo and melo close friends???????????? melo has never been at one of rondos events, its always kg perk, bradley even marquis daniels never melo so where do they get melo is rondos close friend this crap with the knicks is just getting more dumb every minute

    • tvor03

      They’re both graduates of Oak Hill Academy. They didn’t play together there, but it’s not uncommon for alumni to return and play pickup with current students.

      • jason benn

        that doesnt mean it makes them close friends especially when rondo elbows melo in the face and so on, thats make there more friends by association big difference between that and a close friend, that being said i had no idea melo went to oak hill thanks for that so i wouldnt be put off by the idea of melo in boston at the same time i would be though

  • jason benn

    melos wife taste like honey nut cheerios

  • KGino

    Part 3: Where Brook Lopez and Al Horford are out for the year and that’s some damn good news for the C’s.

  • wil

    Jordan Crawford craves attention but in a good way. He is a good kid when you handle him correctly.