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Reds Army presents Fan Friday #49: “Lebron is a Bitch”


This week’s featured fan is Samantha from Portland, Maine. But you may know her as the “Lebron is a Bitch” girl. That’s because she showed-up at a Rajon Rondo signing wearing a shirt emblazoned with that phrase. Rondo pointed at the shirt in a picture, and the rest is history. It’s a fantastic pic that went viral and has been seen by thousands of C’s fans on Twitter. And Sam holds nothing back when it comes to her disdain for all things Lebron. One glance at her Twitter timeline is all you need to see:

But there’s a lot more to Sam than her “dislike” for Lebron James. She’s a die-hard Celtics fan. As she put it, she was “born a Celtics fan”:

As clichéd as this sounds, I was born a Celtics fan. My Nana (my moms mother) was a huge celtics fan, more specifically a Larry Bird fan. I have memories of watching games at 4 years old while wearing a little celtics cheerleader uniform. My nana died the day before my 5th birthday and she was buried in her Celtics warm up suit, as requested. So when I say the Celtics are more than a basketball team to me, I mean it. They’re a part of who I am and I couldn’t be prouder to represent them.

Sam is far from shy about her feelings for Rajon Rondo either. There are quite a few Rondo fans that I follow on Twitter. She is easily among the top supporters of #9. But as far as all-time fave Celts go, she’s torn between Truth & Russell:

This is tough.. The Celtics have so many greats. I think Bill Russell and Paul Pierce are my favorites. Bill Russell wasn’t just a basketball player. He was a civil rights activist too and he stood up for what he believed in. I admire his strength and he defines Celtic pride. Paul Pierce. Oh boy, what can I say. He is the truth. He is the epitome of what a Celtic is. I cried the day he was traded. He stayed through our worst days and I adore him and always will no matter where he is.

image (2)

As far as favorite Celtics moment of all-time, Sam lists the 131-92 walloping we gave the Lakers in Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals. She says that not only was it special for the players, but also for all the fans that suffered through some absolutely unbearable years:

Once again a clichéd answer but it would be 2008 when we won banner 17. It was just a life changing moment for Celtics fans that went through years of tough, tough times. It was needed and deserved; but not only for the players and organization, I felt like I won that day too. I’ll always remember where I was, what I was doing and who I was with when that game 6 clock ran out.

I haven’t had the pleasure of running into Sam at the Garden yet, but I can truly say her passion for the team is second to none. Whether it’s defending the C’s against trolls on Twitter, or giving support from courtside at TD Garden, Sam definitely bleeds green. These are her thoughts on why the C’s are so important to her:

As I stated, they’re not just an NBA team. They’re a part of my life. If someone asked me to describe myself I would include being a Celtics fan in my characteristics. I will love them until the day I die. I’ll continue spending all my extra money on tickets and I will continue to rep them for my nana. People don’t understand that “Celtics Pride” is real. Green runs deep. It’s true. My kids will be Celtics fans. They really have no choice 😉


I want to thank Sam for participating in Fan Friday, and be sure to follow her on Twitter for all things Celtics. (and all things anti-Queen James) Oh and if you’re reading this Rajon, give her a follow will ya’? Thanks. And thank you all for reading and Happy Holidays! -KWAPT

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  • Justin

    Great to see you on Fan Friday Sam. Much deserving. Nice to read a bit more about you that I wasn’t aware of. Love your words on Bill Russell. You are like our Rajon Rondo & Celtics Twitter Guardian! Great read again by Reds Army.

  • Chuck Da buck

    Samantha from portland is perfect.

  • Pat

    She’s right, Lebron is a bitch! Talented, but a bitch! Nice article though.

  • Roy Sanchez

    Love the shirt I have it myself. People always look at me funny when I wear it but it’s true. You need to talk to my gf Samantha to make my gf a bigger celts fan