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Vine: Doc Rivers is slightly miffed at Ryan Hollins

Via Warriors World

NSFW if your boss can read lips.

This can’t be the first time a coach has yelled “What the F are you doing?” to Ryan Hollins.  It’s got to be his nickname at this point, right?  Ryan “what the F are you doing?” Hollins?

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  • vitamin d

    Lol Doc, settle

  • Lance

    The LAC/GSW was the best game of the X-Mas day. At least that is my opinion.

    • Alex Costa

      Until Blake Griffin got ejected. God, the NBA has gotten soft.

      • Raoul

        NBA just confirmed this morning that they were indeed too soft

  • Luke Walton

    Remember, this is the most talented team Doc has ever coached. He really means it.

  • Thatguy

    Glad to see Doc enjoying his time in L.A.

  • Raoul

    This is a good look into why players are receiving Stevens’ so well. Respect is one thing, but trust is another. Trust can never be achieved when you can’t trust your coach/boss/manager to be the only composed person in a mess.

    I get many players/people need this type of feedback at times, but it never ever results into them improving; and if they do improve, it’s only for a moment and that moment ends once the fear of your coach fades. Trust is what gets you to play for your coach and I think over the years players were only able to trust that Doc would be hard on them and bench them as a results of mistakes..

    He probably never found a silver-lining for negative things, like Stevens’ tries to.

    • Raoul

      What do you guys think he’s saying at the end? I think he’s yelling “Yo Hollins! Yo Hollins!” like stop avoiding me.