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Your Morning Dump..Where The Celtics Will Enjoy A Holiday Break

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 The schedule-makers did few favors for the Boston Celtics over the first two months of the 2013-14 season. They threw the team a bone at Christmas time.

For the first time in six seasons, the Celtics will not be part of the NBA’s jam-packed Christmas Day slate and instead are enjoying a rare five-day holiday break.

Chris Forsberg-Celtics Will Enjoy Holiday Break

1I don’t know about you guys/gals, but for me, Christmas over the past 6 or so years has meant scheduling my day around the C’s game. Sure, that may sound selfish to some, but my family had become accustomed to me generally meeting up with them before or after Boston’s Christmas Day game. Unless of course we decided to watch together, which did happen on occasion. Well, for the first time in a long time, C’s fans will not be able to enjoy watching their beloved team on Christmas Day.

I must say it’s quite ironic that Boston finally gets a full five days off, now that vets like Pierce & Garnett, (more on them below) who really could have benefited from the extended layoff, are gone. Not to mention it was always quite an honor to be one of the teams Stern and company chose to include on the holiday schedule. But the current roster of C’s really do not seem too concerned about being left off the Xmas schedule. Coach Stevens thinks it will be a good chance for his guys to remember what the “real reason” behind December 25th is.

First-year Celtics coach Brad Stevens said the break is a chance “to sit back and reflect on how fortunate we are and how lucky we are to do what we do. The chance to compete and coach and play together, to me, it’s another season and a reason to be thankful.

“I certainly would love for the Celtics to be playing on Christmas Day, but I don’t think anybody in [the Celtics organization] is going to mind being with their family and taking the day for the real reason of why we’re doing it and spending time together.”

As a fan, I could personally take it or leave it. But for some of the players, like vet journeyman Gerald Wallace, this will be the first time in a decade or more that they have spent Christmas Day with their families. I can only imagine would it must be like year after year, spending Christmas dinner at a hotel and not being able to see your children/family members open gifts. But I guess it’s just part of “the grind”. Still, you’d better believe Crash will be happy to see some of his family on Christmas morning for the first time in 17 years.

Gerald Wallace is back in his native Alabama, somewhere he hasn’t spent Christmas since he was a 17-year-old senior at Childersburg High School. Five NBA teams (Sacramento, Charlotte, Portland, Brooklyn, Boston), a total of 839 games (between college and the pros), four children (Daryn, Malliyah, Mya and Kennedy) and what must feel like a lifetime later, the 31-year-old Wallace finally has the chance to head home for the holidays.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Wallace said. “I haven’t been home in a while, and I get to see family and friends around the holidays, spend time with my kids. I’m going to enjoy it.”

Page 2: Pierce, Nets continue to spiral downward

When the Brooklyn Nets added Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry & Andrei Kirlenko over the summer, expectations for the team were at an all-time high. Well after yet another loss, another possible injury and some very concerning postgame comments from Jason Kidd, there is very little holiday cheer in Brooklyn.

The Nets were pummeled by the Indiana Pacers last night, 103-86, in a game where Paul Pierce was ejected for this flagrant two foul on George Hill:

Brooklyn was booed by the home crowd last night, and both Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett left the arena without talking to the media. As (obviously) a fan of both Truth & Ticket, it pains me to see them have to go through this. However, as Celtics fans all know, these are two guys that both have been through quite a bit of adversity in their careers. If anyone can find some way to pull this team together, it’s Pierce & Garnett. The injury bug has been extremely unkind to the Nets, completely compounding matters. Once Brooklyn gets healthy, don’t be surprised to see them start to turn things around. But I’m not convinced that Jason Kidd is the right guy to coach this team. I personally think he jumped into the head coaching job much too quickly. I think he’d have been better off starting as an assistant to a more experienced coach, and gradually working his way up the ranks. Time will tell.

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  • Chuck Da buck

    Anyone else see that jeff green didnt like Stevenson show boating? It’s funny cause after the game I’m pretty sure I remember seeing jeff laughing and hugging him. He needs to show some toughness. I believe that are team has a lot of tough players but over the past few weeks they haven’t shown any emotions. They need there swagger back.

  • CFH

    I hate to see the NY media skewering PP & KG. The Nets have problems (understatement), but PP/KG “mourning Boston” isn’t one of them. They deserve so much better.

    • Dan

      But that’s typical of New York media. Blame the big name stars when things aren’t going according to plan. They, the media, ignore that fact that the hiring of a rookie coach was a bad idea. That’s poor judgement on Nets execs to hire Kidd, with no coaching experience to coach a vet team with a 1, 2yr window.

      Now that the Nets ship is sinking, KG and PP are the scapegoats because they’re the accomplished veteran superstars that’s suppose to fix everything. When in reality that wasn’t the deal.

      • CFH

        Absolutely it’s typical, not least since the guy who came out with “stop mourning Boston, the Nets are paying you” was Harvey Araton, who has all but made a career of hating on the Celtics. I’m sure he threw up in his mouth the day Pierce went to Brooklyn.

        They don’t deserve PP and KG. But we knew that already.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Last night, KG & PP were a combined 3-for-17 {.176%}. For the season, they`re shooting a combined .389%. They are 36, 37 years old.

    Where are all the “Celtic Savants” who, well under a year ago, would “cane” anyone on this blog that called for DA to trade both of them ASAP?

    • Lance

      Red can u ever just shut your mouth! You yap like a bitch. lol

      • RedsLoveChild

        LOL…not a problem…cane away!

        Danny Ainge committed grand larceny….I`m just grateful he was able to find a sucker in Brooklyn!

        • Roy Boy

          You got issues Red’s. Something is truly wrong with you. Danny didn’t sucker Brooklyn. Billy King is simply an idiot. Most GM’s would not of traded away three 1st Rd picks for aging players.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Fine…I`m grateful Danny “suckered an idiot” in Brooklyn!

            Is that better?

          • Roy boy


    • vitamin d

      I still love em and would take them back right now

  • Rich Jensen

    Oh good grief, Kidd. It’s not that they’re getting accustomed to losing. They’re getting accustomed to being coached by a guy who is ill-prepared for the job, who shouldn’t be a coach, who wanted all of the glamor and attention and recognition that goes with being a coach without the slightest qualification for the job. Some guy who figures his attitude coupled with over a decade’s worth of experience being told what to do entitles him to tell people what to do.

    Jason, they’re not getting used to losing, they’re getting used to being led by a walking, talking, drink spilling example of the Peter principle.

  • Dan

    Celtics looking like clear winners of that Nets/Celts trade more than anything. As far as the Nets struggles. I think the Nets struggles are deeper than just KG/PP. It’s easy for media and fans to point fingers, but they’re(KG,PP) not mostly to blame for the Nets recent struggles. The reality is the Nets were poorly constructed of injury prone players, aging superstars and a rookie head-coach.

    Either Bill King is truly dumb or just detached from reality. King took a huge risk by acquiring Garnett and Pierce. Both are aging superstars in the their mid-to-late 30’s, on the decline. We all saw KG/PP struggle to find their offense in last year’s playoffs especially without the crafty Rajon Rondo. So are u telling me that Nets execs didn’t see KG/PP decline? Give me a break!

    Nets execs go caught up in names instead of building a roster of needed pieces. Billy King has always had an obsession with Pierce and Garnett. King was trying to acquire Pierce and Garnett for years. Well he got what he asked for. It’s just that Danny Ainge and Celtics were able to get more out of KG/PP than what the Nets are getting now. Neither of those two wanted to be in BK. Garnett had to be convinced by Pierce to waive his no trade clause. That should of given Nets execs a hint.

    A smart NBA GM would not giving up value picks for aging superstars, especially first round draft picks! As much as I love and respect Garnett and Pierce, no away I’m giving up 1st Rd picks for two aging stars. What Billy King did made no sense what so ever. In today’s NBA, draft picks are more valuable than ever. So those that are looking to blame KG/PP need point fingers at Nets management.

  • Khan

    I get it so because the Nets stink as a team and organization it’s only right to blame Garnett/Pierce? I guess if you’re the big name stars u get the blame. Sadly that’s how it is in sports, but especially with the New York media and fans. So it’s KG/PP fault for hiring a rookie coach in Jason Kidd?

    So It’s KG/PP fault that Deron, Brook, Terry and Kirilenko can’t stay healthy?

    So It’s KG/PP fault that they’re on the decline aging (36,37) superstars that are basically 4th/5th option scorers?

    So It’s KG/PP fault that Billy King gambled 1st RD draft picks away on 3 aging (Terry, Pierce, Garnett) players?

    So it’s KG/PP fault that they never wanted to be in BK, but Nets execs ignored them anyway?

    So it’s KG/PP fault that guys like Deron, Joe, Blatche and Brook are mentally weak players.

    Blame KG/PP for hiring a rookie coach?

    Truly unbelievable the world of sports.

    • KWAPT

      Yep-that’s how it works, especially in NYC. I saw tweet after tweet of NY media folk basically saying exactly what you just did. Sad reality.

      • Roy Boy

        I think Pierce truly regrets asking Garnett to waive his no trade clause. Bill Simmons said last week on his podcast that Pierce feels miserable, because he’s not in Boston and Kidd’s awful coaching. Simmons is a lot of things, but I believe those rumors to be true.

        Can’t believe I’m saying this, but as great as Garnett and Pierce are, they’re better off being traded. The Nets are not for KG and PP. New York isn’t for KG and PP. It’s why a lot of big name FA’s stay away from NY market.

  • Malloy

    Watching the Lakers struggle the way they did last season and now the Nets struggling this season shows that creating super-teams doesn’t translate into instant success. You don’t bunch talent and big names together, and expect to storm out the gate. Sadly that is what the Nets are currently dealing with.

    Within the past 6 years too many teams have been caught up with the Celtics/Heat Big 3 craze/blue print. Just because it worked for those two teams doesn’t mean it will work for others. What worked for the Celtics (2008-12), or currently working for the Heat (2010-13) might not work for the entire. Understand that the league isn’t full of franchise talent like Garnett, Kobe, Duncan, James, Pierce, Wade, Bosh, Allen, Durant, Westbrook, Gasol, Dirk, Nash, Parker or Ginobili.

    The Celtics had their success with Pierce, Garnett and Allen. The Spurs have their success with Duncan, Parker and Giniobili. The Heat have their success with Wade, James and Bosh. The Thunder have their success with Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka. So what works for those teams I listed might not work for a Melo-Knicks or Paul’s Clippers.

    The Nets struggles go way beyond Garnett and Pierce. Using KG/PP as scapegoats is lame, but typical especially coming from the New York media and fans. The New York media is a circus, they usually tend oversensationalize current events or sports stories. Garnett and Pierce weren’t expected to be 1st,2nd,3rd option players, but glorified role players.

    The Nets roster was poorly constructed by Nets executives. Nets GM Billy King didn’t have to gut the entire roster and didn’t need to fire PJ Carlisimo. King wanted to go for the big splash. He recruited names instead of what the Nets really needed. Billy King for years has tried to acquirie Garnett and Pierce, before Danny Ainge was GM. But fortunately for the Celtics, they got everything out of KG/PP. The Nets now have way past prime KG/PP. I recall Garnett and Pierce not wanting to go to BK, but Ainge was adamant on moving Pierce.

    Billy King was irresponsbale was gambling draft picks on aging superstars. We all watched the 2013 playoffs and saw how KG and PP struggled to create offense especially without Rajon Rondo. You telling me Nets execs didn’t take KG, PP age or possible decline into consideration? Billy King makes another mistake hiring Kidd as head coach. The Nets clearly have a short window to compete so why not hire an experienced coach? Epic fail on King’s end.

    The Nets have flaws that’s evident. They’re injury prone with a rookie coach with no coaching experience. One can see the Nets defensive and offensive schemes are flawed, but that’s expected when the entire Nets coaching staff has no coaching experience. As much as I like Deron, Joe and Brook, they don’t strike me as players mentally tough enough to lead a contending team. I honestly believe Garnett and Pierce misread those guys.

    Now that Brook Lopez is done for the season I think the Nets should consider trades. Without Lopez I can’t see the Nets competing with Miami or Indiana. With Lopez they had a shot, but now it’s an uphill battle without him. Asking an older KG and Pierce to carry the Nets isn’t realistic. Pierce and Garnett are no longer 1st option players, but more like 4th and 5th options.

    I know I’ve written too much, but I needed to vent about the Nets struggles. I feel like Garnett and Pierce are being falsley blamed. The only reason KG/PP are in BK, because of Deron and Brook. Fingers should be pointed at Deron Williams for his constant injuries and inconsistent play. Fingers need to be pointed at Jason Kidd for his coaching inexperience. All fingers need to be pointed at Nets GM Billy King for stupidly hiring Kidd and trading away draft picks for aging superstars.

  • Chief_00

    I would like to wish my fellow celtics fans a happy and safe holidays.
    May you enjoy spending time with your family and friends.
    Also drink and be merry (and if that doesn’t work just drink).
    Go celtics

  • ShawnCVD

    Um…I just want to point out it’s been 14 years for Crash, not 17. The story states since he was 17, now 31 … Regardless that’s a heck of a long time to be away from home on the holidays. Merry Christmas RA staff + readers.

  • Frank Aziza

    Why are the Lakers on Christmas Day this year?

  • CoachAJ

    For Christmas, I would have loved to get a healthy Rondo back and a determined to prove everyone wrong Asik, without giving up Bass. But we will see what Danny Claus has for us before February, right. Go Celtics(all the way from LA).