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Source: Celtics still talking Asik trade with Houston


Via Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

The Rockets let their self-imposed deadline to trade center Omer Asik pass, but Boston is still having trade discussions in hopes of landing him, a source said.

I’m hoping Danny Ainge keeps the (alleged) original offer on the table; Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and the Clippers 2015 1st round draft pick.

This latest rumor has me thinking it make take a while before Rockets GM Daryl Morey accepts the market for Asik:

According to a league source, the Rockets had preliminary talks with the Nets last week about Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin. Talks never gained any steam, but the source said the Rockets were doing their due diligence and Williams’ name came up. The Nets balked because one of the main reasons Pierce and Garnett agreed to a trade to Brooklyn was to play with Williams, according to the source. Williams, who signed a five-year, $98 million extension in 2012, was playing well upon returning from an ankle injury, and the Nets were looking better.

While it can’t hurt to ask, this is such a silly request. FWIW – This discussion reportedly took place before Brook Lopez’s season ending foot injury.

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  • Brad

    Daryl Morey is a good GM, but he’s lost his mind with this one. Bass, Lee, & a late 1st rounder is as good as he’s going to get for Asik.

  • Rich Jensen

    Asik and Lin for D-Will—–not even Billy King is that dumb. Or is he?

    Makes sense for the C’s and Rockets to keep talking. Pacers game clearly illustrated why C’s need Asik, and Houston needs an upgrade at PF.

    • Jo

      It’s bad enough King gambled away draft picks for aging superstars that wanted nothing to do with BK, but to trade Deron Williams for Lin and Asik? C’mon. LOL

    • Robert Hodgman

      Deron Williams may be the biggest locker room cancer in the NBA, but I agree, that deal is just rediculous.

  • eddysamson

    I also saw a Jeff Green for Varejao trade rumor today.

    • chuckmckenney

      Where’s the link, bro?

    • Chuck Da buck

      As bad as jeff greens been playing that is an awful move we already have enough power forwards the only way they deal green is if they get another three and a center. The only moves ainge will make is guard and power forwards we have so many it ruins the flow of the game cause Steve’s don’t want to hurt feelings except vitors. I hate how bass gets favored and thn Courtney lee complains and Stevens plays him more. That’s one thing I dont like about Stevens he tries please everyone and a lot of times it hurts the team. The starters have been starting out great but he don’t put them in the game again till there’s five minutes left in the second quarter. It kills there flow.

    • Robert Hodgman

      Well Danny has to do something before these guys play themselves out of being tradable. Crawford, Green, Lee, and Bass all looked like nice assets a week ago. Now they look like hot garbage.
      I just can’t see DA happy with this being the team throughout the whole season. You can’t justify missing out on this incredible draft just to end the season with an unbalanced and below average roster.
      Personally I don’t care if they get way better with the next move, or way worse, but they CAN’T stay like this. Not this year, when contending teams are plundering tanking teams in trades, and tanking teams are setting themselves up VERY well for the future in this once-in-decade draft.
      This team is starting to look like the definition of “treadmill”.

  • Luke Walton

    week off. perfect to get ‘er done

  • RedsLoveChild

    DA should NOT include the 2015 Clipper pick.

    One year is plenty of time for the “Clipper Curse” to return and cripple CP3 or Blake with a major injury, then you`ll wish you had never given it to Houston.

    If Houston insists on the pick…screw `em!

    • Rich Jensen

      Trade the worst of the Clips/C’s pick in 2015, then.

  • MrCuret

    After being manhandled by Detroit & Washington, & the beating they took from the Pacers last night, I’m sure they probably want him now more than ever. I’d say just give them Green & Lee, they’d be short handed at SF for the rest of the season but in the summer can go after Hayward. Bass would be on an expiring contract next season anyways so he’ll be easier to move.

    • tvor03

      Hayward will be a restricted FA next year. Utah will match whatever offer anyone gives him.

      • MrCuret

        Not necessarily, Utah and Hayward couldn’t agree on a contract extension before the deadline bc he was asking for a contract similar to what Derrick Favors got (47 mil), so they might be hesitant to match depending on the price.

      • Chuck Da buck

        We should draft stauskus from Michigan he reminds me of Hayward and he’s probably more athletic and a better shooter he should still be there n the late first. I think he’s gonna be a steal.

    • Roy Sanchez

      No doubt we need size and need it soon. As much as I’d hate to say it, maybe green is the one that should go with lee

      • MrCuret

        With all the talent that Green has, it has been disappointing watching him play lately. He looks like he’s not even trying. As much as I like him, I think he should be the one to go, especially if it’s for Asik.

  • Robert Hodgman

    You know, Morey seems to be pulling every trick in the book to try to add value to Asik. I think this latest rumor is just another trick by him to attach DWill’s name and create the illusion that this is what Asik should bring.
    That conversation was probably him calling and offering that crap deal and then getting laughed off the phone. But he turns around and says, “Oh, look at the type of talent that’s being linked to my guy!”
    This guy is sly like a fox, but I hope he has to chew his leg off to get out of this trap.

    • Rich Jensen

      If this is Morey’s way of drumming up interest, it’s a total, total failure.

      If I’m Danny Ainge, and I see this rumor, I *know* that it’s crap. Why? Because Morey takes that deal in a *heartbeat*. It wouldn’t *be* a rumor. It’d be a done deal thirty seconds before whoever got the leak posted it to twitter. King says, “hey, we’ll trade D-Will for Asik and Lin straight up”, Morey’s not going to say, “Well, we want to get a draft pick too. Can you send us whatever you haven’t traded to Atlanta, Portland or Boston?” He’s going to have a heart attack and then his assistant is going to get on the phone and take the deal.

  • jason benn

    we all knew the trade wasnt dead, great now donny marshall is gonna have more to say about his sources that arent sources and how rondo will be traded…..i still like the trade if thats what is offered lee needs to go after that bs in the media although id hate to trade him to a contending team now he doesnt deserve it besides if he goes to houston does he think he will get more time behind bev lin and harden at the guard spots

  • Justin

    I don’t see Morey having the upper hand in regards to any Asik deal. The Rockets can’t win playing Howard & Asik together.

    While Asik clearly doesn’t want to be a bench player, his value will depreciate the longer he remains a #2 option.

    Morey surely knows this, and is doing his best bluffing. The Rockets need to move Asik for the betterment of their team.

    ‘Time is money’.

  • Jake Gruber

    Don’t you think they are Asiking for too much?

  • adam

    I think most Celtic fans knew this trade wasn’t done, even though Houston said it was. Real question is, is there any credibility to these rumors?