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Recap: Bah humbug

KWAPT (@KWAPT) December 22, 2013 Celtics News, Gametime, Recaps 15 Comments on Recap: Bah humbug

Boston Celtics  v Indiana PacersNot as big a first quarter start as we’ve become accustomed to, but Boston was only down 20-17 after 1Q tonight in Indiana. Avery Bradley was hot early, (again) putting in 9 points in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Celtics started to look more like a team that was on the second night of a back-to-back. But it was more than that. The Pacers started to push, but Boston did not push back. As Tommy Heinsohn noted on CSNNE’s halftime show, the C’s pace was set to “slow”, and Indy was walking all over them. The Pacers scored more than half of their points in the paint (28) and Roy Hibbert’s 13 points led all scorers at the half. It was 52-37 at halftime, and Boston would need a much better effort going forward if they wanted a chance to upset Indiana.

Indiana blew things wide-open in the second half, and the Celtics would never make this a game again. Pacers win big tonight, 106-79 over the C’s. Avery Bradley led the Celts with 13, Courtney Lee had 11 and Paul George’s 24 points (18 in the 3rd Q) led all scorers. Boston is now off until Saturday 12/28 when they face the Cavs back in Boston. Granted, the Pacers are a very talented team, but I expected the C’s to put up more of a fight than they did. After the game, Jeff Green told the media that the C’s would “see them again”, replying to a question about Lance Stephenson showboating pelvic thrusting during the blow out.

After the loss, Rajon Rondo addressed the media, saying that a January return was not realistic:


The Green:

  • Their were no injuries for the Celtics tonight

The Gross: 

  • Celts committed 16 turnovers, were sloppy and looked disinterested at times. Saw a lot of  “hero ball” and just a slow, predictable pace
  • Boston shot 32 of 84 (38%) from the floor and had 16 assists on 32 makes
  • Pacers scored 50 points in the paint and had their way down low all night

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Celts were out rebounded 53-41
  • Pacers attempted 22 free-throws to Boston’s 13

Box score

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  • Chuck Da buck

    What an awful game they didnt even compete. Humphries was the only guy that showed anything when Stevenson was acting like a douche if rondo was on the floor he woulda beat the snot outta him. I was a huge jeff green supporter but I’m starting to hate him he is way to relaxed. He lets too much stuff go on the court he’s one of those players whos friends with all his competition and u can see it when he plays. He’s out there joking around while there getting there asses kicked. Thn after the game it’s hugs for all. Rondo is going to be all over Him when he’s back. Those are your enemies he needs to realize that. Jeff green was suppose to have a break out year I hope he looks at Paul George and understands that at the beginning of the year people had jeff in the same conversation as being breakout stars this season.

    • forever_green

      That’s the problem, Jeff is always “supposed” to do something.

      Hes reached his ceiling.

      • Chuck Da buck

        He hasn’t reached it he just dont care about winning. The nba sucks though jeff gets no calls just like Paul George didnt get many last year but now u can’t touch the guy. The refs could pick any player in the league and make him a superstar. Look at all the stuff the pacers get away with on defense all because there reputation. That’s is why the nba is rigged there should be no reputation every team and player should be officiated the same. Seriously if the refs gave jeff calls he could shoot ten free throws a game and average twenty. It’s disgusting to watch the league pick n choose who they want to be successful.

        • Jake Gruber

          Though you are right about the NBA giving calls in favor of its stars, I’d say its inaccurate to say that this is what holds Jeff Green back from being a star. In my opinion, he truly has reached his ceiling. Green is a 16-17 ppg guy at his best, who is a good 3rd or 4th option on a contender.

          • Chuck Da buck

            It’s not what holds him back I was just getting sick of the nba and the way they pick and choose who thy want to be stars. I have always loved the nba but its awful how the refs control the games they can pick an team in the whole league and make them win. They should not ply favorites because they want someone to stay a superstar or give teams unfair advantages cause there reputation.

          • Chuck Da buck

            I was saying that green hasn’t hit his ceiling because his talent is so high if he put the effort in he’d be a top ten player. I just don’t think he will ever get to reach it cause the way he acts he’s too nice. There will be stretches in games when he dont touch the ball and he jut sits back if he played with passion he would be a great defender and shot blocker. I hate watching him sit at the three point line he could have five offensive boards a gam if h grew some balls.

          • Robert Hodgman

            I agree. I cannot understand why he is allowed to just stand there 5 or 6 feet behind the three point line and lazily just watch the other 4 guys try to score??? He does this so often and it is so glaring that I don’t know why somebody (a coach) at some point hasn’t said to him…”Look Jeff, every time I see you standing there watching I am going to pull you.”
            Move the ball then move yourself!! Why is this so hard for him to get??? And why isn’t anyone FORCING him to do it???

          • Chuck Da buck

            I know u would think someone would be like jeff what the hell are u doing. I was saying to my brother lastnight if I ever see this kid I’m telling him myself. I don’t understand it either the coaches have to see it.

          • Chuck Da buck

            Imagine if he could move without the ball like avery. He should get three lobs a game off cuts alone I don understand why they don’t teach him.

  • forever_green

    Sounds like Rajon isn’t coming back soon, that’s more disappointing news than the loss.

  • Chuck Da buck

    How many times a game do u see sully and vitor jump straight up and get fouls called against them? Then hibbert does the exact same thing even worse a lot of the time and never gets a whistle cause his reputation. It’s disgusting to witness.

  • swissflix

    If we had gotten Asik. Whaddayathink. Would the outcome have been different?

  • love how when we go on losing streaks it’s always Jeff’s fault. lol. 6 pts 2 reb from one starter, 6 pts 3 rebounds from another (your front line) 9 pts 0 reb and 2 assists from your starting PG, 13pts and 0 assists from your SG…yep…sounds like a recipe success. BUT IT’S ALL JEFF GREEN’S FAULT!

    • Chuck Da buck

      I never blame jeff I always have is back but the last few games he hasn’t been competing. If his shots not falling that’s fine but u got to play d. Paul George is a great player but he didnt even try hard but to let Trevor Ariza dominate you on both ends of the floor is unacceptable he should destroy him every night.

      • over the last 3 games he’s been a disappointment. Fortunately the season isn’t over. Also, over a span of 15 or so games he averaged 20ppg. So…with a 3 game sample size, we’re going to go nuts? People want to trade him? *sigh* ok guys