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Your Morning Dump… Where Wyc’s not trading Rondo

“I talked to Wyc Grousbeck, the owner, and one thing he said in a small conference to me was ‘I’m am not trading Rondo.’

You remember when one of the Presidents said before ‘no new taxes,’ well he said the same thing, ‘I am not trading Rondo.’ So I’m gonna stick with that until he gets traded.”

Cedric Maxwell on CSNNE Sports Tonight

I’m going quote Jay in an email conversation about this story:

It’s funny, Donny Marshall can toss out something foolish and it gets tons of attention, yet Max says the OWNER told him he’s not trading him and you hear nothing.

Is Maxwell going to be on a bunch of talk shows today? Probably not.  Yet he’s the guy who talked to a specific person in power, the freakin’ owner, who told him “I am not trading Rondo.”

Yet Marshall, an ANALYST, not a reporter, says something vague according to “I don’t like to say sources, but people I’ve talked to” about Rondo being moved and it’s suddenly sparked a days-long rumor parade.

This isn’t to say I’m vehemently against trading Rondo.  If the right deal came along that made sense, you have to consider it.  You’d have to with anyone.  What I’m against is the validation of vague bullshit by the local media despite the fact that many much more credible sources denounced it.

To answer the question raised by Felger in the video…. should the Celtics trade Rondo?  Only if someone makes them an offer they can’t refuse.

The Celtics should not trade Rondo because he makes the team “too good” and jeopardizes any tanking efforts.  You tread too deep into the unknown with that kind of move and you’re laying too much of your paycheck on the roulette table when you do something like that.  If Rondo over 30 years old, it might be a different story.  But if he’s willing to stay (which he and his agent have sworn that he is) and the Celtics are willing to pay, then there’s no reason to trade him in this scenario.

One final note: It’s obvious Felger doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t care about reality because it’s clear to just about everyone that Rondo is fully invested in this team right now.  He’s been on the bench just about every game, working with guys, coaching guys, and working with Brad Stevens.

If this was any other player besides Rondo, these radio talk show hacks would be verbally fellating him on his involvement with the team.  But because it’s Rondo, and they’ve deemed him a problem, it’s dismissed.

Give the guy some credit:  He didn’t stubbornly rush back from his injury, he’s saying and doing all the right things, and he and Brad Stevens have gotten along better than even the most ardent optimist could imagine.   He has embraced his role on this team and, so far, has been everything the team could hope for.

On Page 2:  Brad Stevens’ next big challenge

Both Lee and Bass are pros and didn’t let rumors about a possible swap impact their play the other night during a visit from Detroit. The two showed up at the Celtics’ offday holiday event at a local hospital on Thursday with smiles on their faces as any chance of a deal evaporated. Being able to keep players focused on the larger team goal even when their individual names bubble in trade rumors is an encouraging sign for Stevens. Maybe those two will operate with a chip on their shoulders for a bit. Ultimately, all Boston can do now is remain focused on the future.

ESPN Boston:  For C’s, little changes after Asik flirtation

Brad Stevens faces a number of daily challenges in his transition from college to NBA coach.  This is the latest one:  how do you deal with guys who have been so obviously offered in a trade that has failed.

Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee were, by all accounts, offered in what is being characterized as the best deal Houston had on their plate.  When they go out to team events, things like this happen:

A hospital worker told Lee he was happy to see him still with the Celtics after both he and Bass had swirled in trade rumors with the Houston Rockets. Lee just smiled wide and nodded his head while returning to interact with the patients.

Trades are nothing new for these guys, and they seem to be handling it well.  Players understand that no one plays for one team forever anymore.  But it’s still Stevens’ next big challenge.  It’s one he’s never had to face before.   How do you keep an overachieving team together when it’s so clear that some guys in that locker room probably won’t be there in March?

Good luck, Brad.

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  • CFH

    Original Recipe President George Bush DID kinda sorta raise taxes after the “read my lips, no new taxes.” Clinton had a field day with it during the 1992 campaign.

    It’s a sign Rondo’s getting traded!

    • Frank Aziza

      Bush was begged by democrats in congress to raise taxes. The pinhead listened to them, then they turned around and called him a liar for raising them.

  • Chuck Da buck

    I can’t wait for rondo to get healthy I really feel he’s going to have MVP like numbers. If he’s 100% healthy I believe we are a contender people forget how good he is I hate when they act like he can’t shoot he has one of the best mid range shots in the league. I think his three point percentage is bad cause he dont take enough of them but under Stevens he will. The way Stevens has this offense set up its built for rondo look at Crawford in this offense he has the ball all the time.

  • Evan Murphy

    I’m happy danny didn’t budge and let go of the ’14 pick. Also I think Lee and Bass are classy guys so I’m happy to see them stay

    • Curt Hays

      I really don’t want to give up Lee for Asik. Bass, sure. We need Lee.

      • Buddy_Hinton

        We don’t need Lee

        • Curt Hays

          Need might be too strong of a word.

          However, losing him takes away a fine player with a good shot, and it leaves us with Phil Pressey, Jordan Crawford, and Marshon Brooks. Two of those are point guards. Lee is more proven (in the past and this season) at his position than Pressey or Brooks.

  • Frank Aziza

    You were on the money with Rondo…. The media hates the kid because he treats most of them like idiots. He looks at them like they have no basketball IQ at all. That’s why the press will not give him credit. They called him a coach killer. He’s had one coach his entire career.

    • CFH

      This is 100% true.

      I do wonder if, with Rondo’s stated goal of becoming a coach and his new role as Face of the Franchise, he’ll find a way to hide his disdain for (most of) the media more and more as he gets older. Not because (most of) the media particularly deserve for him to go out of his way for them, but because media perception can trickle down to things like officiating.

      (“Everyone knows Player X is a jerk! Of course he committed that flagrant on purpose! Suspend him for a year!” versus “Player Y? You know Player Y! He’s a smart guy and a nice guy. He would never, never have meant to do that. Don’t suspend him.” And of course “Coach Z wouldn’t have complained about the officiating unless it really was awful… You have to love a Coach Z team, they do tings the right way.”)

      • Frank Aziza

        That’s true. Refs are human and it could influence a call on Rondo. Human nature.

      • Tommy_Heinsohn

        If Rondo becomes a coach I could see him acting like Belichick with the media lol

  • bill_nair

    I hope the media and fans who want rondo gone so bad get their wish. I hope this franchise is than stuck in years of mediocrity with out any star player. Its unbelievable how ungrateful the “fan base” is towards our players. Rondo is a winner. Hes passionate and hes a leader. He may be a knucklehead and lack some on court skills. But this man has the intangibles to be the guy from a leadership standpoint. Funny how no one seems to talk about that. Id trade him if the right deal came across but its going to be hard to find a guy with the sort of tenacity and passion Rondo does towards the game.

  • Step

    Donny can’t name his source yet his message spread like wild fire across the internet. Cedric names his direct source, which happens to be Wyc and it’s passed over.The reason is because that’s not a good story. The Boston media, specifically, would love to hear that there’s friction with Rondo and Brad,the team, and that he’s being disgruntle. There’s been no such report. The rapport that he has with the coaches on the bench and team is noticeable, yet they won’t talk about that.

  • RedsLoveChild

    People continue to misquote the first George Bush.
    What he REALLY said was : “Know new taxes”.

    Don`t be concerned about what people say…be very concerned about what people fail to say when they had the opportunity to say it.

    Wyc said : “I am not trading Rondo”.

    Wyc NEVER said : “Even though I am not trading Rondo, I cannot speak for our GM {DA}, who is paid handsomely to absorb the organizational heat when a popular player is traded away”.

    Bottom Line : Rondo is 100% gone

  • Curt Hays

    Wait a minute…there are Rondo haters? Rondo haters who aren’t on teams he destroyed? How? I guess Frank Aziza has a point. But they don’t hate Popovich, so I don’t get it. I think they hate him because his greatness isn’t like Jordan or Iverson.
    He is unique, and uniquely great. They must hate that.

  • KGino

    The fact that I heard it from Donny Marshall held exactly ZERO WEIGHT with me. That guy is a joke.

    I cannot wait for Rondo to come back… It’ll be very interesting to see how much he elevates everyone else’s game, especially since BS already has most of them playing at a higher level than Doc did. I just imagine more open shots for everyone, and I imagine the bigs will have more impact in the paint. Rondo will make Faverani look like Shaq out there, you watch.

    • Curt Hays

      Rondo even made 40 year old Shaq look like 30 year old Shaq. Can’t wait for these guys to get after it. Can you imagine Rondo on the court with a 7-foot Point Guard playing Center (Kelly)? And then there’s Sully. Damn I can’t wait.

      • KGino

        All these years Curt of everyone saying rondo needed the big 3 to get his assists… I’m starting to think it was the other way around. KG shooting a ridiculously low % this year, pierce hasn’t found his rythym yet… Makes you wonder.

        But I agree, bigs will profit the most from his return. Easier baskets for Sully for sure (looking forward to him being rondos new pick and pop partner like KG was)…but Kelly and rondo??…you better have your hands ready!!

        • Curt Hays

          You…I like what you say. Haha.

        • bill_nair

          I think it became evident the past few years the big 3 relied on Rondo as much as he relied on them. Hell look at how KG and PP are playing this year. They needed him the past few season and now Deron to be like Rondo more than ever.

        • Frank Aziza

          I think it was a combination of both but Rondo has been our best player since 2010

      • Frank Aziza

        Yeah, that team with Shaq was championship bound. Between the injuries and the perk trade that year it didn’t work out. But I love the Perk trade at the current time.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The first George Bush is still being misquoted.
    What he really said was : “Know new taxes”.

    Wyc might have said : “I am not trading Rondo”.
    However, he NEVER said he would stand in the way of Ainge trading Rondo!

    • bill_nair

      I know your one of the ones who want to trade rondo and i understand why. Im curious what type of deal you would take for Rondo? Would that rumored kings deal from earlier this week get the deal done for you? (just curious cause that is a trade i would have most likely made and im against trading Rondo for now.)

      • RedsLoveChild

        Rondo wants to get paid….he has 1 year left on his contract…several top PG`s are making $5-$10M more per year than him…he will be a total bitch to re-sign…he stubbornly believes he`s a max contract athlete.

        Last year, Boston improved their winning % after Rondo was injured…they have greatly exceeded expectations this year again w/o Rondo…it`s obvious that Boston`s success is not “Rondo-dependent”.

        Ainge`s “plan” is getting pummeled! He wants to see Boston win 20 games and get a Top 3 pick…not to see Boston win 33 games and get stuck with the 12th pick. Stevens was a great hire, perhaps a little too great.

        Prediction : If Boston fails to get a Top 3-5 pick on their own…Ainge will trade their two first round picks AND Rondo in hopes of getting such a pick.

        • wil

          lol still acting like you know every thing.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Not “acting”

          • wil

            you should write for bleacher report, you’ll fit right in

  • jason benn

    finally! we all know if there is a good deal passed along that returns another star player in return and other pieces, no matter the player management will consider it. that being said they know there is no one available that equals rondos just idk rondoness, you cant get fair value for rondo unless its a massive deal like either three teams or like five players or something , however his contract is such where the players that would be able to be traded for rondo or could be contract wise, there isnt much around that would make us all go ooooo ahhhhh good idea. good to hear the owner say as well ainge has already said it also, besides you get better value for expiring contracts which rondo is next year , it would be foolish to trade him now it simply makes no sense at all.

  • Jake Gruber

    Why would someone discuss the celtics NOT trading someone? That doesn’t really make sense. That’s probably why you don’t hear anything. People don’t wake up and start talking about the grass being green, but if it was rumored that it might turn blue, people would probably start talking.