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Your Morning Dump… Where the 1st round draft pick is holding up the Asik to Boston trade


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics president Danny Ainge would prefer to trade the Clippers’ 2015 first-rounder, the pick the team obtained as compensation for allowing LA to sign coach Doc Rivers — the Clippers are likely to be a good team next season, which would lessen the value of the pick. The Rockets would prefer to have a pick in the loaded 2014 NBA Draft. Boston owns its pick and the lesser of the picks between the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets.

Sporting News

If I’m Danny Ainge (and thank God I’m not or Devin Harris would be our point guard), I draw a hard line on this draft pick. It’s the Clippers 2015 pick or NOTHING.

Ainge can look Rockets GM Daryl Morey in the eye and say, “Make a deal with Philly for Spencer Hawes, I dare you.”

For those fans freaking over the inclusion of a 1st rounder in this deal, the Celtics have 9 1st round picks over the next 5 years. 9 picks. 5 years.

The Herald’s Steve Bulpett has an interesting take on the trade talks. He claims this offer came last week and was rejected by the Rockets:

The Celtics were not deep in talks with the Rockets yesterday. They were not negotiating which first-round pick to include in the deal, or how well-protected that pick would be.

According to a source from a team that was involved in the process but dropped out, the next move would have to come from the Rockets.

“It’s kind of funny how things that have been dead for a while keep coming up,” he said. “The only way I can see anything happening is if (Rockets general manager Daryl Morey) decides he wants something that he’s already said no to.

“I can see where the thing with Boston makes sense for (the Celtics). Lee and Bass are good, but they’re complementary guys. And if the first-round pick is protected, what do (the Celtics) have to lose? But Daryl didn’t go for that before, and I don’t see how he changes on that. Asik has to be a more important asset than that.”

I’m buying this scenario. It’s possible Morey rejected this offer initially and Ainge has left it on the table.

Sherrod Blakely and Chris Mannix both think the deal will happen today.

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On Page 2, analyzing the final shot from last night’s loss

[Stevens said:] “I thought we got [Jared Sullinger] setting the screen for Jeff [Green] … then they were going to play off that, just single pindown. And with four seconds left, I think the bottom line is to try and get it to a guy that you think can make a play and, even though it wasn’t a great night for Jeff overall, getting it into the middle of the floor with him driving in that direction –- we’ve all seen him make those plays time and again so I don’t have a problem with the last shot we got, by any means.”

The Celtics got the ball back down a point with 17 seconds to go. An initial attempt fizzled, leaving Brandon Bass dribbling the ball in isolation for 13 seconds before Stevens called timeout with Bass uncertain whether to put up a shot or look elsewhere with the ball.

Echoed Sullinger: “I thought it was a great shot, it was a good look for us. Brad put me on the strong side with Jeff, where he had his right-hand. And it forced [Andre] Drummond to make a decision. And Drummond kind of stuck with me and Jeff had a good look. And then Josh did one hell of a job to contest the basketball.”

ESPN Boston

I credit Green for driving to the hoop with 4 seconds remaining. Most guys will attempt the 20-foot pull up or step-back jumper in this situation. Josh Smith played tremendous defense.

The real problem with the final possession came on the first attempt. Brandon Bass dribbled the ball for 13 seconds. I don’t want to see that in the 1st quarter, never mind with the game on the line in the 4th. You could blame Brad Stevens for not recognizing the situation and calling a time-out sooner.

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  • Paul Pierce

    I would absolutely love to see Asik in Boston. That game didn’t bug me much except for the huge blown lead. You just shouldn’t lose with a 21 point lead. But like I’ve said before, it never shocks me. Also, I still cringe when Ray Allen hits big shots for Miami. Watching those terrible half wit fans cheer for that backstabbing pos strikes a nerve with me.

    • CFH

      Aw, are the South Beach fans managing to be in the arena when he hits shots lately? That’s so cute.

    • bill_nair

      Gonna have to let that hurt go someday.

      • Paul Pierce

        I don’t have a bottle of scotch glued to my hand over it. I didn’t quit my job. I just hate him and will always root against him. My life will go on.

        • bill_nair

          I don’t get how you can hate someone you never met and has never directly affected your life but hey, to each his own.

          • Paul Pierce

            Well, I could argue that you not understanding that and being a Celtic fan makes you highly uneducated. But I won’t go there.

          • bill_nair

            I could argue your a POS, but I know you as well as you know me. I won’t go there either. Have a great day.

    • 84_and_7

      Couldnt agree more.

  • adam

    Has he become an important asset (Asik)? If you want to keep the bench warm and have a guy killing your locker room atmosphere. I say the Clippers pick or nothing. Celtics should have the upper hand. Danny needs to get his inner Walter WHite out and do this deal in control.

  • bill_nair

    Sheeeeesh Chuck, Rondo for Harris? I bet your glad things turned out how they did huh?

    Danny has leverage and shouldn’t even throw in the Clips first. Asik wants out and Morey set up an imaginary deadline he now has to adhere to. He dug himself a hole. He might get the pick from another team but if im Danny I stand pat and offer them nothing. If hes (Asik) on the team by tomorrow it changes the whole thing.

    Though we didnt win i loved seeing green take it in to win the game. May have not been the best decision but i cant knock him. Thats what i want out of Jeff (attacking not missing game-winners.)


    Man Asik really pouted during that whole time when he was benched. Hoping that was just a worst case and he has a better attitude once he starts a new chapter with a different team.

    • Curt Hays

      From what I’ve seen, no one really expects him to be that way if he is on a team that needs him. He was requesting a trade the day that Dwight Howard was picked up. He was up front about it.

      I really expect him to be HUGE if he gets a starting spot.

  • MrCuret

    I hope they do make the deal for Asik, I like Bass & Lee but the C’s need an interior presence who can protect the paint (19th in pts allowed) & rebound the ball. I don’t worry much about his offense or free throws bc he’s still only 27 & can still improve in that area, especially with Ron Adams helping him out.

  • Skibum

    At least Stevens called the time out. A lot of coaches would have frozen and let bass take a terrible contested jumper to lose the game. 4 seconds is plenty to get a quality set play.

  • Rich Jensen

    Morey wanted the Celtics’ ONLY pick in the 2014 draft AND Brandon Bass AND Courtney Lee for Omer Asik?

    My goodness, man, who do you think you’re dealing with? Billy King?

    • bill_nair

      And now it’s looking like he won’t move Asik today. He’s gonna end up with nothing but a second round pick and a role player (and he may not be lucky enough to get a bass type role player.)

  • zippittyay

    One concern I have is that maybe we find out that Sully, like KG, is much more effective at playing center than he is playing power forward. He certainly does not have the mobility on defense that Bass does.

  • Raoul

    Screw Asik. I’m happy this deal didn’t go thru. I want our roster to stay as it is now. I like this squad, and unless we are trading Vitor, Bogans, and Wallace, I don’t want it.

  • Paul Pierce

    Redsarmy, why is this guy allowed to post on here? Why isn’t he banned? All he does is troll.