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Andrea Bargnani has no basketball IQ

With the Knicks team up 2, the clock winding down towards 10 seconds and NO shot clock, Andrea Bargnani decided to jack up a 3-pointer.

At least it was an open look.


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  • Dmitry

    He was bothered by J.R Smith 17 3pt attempts and wanted to join the party =)

  • P Funk

    Dumb, dumb, dumb

  • CFH

    There are confusing times for Celtics fans. The 08 team is finally scattered to the winds. Doc Rivers is making his ubuntu speeches for the Clippers. Perk has been with the Thunder for ages. Kevin Garnett is making commercials where he objects to being called old while regularly looking old. Sometime this season, Paul Pierce will wear a novelty jersey that says “Truth” on the back but not “Celtics” on the front. There’s this turncoat in Miami who… never mind. Rondo hasn’t played for most of a year and is in trade rumors every day. Everyone is in trade rumors every day. We want a great pick in the loaded draft, but we also want to celebrate when our current players to scrap and fight and learn and win.

    But in all this chaos, one thing remains the same:

    The Knicks will always do something moronic.

    Bless you, Knicks.

    Long may your stupidity reign.

    • Johnny

      Take it easy. LOL

    • Paul Pierce

      The Dallas Cowboys of the nba. “An accident waiting to happen”

  • KGino

    What’s even funnier is Knicks fans thought they had a chance with this guy… As soon as they signed Bargnani I predicted an 8th seed lol

  • 76th

    It says this is the video with restricted access and I can’t watch it here. I’m in Russia… just for your notice.
    Although I’ve seen this clip earlier and laughed so hard =)

  • RedsLoveChild

    His “inner-Antoine Walker” took over.

  • bill_nair

    His body language and expression after he took the shot was funniest to me. Oh and the Knicks bench reaction too lol

  • vitamin d

    Says the video is private