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Recap: Green misses game-winner, C’s lose by one to Pistons

jeff green shot v pistons

The Celtics had a chance to win the game with five seconds remaining, but Jeff Green couldn’t finish a well-contested layup, and they fell to Detroit 107-106.

On a night where trade talk was expected to dominate discussion, it seemed like the Celtics’ offense was going to let us forget about the rumors. That was true for the first 12 minutes, but the remaining 36 defined exactly why Boston could use that seven-foot Turkish guy we’ve been hearing about.

The Celtics jumped out to an early lead using a balanced attack of fast-break scoring and solid post-work. Brandon Bass didn’t waste much time finishing off an alley-oop and Jeff Green slammed home a steal. From there, they worked inside-out, sharing a few made three-pointers. A couple of unguarded threes on Detroit’s end helped they stay relevant; although Josh Smith did his best Josh Smith impression to deter much of that effort (2-7 in the first quarter). Behind a late push from Avery Bradley, the Celtics went on a tear — closing out the quarter up 42-23.

The offense stalled-out a bit in the second, and the Garden sounded incredibly silent. Through my TV, it sounded like the arena had been replaced with Heat fans (you know, real quiet). The Celtics didn’t do themselves any favors, committing 10 first-half turnovers — even though it felt like 20. The Piston’s frontcourt, the one we’ve heard much about, was finally able to locate a groove midway through the second, torching the C’s in the paint. Drummond and Monroe combined for 14 points and 10 rebounds in the first half, and they cut the lead down to 63-52.

Unfortunately, halftime didn’t supply any relief for Boston — who got gashed by Detroit’s 16-6 run to start the third. Brandon Jennings quietly let his shot flow, while still maintaining to keep everyone else involved. The best thing about the third was probably when Faverani hustled to score and then take a charge all within the last five seconds. Everything else was pretty ugly.

Fast-forwarding to 2:46 in the fourth quarter and down by seven, Jordan Crawford converted on a three-point play, which led to an awesome defensive sequence. For nearly the full 24-second shot clock, Brandon Jennings bobbed and weaved his way to absolutely nowhere; with Avery Bradley matched him step-for-step and forced a missed jumper.

Not long after, Sullinger hit us with a little déjà vu (Minnesota game, anyone?), as he hit a go-ahead three with 1:01 remaining. Jennings answered with a three of his own, and then Sullinger hit one of two from the line, leaving the Celtics down 107-106 with 39 seconds left.

Avery Bradley continued to completely harass Jennings, who missed his next shot.

With a chance to win the game, Brandon Bass dribbled out much of the remaining shot clock with little intention to shoot. Stevens was able to regroup with a timeout, and with exactly five seconds left –Jeff Green caught the inbound pass, drove to the basket, but was unable to finish with Josh Smith’s defense matching him every step of the way. Game over.

The Green

The first quarter. Everything about it. The pace was good, the defense was tight, and the shots were falling.

Courtney Lee’s play in the 11th hour fourth quarter… he scored 10 points, knowing well that he could likely be traded tomorrow.

Avery Bradley’s defense on Brandon Jennings in the fourth. Bradley didn’t even blink during his defense against tonight’s best scorer.

The Gross

Turnovers. All 19 of ’em.

Jordan Crawford’s three-ball, which only went in once in seven tries.

The final possession. Brandon Bass dribbled aimlessly with his back to the basket for nearly 12 seconds. Green’s look was decent, but the entire possession was marred by Bass’ inability to reset.

The Greenlights

We got a chance to witness the best tip-in of the century tonight (well, according to Tommy). Although I’d argue this one takes the cake.

Avery Bradley’s steal and finish.

Vitor sneaks in the slam

The Grid

  • Boston posted a 42-point first quarter. First time they’ve done that since 1999.
  • For the second game in a row, Avery Bradley scored 10 points in the first quarter.
  • Brandon Jennings had himself a game. 28 points and 14 assists.

Tonight may have been the final game in green for Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee. They’ve both been contributing well this season, and it’d be sad to see them go. We should know their fate by tomorrow’s end.

 Box Score

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  • Part of me wonders if Bass was hoping to hit a game winner as a kind of swan song. It would suck to see them go but if Asik is as good as he is rumored to be defensively then I think it’ll be a good move. It would also be nice to have a center in general.

    • Chuck Da buck

      I think it would be good if only for the reason that sully will not have to play with bass all the time. I understand sully and bass starting against smaller teams but against bigger ones you got to start vitor or hump. Thought Stevens was going to be a coach who switches starting lineups to the matchups but I guess not. I don’t understand why most coaches don’t go for match ups. Even during the game when it was billups and Bynum in the lineup he shoulda put green at the two and post up billups.

      • Jake Gruber

        Good point. The only thing is whether green can guard billups but given billups’ age and that he wasn’t particularly quick to begin with, I think you’re right on.

    • Frank Aziza

      I thought the same thing that Bass wanted a game winner as his last thing he did as a Celtic.

  • Chuck Da buck

    Stevens made a big mistake on that last play as a coach you got to realize the situation he said it was good having green going to his right but he needs to realize that it was one of the worst options because of josh smith being left handed he had the advantage if it was a right handed player then ya it’s a good play.

    • jason benn

      manhattan meltdown one week then the boston blunder lol stevens as well should have called time out sooner instead of bass dribbling it out before the lay up chance

      • wil

        they did call a time out, with 8 left, the refs missed it

        • jason benn

          eh maybe but i would think on the final possession for the game you would want osmething more concrete then bass dribbling the air out or catch it sooner then tryin at 8 seconds to call a time out oh well tough loss but good game. at least we won the moral victory for this one lol we are undefeated this year!!!! :/ in moral victories that is lol

    • forever_green

      I see what you’re saying but Green’s a big boy, he can make his own decisions, growing pains that’s all. The fact that he’s taking the last shot is a good sign.

  • Chuck Da buck

    You can’t send green to his dominant hand against the best left handed wing defender. If smith was right handed green coulda banked it in instead he had to try and loft it.

  • jason benn

    hahahaha best tip in ever got to be the quickest shot made in the history of the nba would love to know if anyone has ever matched this shot POINT TWO LEFT wow! sully already making his case in his second year for future hof say its too early to say that and ill just always go back to this play so much for back injury and no athleticism hi haters!

    • Paul Pierce

      Fisher .2 catch and shoot against San Antonio.

      • Chuck Da buck

        Fisher was .4 u can’t catch and shoot with .2 just tip.

        • jason benn

          exactly i know the shot that is being mentioned so sully is better i know j smoove had a tip in couple years back with point something but i still think and would like to believe sully has the quickest one or is tied at the very least with other people……rondos alley oop against the heat was what point six

      • jason benn

        literally impossible to do that if you watched basketball you would know this

        • Vin_Baker’s Beer

          lmao you got him there jason

          • jason benn

            😛 i was laughing while i wrote that too lol

    • Paul Pierce

      If you watched basketball you would know this.

      • jason benn

        if you looked at my picture you would know thats a stupid thing to say, im clearly a hugeeeeeeeee ice skating fan

    • Chuck Da buck

      Sully had another.2 this year against the bobcats or bucks I can’t remember but Wallace made the pass that time to.

      • jason benn

        this one looked alot more contested and on the left side too

  • svc359

    Jason Benn, love the enthusiasm for the celtics, but please use punctuation! Your posts are super hard to read.

  • Shawn

    Humphries was atrocious tonight

    • Curt Hays

      Nah, he played hard and made some great shots. Even after missing an alley oop he still drained a jumper without hesitation. Everyone stopped passing the ball during the time that Kris was hot. Meltdown in the 2nd.

      • Shawn

        He had 4 avoidable turnovers, an unnecessary foul that led to two free throws, and shaky defense

        • Curt Hays

          You’re ignoring defense. Why does everybody ignore defense in basketball? Kris had at least as good of a night as Bass. Atrocious is simply the wrong word. Any mistake that Kris makes is going to be highlighted because he gets so little playing time. Unlike Bass, he gets few chances to make up for it.

          • Shawn

            I acknowledge his shaky defense. And that foul on the inbound, stupid mistake, was the difference in the game!

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