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The Rondo to Sacramento rumors have reached Stage 5 on the BS scale


Former CSNNE analyst and current NBC Sports analyst Donny Marshall has set Celtics Nation on fire with his Rajon Rondo trade rumor. (Transcript courtesy CBS Boston)

Marshall didn’t elaborate on the specifics and timing of the potential deal, but he did express great confidence that it is something that will get done.

“I’m just going to tell you, and I don’t like the word ‘sources,’ but from the people that I talk to, there is a huge deal in the mix,” Marshall said. “[Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny Ainge will say, ‘No, no, no.’ [The trade is ] for not just Rondo, but other players on this team, to a team out West, the Sacramento Kings.

“[Rondo] is likely a goner. The folks that I talk to, it’s pretty much a done deal — at some point.”

Call me crazy, but I’m suspect of any rumored mega-deal that does not include names. Claiming that Rondo and “players” will be traded to Sacramento for “players” is weak.

CSNNE’s Gary Tanguay added fuel to this mess during Uno Sports Tonight when he dropped some names: Isaiah Thomas and Ben McLemore. Tanguay added the Kings would throw in 2 1st round picks.

We may have names, but they are not enough to make a deal work. Sacramento is about $8 million short in salary in Tanguay’s scenario. If you want to play along, adding (another) guard Marcus Thornton’s $8.5 million dollar salary to the mix makes the deal work.

Sherrod Blakely, Tanguay’s colleague, shot down this report:

“You know how it gets this time of year,” a league source told “People come up with this stuff, you guys write about it, tweet about it, whatever . . . It’s sad. There’s nothing happening on that front.”

“Danny Ainge is going to do his job, which involves listening to and talking to other teams about players, not just Rondo,” Rondo’s agent Bill Duffy told “But they have made it clear to us that they have no intention of trading Rondo. So I will leave it at that.”

Sam Amick, former Kings reporter and current basketball writer for USA Today, added this:


A couple of things to keep in mind:

Donny Marshall doesn’t like Rajon Rondo. He’s  been reporting about “issues” with this kid for years. It’s possible there is an agenda because Marshall is buddies with Rondo nemesis Ray Allen.

I respect Gary Tanguay, but the next trade he breaks will be his first.

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  • Frank Aziza

    Why can’t Ainge see that this Celtic team is very good with Rondo(if he plays like the Play off Rondo) if we can do a Bass/Brooks for Asik trade this Celtic team becomes a tough out in May. That’s a big that can rebound and play defense on Hibbert. Jeff Green and Rondo give the Heat fits. It’s a weak conference and if D Wades knee gets worse anything can happen.
    It’s funny how a year ago from today we all thought the .500 Celtics could make a deep run because of Rondo. I think this years team could make a deep run because of Rondo if we add a legit 7 footer to play dee , rebound and set good screens.

  • Chuck Da buck

    It was Donnie marshal trying to cause friction with rondo and the team cause when rondo comes back Brooklyn is going to have no chance in the division.

  • Rich Jensen

    My issue with Donny Marshall’s reporting is this:

    I’m not going to take you seriously when you wear a plaid shirt with a suit.

    And *especially* not when you can’t name players, and don’t even know that Sac can’t trade pics until 2018.

  • KGino

    I’ve always hated Donny Marshall… Glad he’s not involved with the broadcasts anymore

    • forever_green

      I never understood why he was chosen to be here.

  • vitamin d

    I actually liked him when he was here, but I know he has no sources, so nice try Donny

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  • jason benn

    his sources oh wait sorry the people he talks to, so what like his mother or something lol what a bum! scrub commentator for a scrub team, he better be careful or j kidd will have him demoted to camera man or something lol and fyi from the people i talk to i heard that keith bogans and marshon brooks to the kings for that package is a done deal just about oh yeah and that santa is real somebody shut this guy up who cares what marshall says, i never have and never will. this dude could be jumping up and down on bigfoot saying he found him and i still wouldnt believe his crap spewing mouth…he only there cuz he played with j kidd so he has stories about j kidd in new jersey playing days otherwise someone else would be there. tanguay is just as big an idiot as well….give me some dave cowens any day lol he talks like he trying to get a coaching gig though but the stuff and the way he explains it great insight on a great celtic player