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Recap: Sullinger finishes what Bradley starts in win over Wolves

sullinger finger raisedAvery Bradley scored 19 points in the first-through-third quarters, then Jared Sullinger finished things off with 15 4th quarter points as the Celtics out-lasted the Minnesota Timberwolves 101-97.

The Celtics started out hot, but they gave back all of an 8 point first quarter lead and more, trailing by 6 at one point.  But Bradley was there through 3 quarters to pick up the Celtics.  Sullinger’s tenacity paid off in the 4th.  Not only did he hit 5 of 7 shots, he went to the line 6 times and outscored the rest of his C’s teammates in the quarter by 3.

The Celtics are now 12-14, which is good enough to lead the Craplantic division.

The Green:

Sullinger beast-mode 4th quarter was a sight.  Kid was everywhere.

Avery Bradley is on an offensive tear.  He was 8-12 from inside the arc (1-5 from 3).

Kelly Olynyk and Vitor Faverani had their positive moments in the game.  Fav had a 3rd quarter stretch where he helped keep the C’s afloat and Olynyk hit two 3’s from the right wing when he was left un-guarded.

Phil Pressey enjoyed his matchup with JJ Barea.  They’re a combined 6’6″, but they battle each other pretty hard.

The Gross:  

Brandon Bass was n0n-existent, mostly because of foul trouble.  He had 0 points and 3 rebounds.

Had the Celtics lost, this would have been a game where the officials got blamed.  My disdain for ref-blaming is well documented, but occasionally I have to acquiesce and admit that the officiating at times in this game was brutal.  Thanks Bill Kennedy and Eddie F. Rush.

Jeff Green had a rough shooting night. 3-11 for 8 points and 3 turnovers.

The Greenlights:

AB caps off an early 6-0 personal run with the dunk

This kid moves just like Chuck did at high school dances

Nikola Pekovic is NOT a point guard

The Grid:

  • Kevin Love was 9-26.
  • Ricky Rubio was 2-12.
  • Combined, they were 11 of 38.
  • Sullinger & Bradley were a combined 16 of 31.
  • Humphries:  8 pts (4-5 fg) 7 reb.

Solid win.  The Celtics are now 12-14.  By virtue of leading the Atlantic, the C’s are now the 4th seed.  I know that freaks a lot of people out, but the Nets are only 2 games away, and the Knicks are four.  The Celtics are closer to the bottom of the East (6 games) than they are to the top (9 games).  It’s not even Christmas.

It’s early.  Chill out.  It’ll all work out fine.

Box Score

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  • ian

    itll all work fine because rondo will come back and well probly end up the 3rd seed.

    • Gogglezzz

      and hopefully well above .500 by the end of the season lol

    • vitamin d

      Yeah, we’re barely behind Atlanta lol

  • Chuck Da buck

    They finally caught Crawford with the eight seconds I seen him do it ten times in the fourth quarter this year alone. Another awful officiated game tonight love gets crazy calls but jeff green gets mugged and never gets a whistle he had 1 free throw I think he shoulda had atleast eight. When he dont get calls he stops going to the hoop. I’m getting so sick of the nba refs. It’s ruining the game there should be no superstar calls at all.

    • vitamin d

      They were treating the Wolves team like they were all Lebrons or something

    • Gogglezzz

      most of the fouls that went Love’s way were legit though a few were bs, and yeah the C’s shoulda gotten way more calls, but thankfully Sully was aggressive and got to the line 11 times and made 9

      • Chuck Da buck

        If they gave sully touch fouls like love he woulda hd twenty free throw every time he goes for his baby hook he gets bodied down low love gets that call every time.

        • Gogglezzz

          if Sully keeps up this play he’ll be getting those calls in no time lol

      • Chuck Da buck

        Six or eight of those free throw came with thirty seconds left so it looks like the refs weren’t as bad as they were.

    • Tommy_Heinsohn

      The NBA is the only league, of the 4 professional sports, that has its officiating set up in this way. There are:
      1. Superstar calls
      2. Veteran calls
      3. Rookie calls
      4. 1st quarter calls
      5. 4th quarter calls
      6. Final 2 minute calls (and non-calls)
      7. Make up calls

      This doesn’t happen in any other league. A strike is a strike, 1st inning or 9th inning regardless of the pitcher/batter and how many years they’ve played in the MLB. Pass interference is pass interference whether it’s Steven Gregory or Darrelle Revis.
      I’m sick and tired of the NBA officiating (no Celtics bias, the league in general) this is something that needs to be addressed.

      • Frank Aziza

        Red Once said a foul should be a foul not matter when or who.

      • Chuck Da buck

        Good stuff that’s why there is no denying that the nba is rigged. The officials can literally make a team win whenever they want maybe one out of ten times the other team will get lucky like the celtics did because Minnesota missed so any free throws. The refs can literally call a foul on any play they want.

  • vitamin d

    Jeff has to work through the non-calls and stay aggressive. He fades out of games too frequently and I really want to see him do well. But the only way for him to live up to his potential is to stay active. You can do it, Jeff!

    • Chuck Da buck

      They need to get it to him in the post against threes they only do it every other game and the games thy do it he drops twenty.

  • Chulinho

    I just can’t get over how well Sully plays as a 2nd-year player. It’s also good to see AB getting back into a rhythm.

    • vitamin d

      Isn’t he kind of, in a way, still finishing up his rookie year – since he had to stop midseason for surgery haha

      • Chuck Da buck

        I wish avery would start sliding back on those long twos he shoots tem with his heels on the three it must get Stevens pissed.

      • Frank Aziza

        Yeah, he hasn’t even played 80 regular season games yet…. Plus he had major back surgery. It’s really kind of scary how good he is. He plays like a veteran , such patience.

  • Gogglezzz

    I missed most of the 4th so i didn’t really see Sully’s big quarter except for some ft’s, i was going back and fourth between Celtics-Wolves, Knicks-Wiz, and GTA 5 lol. But great win for the C’s.

  • Frank Aziza

    Boston is the 4th even without the division lead. They are tied with the Pistons for 4th best record in the East. There’s only two great teams in the east. I believe when Rondo comes back we will be the third best team in the East going into the playoffs.

  • forever_green

    Is that the future Lucky dancing?

  • Bae, the Celtics are 12-14 not 10-12


    Nice win. And for all of you screaming at your tv’s, we let Kennedy and his joke of a crew have it all night-and deservedly so. Hacks. Sully is a freakin’ beast. Watched him underneath from pretty close seats and man does he use every single pound he has to carve out space down there. So glad he’s bounced back well since his surgery.

  • Roy Sanchez

    Let’s go celtics!

  • Rod Shaftwell

    Other than the fact that I’m a diehard fan and I’m sick of seeing this blatantly shady officiating against the Celtics, here’s what really bothers me about it;

    It actually makes the games less fun to watch. When the officials take games over we’re left sitting there wondering if they think all NBA fans are mentally challenged and can’t see what they are doing. Instead of enjoying the game of basketball, I wonder why they insist on shitting on its legitimacy.