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Your Morning Dump… Where I’m having a hard time disliking Doc Rivers

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Some two hours later, Rivers settled behind a makeshift podium in the Celtics’ media room and the mere mention of the video tribute left him wobbly again.

“I’m still emotional,” Rivers said. “I thought the fans were …”

He breathed deep and paused for eight seconds trying to compose himself. Even when he started back up, he was fighting to keep it together.

“It was just a really nice day,” Rivers said. “This is just such a classy place here. So it was really nice when I walked out and, you know, I’m not used to walking out on that [visitor’s] side, and all those guys, the people, they lined up and I was basically useless for the first 18 minutes of the game.

“It was just nice. It didn’t surprise me because — you’ve got to live here to understand it — that’s just the way they are. It’s an amazing fan base. It really is. And I just want everything to go well for them.”

A reporter playfully asked if it was too late to change his mind about leaving town.

“I tell you, boy, this is such a neat place,” Rivers gushed. “I tell people all the time — people don’t get Boston, they really don’t. They don’t understand. And I think you have to be part of it to get it, I really do. I don’t think you can get it from the outside. It’s just a special, different place, and people were born here, and raised here, and they cheer for their teams, and they love their athletes. And it’s just a great place to be.

“The best decision I ever made was 10 years ago, when I decided to come here. That was the best decision I ever made.”

ESPN Boston

If I was at last night’s game, I would have been among the 10-15 people who booed Doc Rivers during his introduction. I also would have been among the 17,587 who cheered during Doc’s video tribute at the end of the 1st quarter.

I didn’t like the way Doc left town. Call me naive, but I bought all the “Celtic for life” talk he spewed upon signing the 5 year contract extension.  I also didn’t like the way he framed his departure.

But I’ve moved on.

Hearing Doc talk about this team and this city makes it hard to hate him. Maybe I’m falling for his BS all over again, or maybe I’m accepting the fact he wasn’t the right guy for this job.

I heard a surprisingly cogent point this morning on WEEI: Doc is too emotional, too impatient a guy for this rebuild. Does anyone think Jordan Crawford would be playing this well under Doc?

Meanwhile, after two short months we’ve learned that Brad Stevens’ stoic nature is perfect for our situation. Never too high, never too low, he’s just plugging away with the mentality of a bricklayer who’s rebuilding the Great Wall of China.

Good luck, Doc.

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On Page 2, Jeff Green is quietly improving his game

Green has averaged 20 points in his last 12 games, embracing his role as the team’s primary scorer. He took quick advantage of his matchup Wednesday night against undersized Jared Dudley, the former Boston College standout who stood little chance stopping the 6-foot-9-inch Green.

“What he has become is a dual player,” Rivers said. “I remember the first year, I thought we messed him up. I kept saying that, trying to put him back and forth at [power forward], at [small forward]. In retrospect, we should have started him either at [power forward] or [small forward] and let him grow into being able to do both. Now, he can do either. We were talking as a staff, now preparing for him, and we were trying to decide what was he better at. It’s really good to see him progress, starting to rebound finally. He’s just being consistent, and that’s important.”

Boston Globe

I’m going to be hard on Jeff and say we need more. More shots and more free throws. His 4.9 FTA per game ranks 32nd in the league.

I do love the 41% 3FG.

Keep it up, Jeff.

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  • 84_and_7

    Rondo back and another free agent all star, we are back in business.

    thanks for leaving Doc, I must have said 3 times last night. This celtic team is so much more fun to watch. No PP iso’s no 65% jump shots. I love it. I have no illusion I know where we are but we are headed the right way

  • Step

    I agree about Jeff, but in order for Jeff to get to the line more the freaking refs have to CALL it..let me not get on the officiating tangent.

  • bill_nair

    I have a hard time disliking him because he helped raise a banner. Despite the way things ended he deserved it. Ya I feel he deserves some boos in the future, but you cant deny what he did for this team. Regarding Boston, I love the city. I will not move anywhere else there’s just something about the area and state. Me and Doc see eye to eye there.

    Glad Jeff is finally coming on. He could average 18ppg on the year but were still going to ask for more because he does so flying under the radar. If you asked me how much hes averaged the past 12 games id say 12-14.

  • CFH

    Doc Rivers is a championship coach and an amazing human being. Just a great man. Gives good press conference, too.

    I am so ready to take a long break from hearing his name or seeing his face. Looking forward to the next great thing the Celtics are building is more fun than the constant bittersweetness of “our starting five have never lost a playoff series when they were intact…”

    (Seriously, CSNNE pregame show? You just HAD to show Perk blowing out his knee and KG hopping down the tunnel on one foot? None of us needed any help remembering that.)

  • Curt Hays

    Speaking of Jordan Crawford…He was working on a triple double and did whatever he wanted against CP3 last night. I hope the kid battles Rondo for the starting spot.

    • Kahnstantine

      Ha! I don’t!

      Crawdaddy is potential 6th man of the year for Celtics (as a 1 and/or 2) or an incredible trade chip for a team that needs a PG.
      Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel here, it’s only been a few weeks, and we have an All-Star PG.

      • Curt Hays

        I’m not saying I want him to TAKE the spot. Rondo is my favorite player because of his principles. I want the competition because it’ll make them both play harder.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Yes, Rivers said all the right things. However, it`s EASY to be “gracious” right after you`ve just won the game…not to mention the ovation and video tribute that preceded it!

    Rivers proved long ago he`s only as good as the talent on the floor. Give him great talent and he`ll win {66-16 in `07-`08}…give him crap talent and he`ll lose {33-49 & 24-58 in `05-`06, `06-`07}…give him mediocre talent and he`ll turn in a mediocre year {41-40 in `12-`13}.

    His current Clipper team is just good enough to get eliminated in Round 2 or 3 of the `14 WC playoffs…and that`s exactly what will happen.

    • tvor03

      that’s true of any coach though.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Fine…so let`s stop paying tribute to Rivers.

  • KGino

    Officiating was horrid yet again…. I hope this doesn’t become a normalcy when we play those “elite teams”

    • Curt Hays

      Yes, it was the worst I’ve seen this season.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Let the refs screw us all they want this year….we need to get deep into the lottery.

        The 19th pick in the draft won`t do us one bit of good!

        • Paul Pierce

          I hate you

          • Curt Hays

            Oh, don’t hate on RLC :-). Just used to these types of comments. RLC is a Celtics fan, just more of a pragmatist than most.

          • Paul Pierce

            He’s the only Celtics fan I know of who would be okay with LeBron playing for us. “As long as he gets us rings”

          • RedsLoveChild

            “Okay with LeBron” as a Celtic? You mean the best player currently on the planet, that LeBron?

            Wrong…I would be MORE THAN OKAY to see LBJ as a Celtic!!

          • Raoul

            Lol I hate you comments but I also hate blind die-hards…. Lebron IS THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER ON THIS PLANET! Why the hell wouldn’t I want him on the Celtics. He’s a team player and no one acknowledges that.

            “Lebron James became the fifth player to score 10 points or more in 500 consecutive games on Tuesday (a month ago or so).

            James’ streak dates back to Jan. 5, 2007.

            Michael Jordan (866), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (787, 508), Karl Malone (575) and Moses Malone (526) are the other four players to accomplish the feat.

            James has scored in double-figures in 898 of 907 career games.”

        • KGino

          ha ha ha… Was wondering where you’ve been RLC. Just so you know #thetankisdead… especially once Rondo comes back. Might as well just embrace it now, no lottery for us.

          • RedsLoveChild

            TANK you very much…but, I`m still very hopeful Celtic management will “see the light”!

            I sure as hell don`t want to root for injuries to get what I want.

        • Curt Hays

          Hahaha, there you are again! I guess I am less Machiavellian than you because it’s seems like, for me, basketball is more about the means than the end. Yes I only satisfied by Banners, but that doesn’t mean that I’m okay with taking in the A to get them.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Machiavellian? Me?

            Curt, let`s put it this way :

            If Charlie Manson could have given us 15 points and 15 boards per game back in the 1960`s…I would have had no problem seeing the Celtics participate in a work/release program with the California Prison Board.

          • Curt Hays

            Hahahaha, thanks for clearing it up. 🙂

  • Raoul

    I’m not ready to forgive Doc.. I think people are more accepting now because they no longer feel the team needs Doc; most people are very satisfied with Stevens and feel he’s the best fit for this.

    However, Doc left when the franchise and team felt they needed him most. He bailed knowing this. You don’t have to hate Doc, but don’t get all mushy because AINGE made this into a good situation for us. Doc crapped on us in a careless fashion. I don’t give a damn that he has reflected on the situation and now sees his mistakes. Screw that. I love Ray Allen, but screw him too.

    You cannot sit there and respect the fact that KG/Pierce can instantly put Lebron’s comments to rest, while also respecting guys like Doc and Ray that can do nothing but accept that same claim as truth.

    “I left Boston?” Pierce said <=== The Truth because his actions speak to it.