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Your Morning Dump… Where funny KG & Pierce quotes will make you wistful

kg shoots over sully and green

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“But it’ll always be a special place in my heart when I face the Green, if it’s against different players or whoever’s on the team. I’ll always have an affiliation with that.”

His affiliation with the Nets is what concerns him now. Even with winning consecutive games for the first time this season, Brooklyn is just 7-14 — two games behind the Atlantic Division-leading Celts. Asked about the modest surge, KG broke the place up.

“Well, you have to be optimistic, man,” he began. “It’s a long year. You know, November was a (expletive) year for us . . . a (expletive) month . . .

“Ah, (expletive), sorry,” he added with a laugh. “They’re probably going to fine me for that one. I don’t give a (expletive).”

And Pierce made with the funny when talking about the protective glove he wore for the first time.

“It was a little uncomfortable,” he said. “I just got it today. It just came in today in the mail, so as I spend more time in it, get to know it, take it out to the movies, I don’t know, we can get to know each other and become comfortable with each other and then we can hit a home run together.”

Herald: Paul Pierce, KG know Boston return will be special

It was weird watching them play against the Celtics last night.  It’s just bizarre watching a game and trying to figure out how the Celtics can exploit their weaknesses.

Yelling for Jeff Green to drive on Pierce is just awkward.

And it gets no easier when you read about these guys yukking it up after the game.  One thing I miss most about KG’s time here in Boston are those great post-game press conferences he used to give.

Man I miss that guy.

I’m not going to dwell on it.  The Celtics did well with their trade, and we’re all moving forward.  Besides, it’s the game in Boston where the real emotion will come out.

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Page 2:  This back-to-back was one big set up

“I think it was a setup,” a lighthearted Sullinger said. “I think once they saw the trade happen, I think they set it up to have a back-to-back — former teammates and then former head coach. I think it was all a setup. At the same time, it’s another game. That’s the beauty of the NBA. We took a loss today, but we’ve got another shot to get another win.”

ESPN Boston: Reunion week, act 2: What’s up, Doc?

This was a tough back-to-back regardless of the emotional attachments.

Last night we had to watch Pierce & KG in Brooklyn, tonight we’ve got to watch Doc Rivers roam the opposing sideline, yelling instructions to Chris Paul.


There’s been some talk about whether the cheer or boo him, especially after Doc finally owned up to what happened here.

Rivers signed a five-year extension with Boston in 2011, prepared to go through the next rebuilding phase of the franchise. After skipping town for the Clippers last year, some (or most) fans feel that Rivers walked out on the team.

“I did at the end of the day,” Rivers admitted. “You make choices in your life, it happens… It was a very difficult decision for me to make; whether to walk away and sit a couple of years, which was another way I was leaning, or if the right job presented itself to walk away and do that.

“I was afforded a great opportunity here with the Clippers. This is the first time I’ve been able to coach a team and run a team,” Rivers continued. “This may work, it may not work. It’s a far bigger gamble for me than anyone else. So I thought it was the right time to take it.”

I have never blamed Doc for leaving, mainly because I think most people would do something similar in their line of work if they had the opportunity.  Our judgement is clouded when we add the Celtics to it, because we all think we’d be happy to make minimum wage if it meant working for the Celtics.  But that’s not how these guys think.  Doc didn’t want to be part of the rebuild, so he’s gone.

In the end, it worked out quite nicely.  We got a coach that’s better suited for this role and a draft pick as compensation for him breaking his contract.  There hasn’t been a single moment this season where I’ve thought “shit… I really wish Doc was here handling this team.”

Brad Stevens has done an excellent job so far, and it’s clear that he’s the right guy at the right time for this franchise.  If Doc didn’t bail, Stevens might be coaching the Nets, or Bucks, or Clippers, for all we know.  But instead, he’s coaching the Celtics, and I think the team is better for it.

So when Doc is introduced tonight, let out a cheer, even if you hate him for how he left.  Because him leaving helped put the Celtics on the right track.

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  • Chuck Da buck

    It looked to me like kg was in basses head lastnight it must be from all those years in practice or something but I thought bass was not as confident it must be hard to do after years of kg and pierce being superior players at practice to show that confidence he’s been playing with.

    • NE_Celt

      Its tough watching KG with all his defensive tricks using them against the C’s…sigh.

      • Chuck Da buck

        I know it was starting to get me mad I see why he’s one of the most hated guys in the league. But I’ll still root for them when they ain’t playing us. We helped ourselves lastnight just cause I don’t want them to suck and Atlanta get a lottery.

        • NE_Celt

          He definitely knows how to get under players skin…I was looking for the ref’s to call him on some stuff last night haha…but he is one crafty sob! Still love the guy though…one of my favorite players all time no doubt.

          • LA Flake

            Sully plays like that, too. Some players are just born with such greatness.

  • NE_Celt

    I agree 100% with what you have to say about Doc. At the end of the day he did what was right for him and his family, and I cant hold that against him. Doc was a good coach and did some great things while in Boston and I for one will always be grateful for that. And I think we definitely came out on top with Stevens as our new coach.

    • LA Flake

      Doc’s family lives in Orlando and no fan base has been as good to his folks than Boston’s. Remember how the garden cheered for Austin?

      I don’t blame Doc though. Ray Allen sucks! Oops, how did that get in there? Anyhow, Doc did what was best for…FUKK RAY ALLEN!



    I’ll be at the game tonight, and will stand-up & clap for Doc when they do his little montage. After that though, I hope the Celtics clean the floor with the Clippers. Tough task, especially with LA being rested & chilling in Boston while we played Brooklyn. But this year’s team has heart, and I think guys like Bradley, Green & even Sully want to beat Doc badly tonight..almost like how a kid wants to spank his dad in a game of 1-on-1 in the driveway…

  • Chuck Da buck

    Does anyone else see the similarities in jeff green and wiggins game and personalities I hope I’m wrong but wiggins may never be able to reach his full potential just like green because there personalities/effort will not allow them to. I was watching wiggins run the break and it literally looked just like green if Stevens had green bring the ball up the sideline more he could get so many and ones a game. I believe that when they don’t keep jeff involved offensively he gets mad and disappears completely on defense they need to use him more.

    • bill_nair

      Wiggins lacks a great handle and jumpshot. I see him more as Paul George. If he works on his handle and shot he’ll have no problem in this league. The couple games I watched he looks like he just wants to finish college and get to the league already.

  • bill_nair

    KG leaving really didnt bother me as much as pierce. But I will surely miss his post game interviews. Every time he did one it was a classic. Sully is spot on with the whole back-to-back situation. Of course the league would take advantage of a story and throw it all at the Celtics at one time. I knew we would face the Clippers and Nets within a week of each other before the schedule was released.

  • KGino

    I get it. We’re all happy that Doc left now, we got a draft pick and BS (and a championship) with him. We’re definitely better off now, I agree. But I’m not gonna cheer for the man just because things ended up working out.

    The fact is, he left us high and dry. To make it worse, he made a circus like atmosphere out of the whole thing… It was like Dwight Howard status on sportcenter/ESPN when he was making his decision. The Celtics are not the Lakers, we don’t run a media circus here. We’re that low profile, high standard organization built with class and pride. Doc smeared that mantra before he left… And I won’t forgive him for it yet. If he had just made his decision and wasn’t so wishy washy, I’d cheer him. But the way he handled it was so poor, he deserves the boos tonight.

  • KGino

    I realized watching the game last night, I HATE the nets besides Pierce & KG. Kidd was always an A-hole, Deron Williams plays like a bull (seriously, does he have any moves? Every time i watch him play he just puts his head down and bulls his way into the paint), Blatche is another big A-hole, Brook Lopez is like a big stupid caveman, and I can’t even look at Alan Anderson’s face without getting nightmares. I don’t mind Joe Johnson all that much though.

    Watching Pierce and KG cheer for those d-bags over the green was disheartening… Ugh.

  • RedsLoveChild

    For those who truly hate Rivers…just make The Garden as quiet as a library when he`s introduced tonight. To boo him shows that you care. The opposite of love is not hate…it is indifference.

    Brad Stevens is creating a serious dilemma. He has a crap team that is wildly overachieving and playing hard every night.

    BS is `effin coaching us right out of the damn lottery! Either he “dials it down”, or Ainge will have to re-gut the roster even further in Feb.

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