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Brad Stevens has no clue where his green ties come from

bradGrantland’s Zach Lowe has an interesting interview with Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. The big takeaway for me? Stevens, a man who makes more than $3 million annually, doesn’t have to buy his own ties:

Did you have a lot of green ties before? Do they come with this job? Do they just appear on your desk?

Let’s put it this way: I haven’t bought one.

So the team buys them!

It’s not them! It’s not the Celtics. Some come in the mail, somebody delivers it. Actually, that’s not true: I bought one for the press conference. But that was because we were flown to Boston on July 4, and we needed a green tie. But other that, we haven’t bought one.

Who is the mystery shopper getting Stevens’ ties? Probably Wyc’s personal assistant.

Lowe gets into some Xs and Os, like the Celtics philosophy on guarding pick-and-rolls:

You’ve made one massive change from how Doc Rivers coached. On his Boston teams, the big man guarding screeners on pick-and-rolls would jump out aggressively on those plays — really attack the point guard above the 3-point arc. You’re having the big guys on this team drop back more consistently than almost any team in the league. Have you always been a “drop” guy? Or is it just something you thought would fit this team?

I’ve never dropped in my life. Thirteen straight years of hard showing and blitzing.

What changed?

Looking at what I thought would be most effective long term, in large part because of study, and because of hiring a guy like [lead assistant] Ron Adams, and listening to what he thought was the best bet for our team. That was really hard for me. You’re coming into a new situation, and you’re not coaching what you’re comfortable with. It’s a double whammy. But Ron is really good at it, and [assistants] Jamie [Young] and Jay [Larranaga] have been here. Walter [McCarty] has been here in the NBA as a coach and a player. The more we looked at it, and the more we looked at our team, we just thought it was a good thing. Our guards can get into the ball, and our bigs are really bright on the back line covering for one another.

Brad Stevens listens to his (insert 13 letter expletive) assistants? Don’t tell Jason Kidd.

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  • Curt Hays

    Lawrence Frank…that’s 13 characters

    • Frank Aziza

      What he said to Lawrence Frank was 13 characters. He said I’m the coach of the mother f team.

      • Curt Hays

        Thank you, but sadly, I’m quite aware of the sitch. What makes Kidd even more annoying is this tidbit from wikipedia:

        “…Frank gave in to…Jason Kidd’s…public recruiting efforts to make Frank (who had coached Kidd when he played for the Nets) his lead assistant coach…Preferring to delegate his authority, Kidd stated that Frank’s role would be to run the team’s defense, while being Kidd’s…head-coaching mentor.”

        • Frank Aziza

          Lot of strange things going on with Kidd. Frank should have been the head coach.
          Sorry I thought u were asking what the 13 letter thing was. It’s hard to pick up the tone of a sentence sometimes but I get what u meant now.

  • KGino

    some of the calls last night were atrocious… Anybody see when Livingston pushed Pressey right in front of the ref and they called foul on Pressey? Stevens was like are you kidding me how do you call that on my guy? I would have lost it. That def would have been my first technical of the year if it were me.

    • Rjd12345

      The refs were terrible but the Celtics played awful and didn’t deserve the win. We simply had no answer for D-Will or Lopez. It was funny seeing Stevens get upset for maybe the first time all season though.

    • NE_Celt

      I know I was ready to get a T on that play with Pressey!!…that was absolute bull…right in front of the ref!!! You can bet if that was King James or some super star player it would have gone the other way.

  • bill_nair

    Are there any interviews with the assistants? Any that have been taken after the season has started? I would like to hear Walter and Ron’s opinions on Brad and the start of the season. Hell I almost forgot Waltah was on the bench.

  • jgtwentysix

    “So the team buys them!

    It’s not them!”

    This is libel. Stevens does not have conversations that involve exclamation points.

  • Rich Jensen

    The monkey postcard guy has a new hobby:

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