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Recap: Brook Lopez is an unstoppable force


Damn you, Brook Lopez. Damn your 7-feet and damn your 275 pounds. Despite the best of efforts from Jared Sullinger and Brandon Bass, the Celtics could not stop Lopez (24 points, 10-13 FG).

Aside from a quick 12-5 start by the Celtics, the Nets controlled this game. The pesky C’s kept fighting, but every time they got close or tied the game, the Nets would make a run.

Deron Williams (25 points, 10-16 FG) played his 1st game in about 3 weeks. Judging the Nets without D-Will is foolish because he’s the key to that team’s success.

KG (11 points, 5-10 FG,  9 rebounds) had one of his better shooting nights of the season. He also made a heady play, calling a timeout after hitting the floor late in the game. Paul Pierce (4 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists) had less of an impact but was playing with a clunky pad on his broken right hand.


Avery Bradley (22 points, 3-6 3FG, 2 steals) played a great all-around game. Without his nagging defense, D-Will might have dropped 35.

How about the “Let’s go Celtics” chant late in the game? Arena employees had to start up a “Brook-lyn” chant to drown out the C’s fans.


The Celtics bench contributed 12 points.

Bass and Sullinger shot a combined 10-28. Maybe guarding Brook Lopez was too much of a distraction.


KG and Rondo sharing a hug



  • Boston shot 11-22 from 3
  • The Celtics committed only 9 TOs
  • Jordan Crawford was a team high -14

Box score

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  • Chuck Da buck

    Thought Stevens made two bad mistakes tonight. He only had vitor on Lopez for one possession when he was good against him in preseason and that’s the type of player vitor is made to guard. The other mistake was not calling a time out we tied it at 60 then they scored 12 straight point he shoulda called a timeout after the scored six.

  • Chuck Da buck

    I don’t like our bench what happened to feeding the ball to vitor down low or having him pik n pop for three he hasn’t taking a shot in two games.

  • greg clark

    Good for KG and Pierce. Hard to root against them. Surprised Fav didnt get plenty of mins against Lopez…he’s 7 ft and quick, why not not? Poor shooting from 2 and ft’s will end in a loss most nights.

  • greg clark

    Vitor and Brooks should get more mins. They can both score quickly.

    • Curt Hays

      Don’t forget Humphries. He does really well against all of his matchups…even if Brook Lopez gives him hell.

      • greg clark

        Next time Hump and Vitor beat up on Lopez all game long. Brad is learning as he goes. 🙂

  • greg clark

    Unlike Pierce and KG, I dont miss Doc. I hope we destroy the Clippers tomorrow nite in Boston. I doubt Rondo will give him a hug like he did KG.

  • Chuck Da buck

    People are gonna say fav has been playing bad but the truth is Stevens stopped using him the right way he puts him in against quicker players on defense then he completely stopped using him on offense it’s not a coincidence that since they stopped using him are second unit sucks.

  • Paul Pierce

    All the nets have to do is stay healthy and seed higher than 7 and they are good in the play offs. When pierce comes back to the garden I want the nets to be down 1 with 8 seconds left and have pierce get the ball. Dribble it out at the right side of the key, then drain one in Jeff Greens face from 18 feet at the buzzer. You can’t deny that the Garden would erupt in joy. How awesome would that be?

    • LA Flake

      Dude, Paul will miss. Because he’s a Celtic.

    • Chuck Da buck

      If the garden erupted in joy every Celtic fan there should be ashamed of themselves I love kg and pierce but lastnight I felt why other teams and fans hate there guts with all that yapping and acting so tough it sucks to be on the opposite side.

      • Curt Hays

        I’m with you. Why would anyone cheer for the Celtics to lose? Sullinger is our man now, not P2.

        Last night was easy for me regarding Pierce. He looked the same as he always has the last few seasons. KG…well I don’t care if he’s playing checkers, I’d watch.

    • greg clark

      seems you’re suffering from delusions

  • forever_green

    Maybe this game turns things around for KG & Paul, I always wish them the best and don’t like hearing about them struggling.

    Some -Nets fans have turned really quickly on Paul & KG because of their season thus far, I don’t like it & think its very classless.

  • bill_nair

    Avoided this game cause I just want to watch the home coming. Not a surprise that with a healthy Deron this team looked much better. With that said I think Lopez is the one who has to carry this team for their success.

    KG hugging Rondo is great. I didnt expect a Ray Allen cold shoulder but I wasnt quite sure what to expect.

  • We need to go after JG matchups more. Have no clue why we don’t.

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  • doh

    Dang…of all the days that the Nets would field a complete team, they picked this Celtic game, would have been a walk in the park had Lopez or Deron not played.