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Steez with a message for Bill Simmons

From Jordan Crawford’s Twitter account after Boston destroyed crushed obliterated the Knicks today:



Steez’ tweet could be a reply to some of Simmons’ quips, like this one from November 6th:

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  • Not gonna lie – I kind of love Steez

  • CFH

    Damn it, Crawford!

    It’s not enough that he improved his shot selection and manages to run the offense consistently and unselfishly. It’s not even enough that he’s caught on camera bonding with Tommy Heinsohn. Nooooo, he has to be hilarious on social media too.

    What’re we gonna do with him?

    • bill_nair

      Im completely on board with resigning JC. I wouldn’t break the bank but hes the prototypical 6th man and that’s something we will need for when we contend. His development to this point reminds me alot of Lance Stephenson.

    • KGino

      I wouldn’t say he’s improved his shot selection lol but they certainly go in enough that you don’t mind

  • eddysamson

    Whats the context here?

    • CFH

      Simmons openly cringed/mocked when Crawford said he wanted to be a team leader and is pro-tanking. Simmons being Simmons, it was way more annoying than when anyone else expresses those exact sentiments. I suspect that’s it.

    • KWAPT

      I updated the post with a bit more info..

  • omitasub


    • BillZ4rm585

      Ohhhhhhhh I like that one!!

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    Does anyone actually like Bill Simmons? I say we keep Steez and trade Bill Simmons for picks.

    • ian

      lol I would gladly take that.

  • Andy

    I love you Jordan but shut up and play please

  • forever_green

    I can’t help but rout for him now. Go Crawford.

  • ian

    Bill Simmons is a spineless talking head with more personality than the other talking heads. His fandom goes as far as the teams latest win.

  • Paul Pierce

    Just when I was starting to kind of like Simmoms again………I’ll take Crawfords side in this.

  • Roy Sanchez

    Simmons getting his celts fan card removed

  • adam

    And to think how many of us were pro-trade Crawford at the beginning of the season. Glad this dude turned it around!

  • jason benn

    “gee that bill simmons sure knows what hes talking about”- SAID NO ONE EVER!

  • bill_nair

    Ive grown tired of Simmons ever since I found out he was a Celtics fan (during the summer.) Running Magic off his show didn’t help things either. Crawford has proved EVERYONE wrong this year.

  • BillZ4rm585

    Crawford has EXCEEDED my expectations thus far……When Rondo comes back it will be interesting to see how stevens utilizes Steez in that 6th man role.
    Simmons …….Ur an asshole….

  • uncle copious

    Steez has really shut everyone up, I used to read articles here talking about how watching J craws dribble made Celtics fans want to throw up In their mouths and swallow it back down. Now the guys is practically a saint. From day one talking all that crap Carmelo, I love steez, he emulates a hard nosed ball player who will talk sh** to the leagues superstars as a scrub and splash wet jumpers in there’s faces.