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Caption this: Heinsohn & Crawford… just chillin

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 8, 2013 Humor, Jordan Crawford 12 Comments on Caption this: Heinsohn & Crawford… just chillin


If I had to pick two exact opposites associated with this Celtics team, Jordan Crawford and Tommy Heinsohn might just be it.  But here they are, just laughing it up before the game Thursday night.

Caption this in the comments.  Chuck will cook  the winner breakfast.



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  • Paul Pierce

    You remind me of a young Bawb Cousy. No seriously

    • tatlıkafa

      lets not go there

    • omitasub

      Tommy – You remind me of a young Bawb Couseeeey.

      Crawford – Whos that? lol

      • Paul Pierce

        I was thinking more along the lines of Crawford knowing who Cousy is but hysterically laughing at Tommy’s ridiculous comparison.

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    “They thought we were tanking this year”

  • Nelis_87

    “Who do we play against next, the Knicks?”

  • jason benn

    t-“haha jordan this just in we are getting a report that bill simmons says the rondo to new york deal is gonna be final because of your play” j-“ahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

  • jo

    Tommy-so did kg really f@c# carmelo’s wife?

  • uncle copious

    I love how reds army enjoys steez as much ad I do. I love the steez articles. Something about this guy, his steez is off the charts.

  • KGino

    Tommy – “There was always this little voice in my ear telling me ‘just shoot it'”

    Craw – “My voice comes from up here!”

  • wil

    i wish tommy was my grandpa lmfao

  • wil