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Your Morning Dump… Where Jordan Crawford is making clutch baskets


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

But it wasn’t just the amount of points he scored; the timing of them was even more important.

After leading by as many as 27 points in the first half, Denver opened the third quarter with a 9-0 run.

It was Crawford’s 9-footer in the lane that pushed the Celtics lead back to 13 points with almost 10 minutes to play.

And later in the third when Denver had cut Boston’s lead down to just three points, the Celtics closed out the quarter with an 11-4 run which included two points and an assist from Crawford.

In the fourth quarter, the Nuggets were down to the game’s final minute and trailed by just seven points.

Once again it was Crawford stepping up with a 3-pointer – his only made basket in the fourth – that gave the Celtics a 10-point lead with 39.5 seconds to play.


On the cusp of free agency, Crawford is playing the best basketball of his career. Not only is he producing buckets, but he’s playing smart.

Why the change in Crawford’s game? Did he wake up one morning and suddenly get it? Or is Brad Stevens pushing all the right buttons? Let’s say it’s a combination of the two.

Does Crawford have a future with the Celtics? With Rondo anchoring the point position and an extension looming for Avery Bradley, there isn’t room for Crawford as a starter. But his ability to score and/or run the offense is extremely valuable off the bench.

I’d love to see Crawford stick around, but I don’t think the Celtics will be willing to pay  him what he can get on the market. I’m expecting Danny Ainge to move Crawford at the trade deadline.

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On Page 2, Rondo and Melo address the “recruiting” rumors.

Meanwhile, Rondo’s former coach at Oak Hill Academy, Steve Smith, told USA Today this week that Carmelo Anthony has been recruiting the Celtics point guard to play for the Knicks.

Rondo was bemused.

“Well, (Smith) must know something that I don’t know,” Rondo said with one of the season’s great non sequiturs.


“C’mon, man. In my book, that’s tampering,” he (Anthony) said.

And he’s right. NBA players aren’t permitted to recruit any other player under contract to play for their team. But the suggestion that Anthony would be recruiting someone to come to New York is good news for the Knicks.


If there’s any recruitment going on, it should be Rondo recruiting Anthony. NY is a sh*t storm.

I’d take Melo on the Celtics, but not at max money. How about 4 years, $40 million? Ya know, Jeff Green money.

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  • Duke

    Seriously people don’t realize that players that become great players like a ray allen paul pierce or whoever have to start somewhere. And now we’re getting nearly 20 pts a night from Avery Bradley and Jordan Crawford and double doubles from Jared Sullinger and Brandon Bass. How can anyone think that just because theyre not star names already they cant keep this up? This isnt a damn videogame and these people arent products! The power of belief is a strong malleable force and bostonians of all people should know it!

  • KGino

    1.) I’ve come to the conclusion that the more awkward Crawford’s shot is, the more likely its going in. I felt like i could tell last night by how he left his feet.

    2.) No one mentions this so I will… Props to danny for flipping Jason Collins and an injured Barbosa (who I haven’t heard from since) for J Craw… He got someone who could play ball for two dudes who basically couldn’t (I’m aware Barbosa was doing great, I just mean his injury). While we’re at it, Baby for Bass was another huge trade for this team. And as much as I hated hitting the eject button on KG/PP, part of me knew it was for the best. Now those feelings can be justified. And the coach hiring was just superb, I’ve supported it ever since I heard about it. GREAT JOB SO FAR BY DANNY!!

    3.) I wouldn’t take Melo for free. Dude is a cancer. The best he’ll ever be is Allen Iverson status (no rings, great offensive player).

    • Tommy_Heinsohn

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Danny has done an incredible job. From the trades to the draft picks; he’s put the Cs in a position for a bright future. As for Melo, his brand of basketball is literally the complete opposite of Celtics basketball. I never want to see him wear green.

      • pierce Hart

        New CBA makes draft picks worth a lot more now also

    • P Funk

      Lol at #1

      Agree on #2, big props to Danny. He’s done one hell of a job in my opinion.

      #3, Pierce wasn’t known as a defensive stalwart before he had a great surrounding cast. Melo can apply himself on both ends and become great. (Hasn’t shown it yet, but he could). I think he’s probably ready to let his ego take a back seat and do what it takes to get a ring. I would take him here on a reasonable contract if we could surround him the right pieces.

  • pierce Hart

    With the new CBA I don’t think I’d want a star like Melo. Teams need to find an identity around their one or two star players and I feel that we need a top centre as that piece. It would make us a much more complete team to have a nucleus of rondo Drummond than Melo rondo even though Melo is arguably the best player, his game play is not championship or playoff winning where as rondos approach is.

  • Chuck Da buck

    I don’t see how any team would pay melo max money after realizing his game will not change if us fans see it why can’t they. He’s been playing better over the last couple games but seriously everyone says he’s such a great scorer. I truly believe that any half decent player could do what he does. If jeff green shot the ball 25 times a game over the past five years people would consider him a great scorer but instead people hate him for taking whats giving and making the rite play. I think it was last years playoffs were melo lead the whole postseason in total shot attempts and he was out in the second round. I’m not sure it held true cause that was like game 5 or 6 of the finals but that’s still ridiculous.

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  • Roy Sanchez

    We are going to lose Crawford in free agency. We aren’t going to resign him. He is in a contract year and needs to get the best deal possible. That has a lot to do with his production and we could use it to our benefit by trading him. Yes I want to see this team win, and if we are in the playoff hunt we need to consider keeping it together and ride it out, but knowing Danny he will trade Crawford before the deadline

  • frickenWaaaltah

    He’ll be coming off a rookie contract, so he’s a restricted FA right? Hoopshype has him down for a qualifying offer of 3,206,866 for 2014-2015. After that it’s whatever somebody else offers him on the market and they can match it right?

    So it’s not exactly his call and the Celtics can pretty much keep him so long as nobody throws a crazy contract at him. If you have a rookie that contributes, that’s really the only reason to let him go now when his rookie deal ends. Otherwise, even if you wanted to move on, reconfigure the roster for whatever reason, you would re-sign him to a reasonable deal and then trade him.

    There are a lot of teams with cap space out there this summer, but there are also a lot of free agents. For now I think I’ll just try to enjoy this season and stay optimistic about the summer.

    • 409Pen

      I believe the deadline for qualifying offers has passed. He is a RFA at the end of the season.

      • Mannie

        Can’t we work a sign and trade in FA?

  • zippittyay

    To quote Donny Marshall on CSNNE, “I wouldn’t trade a bag of basketballs for Melo”

  • Bill Burke

    A lot of fans were saying who is the coach Stephens, Humm I guess Ainge knows his stuff about talent…..This coach has taken a team that all were saying would go no where,,,This coach has inspired this this TEAM to motivate themselves and learn from this guy….What a very good job he has done…….That is what I feel..