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Happy 57th birthday to Larry Legend

My god… Larry Bird’s passing skills are simply ridiculous.

Whenever one of those silly “who is better” debates pops up comparing Bird to a modern day player (i.e. Kobe, Melo, Dirk, etc), just cue up those clips of Larry’s passing.

Happy birthday to one of the baddest mo-fos to every lace’em up.

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  • omitasub


  • Astarot

    All the best for the Legend.

  • forever_green

    Can’t wait for him to walk back through those doors in some way.

  • Geoffrey

    Never heard of Melo or Kobe being compared to Larry Bird. Never heard it, but have heard comparisons of Dirk to Bird. All three of those guys being compared to Larry Bird is hilarious on so many levels. I don’t get comparisons of past players, legends to current players. Don’t get it at all. Larry Bird was a great all around player. Dirk and Melo are just great volume scorers. Though I think Kobe and Dirk are far better players than Carmelo.

    Can’t believe a Bird is 57!! Wow.

    • Paul Pierce

      Thirsty media hounds.